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#04 - The EGO has landed!

Following on from our previous '25 Years in the Game' post, #03 XSV to EGO, it was only right that we waxed lyrical about the launch of our very first Planet Eclipse marker. The Eclipse EGO.

For those who don't know about our history, here's a little recap.

We, Planet Eclipse, have been in the paintball industry for over 25 years now (since 1991/92) and started life with a small store in Manchester (England) selling other people's paintball equipment, as well as playing with it. As time moved on we decided to use our expertise to design and manufacture custom parts to make other people's markers look cooler and eventually perform better, because like every other paintballer out there we used this stuff too. We understood the frustrations of inefficient equipment and had ideas about how we could improve this. We wanted to go out at the weekends, to the woods or the speedball field and focus on playing great paintball without worrying about our gear failing us.

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