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Friday, 23 October 2009

ETEK3.... Coming Soon!

Federation Cup Winner 09

Congratulations to Disruption on there win a the first ever Federation Cup.

The Federation Cup was put together to see who really is the UK's Champion. Champions from the CSPL, Masters as well as Irish and Scottish Paintball League Champions came together to battle out at this two day event and a huge prize fund...... Hopefully this will be the first of many Fed Cups.

Well Done to all the Winners and especially hats off to the Eclipse teams that took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the M7 (Xball Format) division.

1st Disruption
2nd Shockwave
3rd Shockwave 2

And also to the other Podium finishing Eclipse teams.

Div 2
2nd Inverness Ice

Div 3
1st DV8 Blue
2nd GBH Red

For future info about the UK's Federation drop bye the web site:

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Jack found this on a paintball forum posted up by ‘nostayhome’ and wanted to share with everyone. These are pics of his sons Halloween outfit….. Nice Work !!!

FREE Stuff !!!!!!

I would like to think that everyone that works at Planet Eclipse loves the company (I could be slightly deluded) and we know and love that fact that we have Eclipse Fans around the world. Some people are happy just being fans, some go the extra mile. At Campaign cup this year I was confronted with this bunch of… well… fans…….

If you have any weird and wonderful Planet Eclipse stuff going on or know of anyone that goes that extra mile then send in your images. I tell you what, let’s make this a little more interesting. Lets run a competition every couple of months (don’t bother holding me to every 60 days) where the best photo of someone ‘reppin’ Eclipse in a cool way will win a prize. Depending on what they do will depend on their prize…. Impress me and the prize will get better!! It can be anything so use your imagination! Get Eclipse stickers on some super stars, tattoo’s, crop circles, even risky stuff will be very well excepted… Whatever your weird and wonderful minds come up with.

E-mail them in to me at Planet Eclipse on and we will share the best with everyone.

Bring them on, let’s see what you have…….


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Monday, 19 October 2009

Every now and again we get an e-mail that makes us smile. Some weird, some wonderful and some well, not publishable.. Here is one that we received recently:

I am a Police Officer in California and I play on a Police & Fire Paintball Team called 187. We have three (3)

5-Man Teams that compete in the Western States Police & Fire Games. I just wanted to share my story with you about our experience with Planet Eclipse markers and products. In July of 2009 our team was shooting a variety of different markers. Later that month we competed in the Western States Police & Fire Games in Southern California. Out of of three teams, we finished with two 2nd place and one 3rd place finish. Not bad considering we were using a mix of non Planet Eclipse markers that gave us a bunch of gun problems throughout the event.

In August of 2009, we took one (1) team to compete in the Police & Fire World Games in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to the event, we purchased six (6) Ego markers. We ended up taking 1st place and winning the event and becoming the 2009 Police & Fire World Champions in Paintball. We plan on competing in the next 2011 Police & Fire World Games in New York to defend our title.

I wanted to take the time to let you guys at Planet Eclipse know that I feel the Ego markers are awesome. The performance, reliability, and effciency are truely first class. We did not have one marker that had any problems or issues and that enabled us to focus on our games and not worry about anything else. I feel that the Ego markers we switched to gave us a huge advantage over the competition and played a huge role in us wining the gold medal at the 2009 Police & Fire World Games.

I'd like to thank Planet Eclipse for making the best markers and I'd also like to thank Darin Cravea at DGX Paintball in Napa, Ca. for all the support he provided us.

Once again, thank you and we look forward to continuing to use Planet Eclipse products in the future.

Team 187:


Well, what can we say... Well Done and I'm glad your getting the service and performance you deserve... Keep up all the good work as well as kicking ass !!


Team 187 at the 2009 Western States Police & Fire Games in Southern California

2009 Police & Fire World Games Champions in British Columbia Canada.

2 Team 187 members guesting with 3 team members of Slow Motion Super Hereo's

From left to right; Terry Dries,

Ryan Hendricks, Randy Paulson, Nick Parker, Pete Wilson (on his knees)

2 Team 187 members receiving their Gold Medals for the 2009 Police & Fire World Games in Canada.

From left to right; Randy Paulson and Terry Dries.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Vicious - 2009 Semi Pro PSP Champions!

Vicious takes the Cup!!!!!!

Congratulations to team Vicious and their coach Greg Pauley for their 2009 PSP World Cup Semi-Pro First place win!!!!

Planet Eclipse Booth-World Cup 2009

Vicious in the FINALS!!!

