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Friday, 30 April 2010

Clean Sweep @ MPL Mexico

At the recent MPL event in Guadalajara which saw nearly 40 teams battle it out in the Mexican heat for podium spots the Eclipse teams dominated through the ranks.

With their recent affiliation with the PSP all seems to be going really well down across the border for Jose Luis Daniel Velez and the rest of the MPL organisers. For more information on the MPL check out the web site:
In the Open race 2 Division- Eclipse teams locked out the 1st through 4th places:

1st TJ All Starz - Gold

2nd Over Head

3rd Heaven and Hell

4th TJ All Starz - Black

In the intermediate division team Blackout took 1st place, Marc talked to Fernando from team Blackout about the weekend and this is what Fernando had to say……


Team Blackout in the direct elimination round (race to 2) firstly had to face our brother team Black Out B, they won the first game, and we got the following 2.... the second race to game we played against Wizards from Queretaro but we were decided to win so we did both games :-)

So we passed to the finals battling for the first and second place, we were going to play Naughty Jakals from Guadalajara.. The Home team favourites.

We started the first game 5 on 5 getting one off the break going for the dorito side, I made a delay on the first finger and then went to the corner on D side but they got me when I was about to get to the bunker, then they got our snake side Mayan temple, and after that I didn't see that much because I was in the box, but we managed to get 3 of their guys before they get our snake guy out, so basically it was a 2 in 1 in our favour. We had one Blackout guy was on 50 dorito & the other one was at Snake side MTemple and they pinched out the guy that was on snake side corner, when our guy from MT moved forward he hurt his knee and fell down, he just got up back again to shoot out the NJ corner guy and he fell down again.

Medics came and told us that he couldn't play for at least 1 day, but we were going for the final game and our roster was barely complete (5 guys only, the other guys got stuck on school things) So we played the finals 5 on 4!!

I told our team they would expect us to play behind and slow, so we did the exact opposite thing (you can see this in the video) We took one out off the break and started going forward going from 5 NJs to 0, with 4 Blackout players still alive.

The crowd start to cheer but not that much because we have beating a home team hehehe.

so thats it we came to be the first place....

So thanks again Marc and Planet Eclipse for being there with us (with the markers and support). We also got a lot of fun talking to Gerry and Jose Luis latter on that night…. But that’s another story ;-)


Well done to ALL of the Eclipse teams at the MPL in Mexico…. The Emortal Army rolls on and on !!!!


FREE Eclipse Stuff @ North vs South

Will the North rise again???

This weekend the BIGGEST paintball event in the UK calendar is taking place in the midlands. The North vs South Big Game……

The North has been very dominate over the last few years, but something went very wrong last year and the shady drinking Southern fairies managed to pull a win out of the pants…. (Probably just a one off). I’m sure this won’t happen again !!!

If you’re making your way down to the North vs South Big game this weekend (30th April to 2nd May) I wanted to let you know about a couple of things you might like. Steve AKA ‘Chuck’ will be in attendance at the event doing Tech Support, so anything you need help or advise on Eclipse come and speak to ‘Chuck’ If you ask him nicely he will even give you some Eclipse Stickers !!!

Also, LiPS and Just Paintball will be there with a bunch of Eclipse Gear for sale… Both stores will also have 50 x EMORTAL 2 DVD’s, which your more than welcome to buy @ £5.30 each or you can pick one up FREE OF CHARGE with Any Eclipse Product purchased at the Big Game. These are first come first served…

And last but not least, hot off the press is the Brand New Summer 2010 Catalogues. They came in today and there will be 100 or so down at the Big Game. So pop over to see Just Paintball or LiPS and pick up your FREE Planet Eclipse Summer 2010 catalogue….

Remember to VOTE NORTH this weekend and crush the South!

Have Fun !!


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

upTon 187 Crew get Eclipsed

The “187” Crew one of New England’s up and coming teams has just been Eclipsed!!

