Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Raskals 2014

Team Raskal train hard throughout the season but without any tournaments for nearly one year to hone and put all their practice to test and use has blunted their effectiveness. Raskal started PALS WCA 2014 as the clear favourite and led by team Captain Ab Aziz Ahmad and Vice Captain Mohd Reza Yusop. Team Raskal stormed all the other team in the preliminaries with out any losses. Team Raskal played 4 games on Friday with great results and winning 3 more games on Saturday morning before 6 of their team mates had to report for duty for the Nation Cup games that started at 7.45pm ended past 11.00pm.

The WCA 2014 Champion Aisawan from Thailand was beaten 3-1 by Raskal in the preliminary but in the Semi Finals Raskal lost to team STK of Australia 3-2 in overtime. I suggest that team Raskal was fatigue and mentally and physically drained from the previous night’s exertions against team USA and other games in the Nation’s Cup which finished nearly at midnight the day before and to play the Semi Final at mid morning the following day was clearly too much. This would the main reason why team Raskal performed below par and losing 3-2 to team STK in overtime. Team Raskal also lost 3-2 to team Datis for the 3rd placing which had Maximus and Bear guesting for them. 

Team Raskal will continue to train and fight and will be back in PALS WCA 2015 to put a claim on the WCA crown.

Team Raskal would like to thank all their sponsors for their continued support and encouragement and for all the fantastic equipment. Our sponsors are, Ledz and Planet Eclipse for our out of this world Geos and Egos and apparels, Gelkaps Sports for all the training and tournament paintballs, Skirmish Paintball Asia for all the team management, tournament sponsorship and support, Virtue for the Spire Loaders and VIO goggles, Exalt for the Cleats, Xtion Paintball for their training facility and our Corporate sponsors, Meccanica Efx, Pangkin and Potosan Corner.

Thank you all

Team Raskal Captain - Ab Aziz Ahmad #73

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Team DATIS take the win!

The paintball bug is something that unites us all in this game and it's awesome to see our teams taking the crown in their respective leagues, wherever in the world they may be and in whatever format.

One of our latest victories was in the Iranian National Paintball League (INPL) by team DATIS, who took the win from one of their closest rivals in what was a pretty close game. The INPL follows a game format that they call I-Ball, which is derived from XBall.  Two 15 minute halves are played out, with 2 minute breathers between points and 5 minutes between halves. The game ends when one team has a clear 7 points spread over their opponents or the time runs out, meaning there can be some pretty high scoring matches. DATIS' finals game ended up 11-8.

Paintball truly is a global sport and something shared by everyone, and we are always excited to see where our teams play and how they progress.

Here's wishing Team DATIS another kick ass year in 2015.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Planet Eclipse, and paintball, hit a home run!

It wasn't too long ago that we'd read about some MotoX guys taking time out from their sport to play some paintball in their downtime...and they had a blast! Things are stepping up a notch and now the BIG leagues are getting involved.

Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals took a little time out in their off-season to try their hand at paintball and just like the MotoX guys, they absolutely loved it.

PEV's paintball park hosted their day and our man Todd looked after them very well, hooking them up with our HDE clothing to make them look and feel the part. After a mixed day of training and games the players enjoyed it so much that a number of them were already planning trips to their local parks to get into the game a more when their baseball seasons end.

We love to see stars from other sports getting involved in paintball and pretty much every person that hits the field gets the paintball bug. Which is how we all started out right?

If anyone hears of more stories like this please give us a shout; we'd love to hear about it.

And for all your baseball fans out there, or noobs to the game, you can check out the team on their website:

Washington Nationals - MLB

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Black Karma Pilgrimage

Our annual pilgrimage to our home field's premier event of the year had us all waiting as a child does for Christmas morning. Add to this anticipation of merriment and fellowship, a welcoming twinge of pride as one of our members brings in the newly christened Black Karma trebuche - of which excitement flew almost as high as a boot that was tossed from this ancient weapon replica. MPP Games in collaboration with Bearclaw Paintball pitted the Lannisters against the Batherons in the Game of Thrones Series. All "Houses" are involved in a multi-year tournament for rule of the land and this year Black Karma supported the house of Lannister. This year Planet Eclipse sent Kris Wilson, one of their Pro Techs, just in case anyone had issues with their kit. Not only was he an awesome tech, but also a wonderful friend.

One of the most extraordinary things about this field is that with each season, the playing strategies change. With the foliage just starting to turn, our HDE jerseys and pants had no trouble blending in to the deciduous patterns that are prevalent in the region. As game time approached, our team split up; half of us pre-positioned near our base, half of us preparing to storm the beach. As the opening gunshot went off, we all performed our various tasks. One of the hardest things for our team to do is to wait for battle; marker fire attracts us like moths to the flame. We broke through the beach defenses, and after a quick reset, we started running missions. The great thing about Ben Torricelli's demented genius mind is that he invariably has both teams vying to control the same objective.

The night beach landing, lit by three huge pyres, was impressive. The only thing that could have topped that feeling would be viewing Bearclaw's property when coming over the small ridge and arriving at the field. Afterward an intense night battle, everyone enjoyed rest, libations, and bowls of Pineapple Cobbler.

Our final day began in a foggy haze. The Howell Community Center's breakfast platter helped fuel our reserves for the coming day's battle. That day, our opposition had a stronger zeal as compared to the day previous. More missions came back busted, but we continued to push on towards our goals. Near the end of the game, we set our sights on our favorite spot on the field : the schoolhouse. Control over this objective was hard fought, but enjoyable. All of our Planet Eclipse gear rose to the occasion again (with 10 pods going through a new Geo 3.5 on a single fill).

