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Let's talk 50cal. A chat with GI Sportz' Dave 'Opie' Thomas

Following on from our '50cal is the future' post that almost broke the internet – ok, nowhere near breaking the internet, but it certainly fuelled a conversation – we decided to catch up with GI Sportz' Dave 'Opie' Thomas to find our more about their views and approach to the 50cal side of paintball.

Opie is a bit of a legend in the game and has played through all levels of paintball. Most notably he played with some of the sports' most iconic and loved teams – such as Image and Trauma – during paintball's explosive growth period in the nineties and noughties. So his experience and knowledge of the industry has been driven by his passion, dedication and successes as a player.

Before we get deep into the questions, here's an overview of Opie's playing career:

1Started playing in 1989 in Northern California at the age of 15
2Joined the Professional Team California Black Diamonds in 1991 at the age of 17
3Played and won first Professional tournament – B…

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