Planet Eclipse are pleased to announce the Upton boys have joined the Eclipse Army and look forward to a great year with them!!

upTon 187 cRew has grown from a 3-man rookie team called Kamo Killaz back in the fall of 2004. The team quickly progressed from being a 3-man team to 5-man team and by the end of 2005 was playing 7-man and competing in the NPPL at the Commanders Cup in Miami Florida. In 2006 the team was renamed 187 cRew and in 2007 the team went on to be crowned the Division II NPPL season champions. In 2009 the team entered the AXBL and finished the regular season as the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. The team finished 2nd overall for the AXBL, behind a very strong Philly Heros team. 2010 brings a strong focus on x-ball and the PSP. We will be competing in Division 2 x-ball for the 2010 season and looking to continue our winning ways. If all goes well we’ll be moving up the later in 2011 and beyond with an end goal of fielding a pro paintball team in the coming years.

The team has had the same core players on the roster for the past 4+ years. We’ve seen the kids grow up both as players and people. Many of the players started out on this team when they were only 11 or 12 years old. The team has always called Fox 4 Paintball their home field and has enjoyed a very strong relationship with the field. The team gets tremendous support from Fox 4 and wouldn’t be where they’re at today without their help. Special thanks this season to Planet Eclipse for supplying the best marker on the Planet along with some soft goods such as pads and gear bags. We’d also like to thank KEE Action sports for supplying the majority of our soft goods – pants, jerseys, mask, gloves, packs and most importantly the world best paint – RPS Ultra Evil – the paint of champions.

Dave Painter Fox 4 Paintball

Break In at Dye UK !

The Paintball community is a small place and we all need to look out for each other..F%*&£ng scum bags that steal anything deserve to rot in hell, but when they steal Paintball stuff it makes me sick to the core.

Last night Dye Europe in the UK was broken into and a bunch of high end gear was stolen... Below is the information that Dye have send to me...

Please DO NOT BUY any of this gear if you hear about anything being sold cheap then please contact Dye, or Planet and we will pass on the info.... If we buy this stuff no matter how cheap we just open ourselves up as targets. If these scum bags can steal and sell anything they will.. Let’s make sure they can't sell it !!!

Everyone at Planet hopes you catch them !!!



Last night Dye precision Ltd’s European Office in Croydon, Surrey was broken into.

Most of the goods that were stolen were the NT’s and DM10’s and a few loaders and SLG’s.
The police have been called and a full investigation will be taking place.

At this point we would to call upon you guys, the paintball community to do whatever they can to help us in tracking down the stolen goods and the people responsible.
We ask you all keep your eyes and ears open and let us know of any “to good to be true deals” or from any unusual sources. These guns will no doubt appear, more than likely in the UK market.

Any information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and if it proves to be key in finding the goods and those that stole them, you will be rewarded appropriately,

The Guns Stolen Will Include Team PGA NTs... Also including some cosmetically Flawed Anno’d Nexus Teams guns that were to be returned and will be easily identifiable.

We thank you all for your co-operation and understanding at this time.

DYE Precision Ltd.”

Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St Georges Day

We have an Amazing offer for you guys as part of the St Georges day.
We have 4 Union Jack Flag Ego9’s for sale to the reduced price £550.00 inc vat YES... We do know that this isn’t St Georges Flag but it’s in there somewhere :-) First come first served,
Planet Eclipse.

Malaga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Aftermath of Malaga…

Well, 2 years in a row the Millennium Series has been cursed with bad weather in Spain. But this year as I’m sure you already know was even worse with the Volcano in Iceland erupting. Must teams managed to make it by hook or by crook with the UK being affected the most, with teams struggling to get over the water and across Europe. A special mention must go out to Disruption for making such a mammoth effort to get to Malaga hiring a mini bus and driving none stop for 27 Hours to get to their games in time.

The Millennium series did pretty much everything they could to get the event up and running. I was there on the Monday before the event and at this point there were re-building the beach for the 4th time in 10 days !!!