50 caliber - Ego Style

Vicious vs Aftermath II -Game 1 of 3

Everyone out there that has every played a tournament knows the amount of weight and pressure Sunday holds. This morning, Vicious took on Aftermath II in their first of three rounds in the finals of the 2009 PSP World Cup. With the cup in striking distance Vicious came on stronger than ever. Vicious quickly took a harsh lead over Aftermath with a score of 6 - 1, but Aftermath returned the push and evened things back up with a 4 point run, making the score 6 - 5.

Vicious's coach, Greg Pauley pulled the team back together for the last point, and Vicious secured their victory in the last round with a score of 7 - 5.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thomas Taylor Has Heart

Planet Eclipse 50 cal Demo!!!

The E-TV crew is hard at work producing a demo with Jack Wood featuring the 50 cal ego drop in kit. It should be posted on this blog by tomorrow at the latest!!

Stay tuned!!!

Vicious makes it to SUNDAY

In their 3rd game of the semi-finals, XSV and Vicious battled it out for the right to play in the final round of World Cup. Despite the tremendous heart put forth by XSV, Vicious won with a score of 7 - 5.

Thomas Taylor Has Heart

XSV just took on Vicious in their 2nd match and it was a game to remember. Just like the first game, it looked like Vicious was going to run away with it, but SXV pulled it together.

As Thomas Taylor lays in the pit with PSP medical staff, his team takes the field for the last point of the game. On the verge of heat stroke, Taylor musters as much air as he can and screams,"WIN!!!"

XSV went on to win the last point of the game and is now one game of way from making it to the finals.

Vicious vs XSV - World Cup SEMI FINALS

This morning at 8:50am, Vicious and XSV went head to head in their first of three rounds in the semi-finals of the PSP 2009 World Cup.

Vicious came on incredibly strong and scored seven straight points. XSV will have to beat Vicious the next two games if they want to make it to Sunday.

But... Remember what happened at the last event... Vicious Smashed XSV in the Prelims 7 - 0 and then Vicious returned the favor in the next round handing it to them 7 - 0 and getting sweet revenge... What's going to happen this time???

12:00pm is high noon and time to separate the men from the boys!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Nick Slowiak - Aftershock in the Quarter Finals


After a bumpy start, the Sand Baggers have made it through to the next round!!!

Unfortunately due to PE booth demands, the team will be forfeiting their spot on the field to support all our fan's tech and merchandise desires.


Bart Yachimec Interview

BAG OFFER @ World Cup

Now i'm not so hot after playing it's time for an another offer at the World Cup...
This one is on NOW until 1:00pm Tomorrow (Saturday).
This is an Eclipse Bag Deal !!
Lowland Classic Bags Down from $165 to $125
Razor Compact Bags Down from... $165 to $125
Razor Traveller Down from $220 to $165

Chicago Aftershock vs San Diego Aftermath

The Sand Baggers

X-Factor vs Red Legion

X-Factor's first game of the quarter finals was a very intense back and forth game against Red Legion. In the end the Russian's pulled off the win with a 7 to 6 victory over X-Factor.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Impact vs Joy Division

Check this World Cup Offer.

Its getting hotter here, I think the heat has gotten to me as this is an offer not to be missed.

At the World Cup, Team Edition Markers and Flag Edition Markers are $1095. If you want the bargain of the event so far check this:

The next person that comes into the booth and sings the American National Anthem or the British Nation Anthem can then buy either a Union Jack EGO9 or a Stars and Stripes EGO9 for $1095 they will also get a FREE GEO... YES A FREE GEO WORTH $995.......

There are ONLY 1 of each EGO9 in this offer (1 x Stars and Stripes = American National Anthem and 1 x Union Jack = British National Anthem). So it might be a good idea to ask if the offer has gone before you start your singing !!!!

Don't worry are not expecting the whole anthem just the first verse will be fine.

FREE GEO is either in Fire or Covert.

So what you waiting for..... Doh, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, doooooo!


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Aftershock vs Hurricanes Video

Chicago Aftershock vs Hurricanes

Two of Planet Eclipse's top teams went head to head today for their first of four prelim games. In their race to 7, Chicago Aftershock and the Hurricanes battled it out in their fight to make the semifinals.

Aftershock started out strong with two points, but their momentum was challenged with 6 straight Hurricane wins. On the verge of defeat, Aftershock managed to pull it back together and almost tied up the score at 5 to 6 with 3 minutes left on the clock. Despite strong Aftershock team moral, the Hurricanes were the first to see 7.

