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EPS 2018 (Malaysia)

Our Eclipse Paintball Series, kindly sponsored and supported by Planet Eclipse is cheerfully known as the EPS 2018 Series and begins in early March. This is normally because of the festivities associated with Chinese New Year in February. Our opening season’s event which had nearly 30 teams across 3 divisions, Open, Amateur and Novice playing a Race format to 3 points and 2 points, had most teams looking forward to a great paintball tournament and thats’ what they got. Paintball in Malaysia was in the doldrums with the onset of paintball markers licensing since the end 2013 but we have now started to rise from the depths to the see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For our 1st leg of EPS 2018, we have players and teams from Indonesia - Medan Smokers, Brunei - Leakside Jokers and players from Singapore and Thailand as well trying it out with the local teams. The local Eclipse sponsored top teams, Nemesis Legion, Raskal, Mambang DiAwan (2017 Amateur Division Overall Champions), gave …

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