The weather forecast wasn’t the best for the time during the event but you can only hope and pray that nothing else goes wrong.. Right???

Well, the Friday started off OK with a delay in games starting, so the fields could be sorted out. The Millennium rushed in flood lights so the games could catch up. The Fridays games played until after 11:00pm.

Saturday the heavens opened up. At 7:00am I was watching a lightning show over the hills rolling towards the beach. The Rain was pouring down and the Millennium series had no choice but to postpone the games until it passed.. Which unfortunately for them didn’t happen so at 1:00 (ish) the days play was cancelled… In another cruel twist about 45 minutes after that call was made the skies turned blue and a beautiful day began… Just a little too late for the event to continue that day.

This did give me the chance to go and watch the Manchester Football Derby down at the London Pub… Being a Manchester City fan we will not talk about the Score.... (In Fergie Time).

Sunday. The Millennium had the task of getting things back on track. There was no way at this point that the event was ever going to get finished but they re-scheduled and did what they could.. The games started and some fine paintball was being played. But the atmosphere had all but vanished and the event felt dead on its feet at this point. The lower division managed to play all their games but the Div 1, SPL and CPL teams only played a couple of matches (CPL only one)…

Now, everyone’s attention changed focus on how the hell were we going to get home. All flights to Europe had been cancelled. Spain airspace was still open so a lot of the Yanks managed to get home. The lobby of our hotel was full of people on laptops, phones, anything that they could connect to the internet trying to find a way home. The stories of people’s adventures and planned trips were immense. But I’d just tell you about the Planet Crews trip and stay.

Spike from Dark sports was our initial saviour as his father drove a coach so Spike arrange for that to be in Spain on Tuesday, pretty much rescuing all of the brits stranded (About 50). We got a text on Tuesday letting us know that it had broken down and would not be able to make it until Friday.. So a new frantic search looking for another route home started…

We also managed to get a bit of R&R in with Nicky T and me (Ledz) representing the UK taking on Billy Bernacchia and Tom Buckley from the USA at a couple of mini tournaments..

First up was mini golf. The UK wiped the floor with USA on this one, with cries of ‘This is the hardest mini golf I have ever played’ coming from the yank camp !!

Later that night they asked for a re-match at Paddle Ball… (a cross between tennis and Racket Ball)… The Yanks had youth and athleticism on their side and pretty much stuffed it up the UK. But not without a fight !!

(Stoney in this picture didn’t really get to grips with the game)

So the score was now 1 – 1. We didn’t manage to get a decider tourney in before we left… So it a draw, until next time.

Back to the journey… We managed to get booked on a coach trip back to Gatwick Airport that set off from Malaga airport at 7:30am on Wednesday. We passed the info on to the rest of the stranded brits and most booked on…

Well, our journey started Wednesday morning at 6:00 with a taxi to Malaga airport then waiting for the Coach at 7:30. At 7:30 we were told to go to where the coach will arrive. At 7:35 we were told the coach was delayed until 4:40pm... Which means it would be a 40 Hour trip and us not getting back until Thursday night !!! So we went into the airport and hit all the airlines, which were either offering us flights on the 29th APRIL !!!! or a$$ raping us for a flight... We hung around the Monarch desk (who we flew with) and low and behold, without any warning or info they decide to put on 3 flights 1 each to Manchester, Birmingham and London. Just first come first served, no cost (if you had a flight with Monarch). We were right at the front of the queue so.... Bingo. 3 1/2 Hours later we are back in Blighty.

Some of the other Brits were not so lucky.. I don’t know about everyone. But I heard that Spikes crews managed to get home the next day via Dublin and I’ve also heard that the Dye crew bought an old mini bug and went on a road trips.. I don’t even know if they are back now !! I guess that’s a story for them to tell…

I hope everyone made it home safe and sound. I’m going to chalk this up to experience and hope to never have to do this again… I think everyone there will have a story to tell and I’m sure the Millennium will be thinking about a different venue for 2011… We can’t blame them for the weather or a natural disaster, but we all like to point fingers and they are the ones in the cross hairs…

Now I’m going to celebrate my 40th birthday in style !!! Wasn’t the best place to have my 40th in Malaga… Thanks to everyone with the Birthday Wishes…

And lastly thanks to all my staff for being wonderful....