Frank Connell of the Hurricanes stated, "The game was evenly matched. We controlled the snake side by eliminating the snake corner 70% of the time allowing Billy to work his magic in the snake" This was the first game Frank "The Tank" Connell has played with the Hurricanes. With his addition to the team, we can expect to see a lot from the Hurricanes at World Cup and the upcoming season.

After not winning a single game in Chicago, The Hurricanes rolled their guns, played good paintball, and showed their Planet Eclipse pride with a well earned win. Aftershock continues on to play the Naughty Dogs later today.

World Cup Update with XSV player Junior Brown

This morning marked the beginning of the 2009 PSP World Cup. After XSV's first game, Junior Brown gives us an update on how things went.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

World Cup 2009

World Cup 2009..

So what have Planet Eclipse got installed for you at this years PSP World Cup. As well as a lovely air conditioned show tent we will be trying to give our Eclipse fans that are at the Cup and at home the opportunity to be able to able to dial into what’s going on, on and off the field.

On deck at the World Cup will be Natalie Cake who will be hosting the footage directly from the event to you. Natalie will be working alongside Dan Napoli (the man responsible for bringing you ETV) to get down and dirty with some of the Eclipse Stars at the event. Natalie will be filming and throwing up video clips via Youtube onto the Eclipse HQ Blog page ( as well as scores, rumours, gossip, the real inside scoop. At the time of going to press the finer point have still to be worked out but it’s a fly by the seat of your pants project. Paintball is a pretty unpredictable sport, who knows what could happen.. So tune in to find out. The is the place to first see these posts so get following it now.

OK you’re not that bothered. Your one of the lucky ones that will be at the event…Well, a little birdie tells me that you should subscribing, following, keeping an eye on all of the Eclipse Social Networking Sites as I believe there are going to be some special offers that will be announced via facebook, twitter, myspace, Eclipse Web Site Subscribers and the Blog page with a code word that will give the first person to say it that comes to the booth an option for a very special offer. It could be anything from a free t-shirt to a half price Geo. Who knows? Well, you might if you subscribe to all of the social networking sites:

Eclipse Web Site Subscriptions:

Eclipse HQ Blog:




EGO10 Mini Site UP !

Check Out the EGO10 Mini Site !!!

GEO + @ PSP World Cup

At World Cup we will have 10 x GEO’s that will already have the GST installed and for Sale. These GEO’s are all VERY Limited Edition there are ONLY 2 in Each Colour. The Colours are:

Solid Red
Solid Olive
Solid White (Clear)
Solid Green
Solid Blue

Not only are the VERY Limited they will also be at the new lower price of $995 (Reduced From $1094.99) This is now the new lower MAP Pricing on the GEO’s. But these puppies are a little special..

Available at World Cup 2009, Florida USA … ONLY

If these colours are not to your liking then you can now pick up another Great Eclipse Marker for a lot less…

New Pricing effective now:

SL94 .. Very Limited Stock.. $1395

Team Edition EGO9 $1095

Team Edition GEOs $1095

Stocks and availability are limited so strike while the iron is hot !!

3...2.....1.... Playboy !

Every now and again this job gets even better. People have said we have great jobs working in Paintball and there not wrong. It’s not all play here we sometime even do a little work.. Like today, I had to sit on the toilet and read the latest edition of the Portuguese Playboy magazine. When I say read, well, I don’t speak much Portuguese so I just looked at the picture :-)

We decided to add a few E Logo’s on these to keep it clean for the kids.. But feel free to get your own copy…

Not the best read in the world but the pics are OK :-)
Nice Guns BTW...

The Beastman Returns.

Brad Maughan one of the ETV’s Camera 1 and formally of Dynasty has dusted off his playing boots and will be pulling on an ‘Operation Sandbagger’ Jersey for this years World Cup event. Brad who has not played competitively since 2004 has been seen training with his old teams mates and rumour has it his nickname ‘Beastman’ is still quite apt. All he has to do now is drag 4 or 5 drunker Operation Sandbaggers out of a bar in time for the first game.

Welcome Back Brad and Welcome to the Team.. Strap in Pal, it’s going to be a ride !!!!

The Wheels On The Bus…..

Go Round and Round.. Well, Ireland by the look of it !!

Escarmouche Paintball out of Belfast, Ireland seems to have the marketing machine nailed down. They come up with some real nice stuff and by all accounts have a matching Paintball Venue as well.

This is one of there Latest advertising venture that one of the Eclipse Spies spotted on the street of Ireland.

Click the link to find out more :