Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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Just scroll down and under the Donate to: just scroll to Landen Phlipot Healthy Baby Fund

Or payments can be sent to through Paypal which is setup just for the foundation. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

derder - The Reckoning Series - 187 Crew Trailer

Click here to visit DerDer and download the latest digital download now !!

Fire Sale !!!

Had a bit of clearout down in shipping this week and decided to throw a bunch of stuff up on eBay...

A lot of this has been shop soiled (was on display at the Millennium Campaign) thus some of the bundles or been used, sat around, getting in our way etc....

Most of this is on the UK eBay account but a couple of Unique items are listed as international sales as well !!

We have put it all on Ledz ebay.. which i'm sure he will love :-)

Here is the whole list:

If you want something a little special check out these two 'Unique' items. Prototype clothing that never went into production...

If you fancy a bit of Sandbagger Stuff check these two items out:

Happy Bidding !!!

Another Star !

Exclusively at

Friday, 11 July 2014

One Off GSL on EBay.. Listing ending soon.

Got to love Ebay.... The person that won the bid for this GSL failed to pay..... Which could be YOUR lucky day. Only a short auction this time around at 3 days.. Starting price = $0.01 inc FREE shipping :-)

Happy Bidding !


We are happy to announce that Planet Eclipse is the official sponsor of, Pbgotcha is a website dedicated to covering events in Puerto Rico with pictures and videos since 2008. Pbgotcha has travelled to some PSP events in the past and they used to have a paintball show for more than 1 year where they make interviews, show new stuff and more. In 2011 they bring they own 3vs3 tournaments around PR with more than 5 tournaments, then in 2013 they join as Official  sponsors of the league and they have been covering all the official events since that date. For more information visit the website: | Instagram, Facebook, as: pbgotcha