Thursday, 22 April 2010

South Side Killaz . . Sign !!

Now thats a good idea !!!

So what do you do if your whole country is 1 million degres below zero and covered in snow and you NEED to play paintball?? Kristine from the Slagen Bandits and an Eclipse Sponsored players lets us know........

If there is no place to play paintball – you just make one!

That’s a great spirit and exactly what some of the creative and motivated kids we know, with good help from their mum (Liv), did. It took two Slagen Bandits Jr players, a Vendetta player (another team nearby) and a really committed mum. The kids had only one Christmas wish – some bunkers, some reballs and a place to shoot each other to pieces.( I guess there is no surprise when I tell you that the kids who had the original idea are brothers☺ )

The mum made some calls, rented a sports centre and bought some bunkers and some reballs – you don’t have to make it harder than it is. After the first initiative was taken, the whole Slagen Bandits family pitched in to help. We scrambled together all the leftover bunkers we could get our hands on, the kids made snakes and other bunkers out of benches, handball mats etc, the parents went off for some more reball-shopping, and voila – there it was – our own reball arena☺ thanx to the creative and driven brothers Edward and Haakon (with a lot of help from their mum, Liv) who made this snowball roll in the first place.

The arena is almost a full size Millennium field with a great floor to slide on and even a kitchen so the paintballers don’t starve during their long drilling hours. Finally we only had one hour to drive to practice in the off-season instead of two, and also in a larger, great lit and better place. Reball-euforia ☺

The local kids, the parents and the Bandits Jr kids, they’ve all done a remarkable job to get this up and running. It’s not a permanent place, so we have to rig up and down each time, but it doesn’t matter; some creative ways to pick up reballs and with a whole team motivated to help, just longing for the next weekend – easier than making toast☺

Here is a video of the result starring some of the kids who started this:

I know it’s not a professional reball-arena, but you don’t need that to be the best, you only need to practice, practice, and practice. And with our smooth running guns and no hopper jams – it’s a blast.

One other really great thing about this, besides the fact that the Bandits have a great facility off-season is that they run “open days”. It’s open for anyone who wants to try playing, and new paintballers just pop up like mushrooms☺ You can already see it in their eyes, some of them are going to be in it for the long run. It’s a great way to introduce the kids for the sport. The club have also made a deal with the Norwegian Paintball Association, so the kids who want to play there regularly can sign in and get the practice for only 5 euro.

It’s an amazing feeling to see the kids skills improve as they run around there every hour they can. Now in the Easter-holiday they have practiced almost every day.
If this keeps up, were gonna have some scary good small kids on Bandits this season, so don’t feel safe cos it doesn’t matter witch division you’re in – we’ll be there☺
We’re going to have at least 4 teams in the first event, one Elite(top division), one div 1, one div2 and one div3 ☺

And there is more to come, I’ve only just begun the mushroom harvest ☺

So long for now, don’t feel safe!



Diamond Wars Info & Video

Now it’s getting a little warmer some of you fair weather players (including me and the Sandbaggers) will start to dust down there gear and get themselves back into the woods..

The Diamond Wars (DW) run by NPF are already in full swing. The next leg of the story is this coming weekend (Sunday the 25th April).. Here is a little bit of intel from the NPF Crew:

Episode 4 of Diamond Wars Series 3 in this Sunday 25th April. Fast track option is still available, so if you wish to pay in full, in advance, you will beat the queues on the day! Please call for details! Hope to see you at the Weekend. To book, or to inquire give us a call on 0121 3273961.
The NPF Crew.

And to get your juices flowing here is a nice little video !