At the end of the day, our team continuously strives for one thing: showing other players how much we love the game of paintball. If we can leave a game with new friends and a few funny stories, we feel as though we won, despite the final score. If you are at a game with us, feel free to test drive our team Etek or Etha. If you are having any issues with your equipment, just let us know. If we can't help you, we know a team of knowledgeable and friendly folks at Planet Eclipse who can.

As we approach the holiday season, be mindful of your many blessings. If there is a way you can help others in need, please do so.  You never know how much the smallest of help can give the greatest gift of all: HOPE. We hope to see you at Bearclaw's Annual Toys for Tots game on December 13-14th in Fayetteville, TN. If not, perhaps at UWL in various locations throughout the country. Follow us on Facebook to get up to date info on us and Planet Eclipse products.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Team Malaysia, Please Stand Up !

The players for Team Malaysia were selected from the top local team by a committee of Mr Rezal Jamaluddin, Captain of team Nemesis and the President of the Malaysian Paintball Federation, TC Gan, Owner of team Raskal and Skirmish paintball Asia and Mr Kevin Wong, team Owner of Xtionners and Napshot Paintball. An initial pool of 25 players were named and the final 10 players were selected based on their performance, playing experience and fitness.

Team Malaysia was re-named Team Harimau Malaysia or the Malaysian Tigers as Tiger is the National symbol of Malaysia denoting strength, courage and cunning. The 10 selected players, 5 Planet Eclipse sponsored players from team Raskal, 3 from team Xtioneers and 2 from team DRX is sponsored by Skirmish Paintball Asia and Gelkaps with Ignite tournament paintballs and Xtion Paintball Centre for their training session.

Team Harimau Malaysia started their Nation Cup games with a good win over team New Zealand with a 4-1 score. They then met team Iran and overcame then in a exciting game of 3-2. All Nation Cup games were played in the evening and some games finished at 11.00pm which is very taxing and tiring for players who has played since the early morning. On Day 2 - Saturday, team Harimau Malaysia played team Kuwait and despatched them with a score of 4-1. 

Their next game was one of the most exciting and most challenging for team Harimau Malaysia since they were to play team USA in the Nation Cup Semi Finals who has on their team roster, the likes of, Damian Ryan of Infamous, Danny Park of Impact, Ryan Smith of Houston VCK, Tim Montressor, Greg Siewer of Houston Heat, Bear Degidio and Jerry Desiarieux. This was to be overwhelming for team Harimau Malaysia but what they lack in exposure and experience they made up for in courage. With the whole crowd supporting them team Harimau Malaysia come out shooting and took the 1st point from USA. Team Harimau Malaysia lost the 2nd point but took the lead again with the 3rd point. USA came back to take the 4th point to draw the game but with 1 minute and 29 seconds on the clock. Team USA with their vast experience and professional players finally overcame team Harimau Malaysia with 20 seconds on the clock. This was the most exciting game for Team Harimau Malaysia and I am very proud of how my team played. The Final game of the Nation Cup for 3rd and 4th placing was against team Australia and with the fires still in the Tiger’s belly, they crushed the Aussies 4-1 to claim 3rd placing for the Langakwi 2014 Nations Cup.

I would like to thank our sponsors, Ledz of Planet Eclipse for the fantastic Geos and Egos, Gelkaps Sports and Skirmish Paintball Asia for the awesome Ignite paintballs. Thank you

TC Gan - Team Coach for team Harimau Malaysia

Monday, 27 October 2014

SLC Faction . . . The Journey Continues.

At Faction the number one thing is to have fun. If you don't enjoy what your doing why are you doing it. One of the foundational ideas of our team has always been developing new players. For us, that's fun.  Over the past year we've been focusing on just that. Building and developing players. This philosophy is one of the main reasons we are so proud to be a Planet Eclipse team. 

We have found over the years that we've been with Eclipse that they too are dedicated to finding and developing the new player and fostering an environment of support. With Planet Eclipses supprot we have been able to focus on basic skills, advanced skills, teamwork, communication and truly understanding the game of paintball. When you know that your equipment is going to work every time you step on the field you're free to concentrate on the task at hand. Eclipse not only invests in us but invests in our local community as well and we've seen positive results every time we play.

We've had several new players join the team and we've seen them come along way. Our ability to focus on them and building our team has really given us an advantage and helped us develop what we call the SLC Faction Player Development System. This new system has allowed us to expand our team and we felt it was time to test out how far these new players have come. 

The UPL in Las Vegas was the perfect place to see how the system was working. So when the opportunity arose for us to play we took it. We coupled several of our new players with some of our seasoned veterans and fielded a strong team. 

We started out slow and dropped our first match. It happens. With new players and even veterans you have to be able to look at whats working, what's not and make adjustments quickly. New players sometime have a hard time adjusting to the speed of the game and the environment of a tournament. With that in mind we focused our new players on simple tasks and communication. The impact was immediate. 

The next match we took them out and got the win. It was great to see everyone come together as a team and implement the skills we had drilled on all summer. The next two matches didn't go as planned and we dropped two close matches that could have gone either way. 

All in all we are happy with the results. We didn't take a team down to dominate, we took a team down to gain experience. Experience, time on the field or behind the gun, is the best way to learn. And learn is what our players did. Each one came away with a new respect for the tournament scene. From the organization required in the pit, the communication on the field, to the importance of having well maintained and excellent equipment, these guys really gained and appreciation for all things paintball and all things Planet Eclipse. 

It has been our pleasure to be associated with such a premiere company who understands our core values as a team. Who realizes that winning is the goal but the journey to the podium is what gets you there. 

We can't wait to the next event as we'll take every lesson learned and apply it making sure that each event builds on the last. 

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