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Hot sauce committee : Ledz' latest hot sauce

Planet Eclipse. Designers, manufacturers and users of the best paintball equipment on the Planet.

And hot sauce.

Yep, we also do a hot, and we mean a HOT, hot sauce.

And who's behind the hot sauce project? Pretty obvious really. Ledz, who looks really chuffed with the latest one, so we decided to put him under the grill.

So, Ledz, a little bird told us that you like chillies and that you’ve just received shipment of your latest batch of chilli sauce. How true is this?

I like it a little too much if I'm honest. Everybody thinks because I like hot sauce I like the STUPID hot ones, but that’s not true. I like a good strong flavour and it has to pack a punch but I'm not a fan of the ones that will put you on your knees and make you beg for mercy.

What’s your favourite ‘Off the shelf’ sauce?

I have two favourites at the moment. Encona special reserve and Habanero Tabasco. Both are hotter than ‘Standard’ sauces but not super hot. These are my everyday go-to sauces and there is the…

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