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Look who's 40!

We've got a very special birthday today, Happy 40th Birthday to LEDZ!!! Happy Birthday from everyone at Planet Eclipse we all love ya & hope you have an awesome day. Ledz is at Malaga so if you see him make sure you say Happy Birthday! :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Awesome Results at HB!

Awesome Results at Huntington Beach, California NPPL.
Congratulations to San Diego Dynasty for taking 1st place and to Edmonton Impact for taking 2nd Place!! Also Congratulations to Warped Army who took 1st Place in Div 1.
Well Done Guys!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Free Emortal 2 DVD at Malaga!

Visit the Planet Eclipse Booth in Malaga! Free Emortal 2 DVD worth €6.50 with any Eclipse Product Purchase, first 150 customers only.

Lucky?? I don't think so !!

The CPPS in the Midlands (UK) is growing from strength to strength. Rich who runs the CPPS has now introduced a ‘FUNBALL’ event on the Saturday before the main event on the Sundays.

Ainsley Baddeley Captain of the Lucky 15’s entered his ‘Youth’ team into the FUNBALL CPPS event and had this to say:

‘Our suitably named "Lucky under 15s" have been looking for an event to showcase their newly found Supair skills, and the newly created CPPS Funball event was the perfect entry to the tournament scene for them. As the youngest team fielded today, they did us proud and took a solid 2nd place! It was an honour seeing you wearing the jerseys today guys, and you played your hearts out, 15s style!’

As for the Sunday….The event was even better than the last one, more teams, nice weather, no mud and from what I saw great days ballin.. I don’t know the final results but Disruption looked on fire after their very poor show at the first leg. My team ‘The Firm’ won two matches and lost two matches. But it’s all about next week in Malaga now….

Results will be up on the CPPS and soon I would expect….

CPPS Info:

Or follow them on Twitter: Balls Out Promo.

See you in Malaga :-)


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


There are a lot of teams out there rocking Eclipse gear. From the very top of the pro brackets all the way down the ranks. But each and every victory means as much to Eclipse as it does to the team and players that are involved in the victory... We salute you all.... We just wish a few more of you would spend the time to get let us know about your win... It makes us happy, you do want to make us happy don't you???

One such Victory came via e-mail from team 'Affliction'. They simply wrote a few words and a couple of pictures and here you have it.... Well Done Affliction...

Adolfo Estrada told us this:

The SCPL event was great. Ever since we started playing all we know was NPPL rules. We never played any PSP formatted event so for us this was a whole new game play with side line coaching and Ramping. We went into this event strong and determined to make a name for ourselves. We had a blast at the event all our friends were there for support.

Aaron ran a great event. It was a grind for us because we lost our second match badly. That one lose that we had gave us the drive to make kills on the break and over load on the snake. To tell you the truth when we made it to semi’s it all clicked together. Guns shoot phenomenal. No doubt that we will always use an Ego marker over anything else.

We ran through the semis and made it to the finals. We played again the team that gave us our only lost. This was payback because we wanted to prove that all our practice every weekend for the past 6 months was not in vain. Overall, after that flag was hung we knew we concord a huge obstacle. We all knew that day, as we were driving back home that we just didn’t win first place but we were hero’s that Sunday and that’s all that mattered.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

What the €$£?

We have waited until AFTER 12:00pmon April 1st (Midday) to announce this so know body thinks it’s an Aprils Fool.. As of Today there is going to be a Pounds Sterling (£) and a Euro (€) price increase due to the continually free falling US Dollar exchange rate. It is almost the same time that we had to implement an ‘exchange rate’ price increase last year… Below is an extract from the OFFICAL Dealer press info…

Unfortunately this is virtually the same notice that we sent out the same time last year!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news again!

Since the launch of our 2010 product line we have held our Euro and Sterling prices despite the exchange rates slipping against the dollar.

Planet Eclipse has tried its best to avoid having to change its pricing over the last 6 months, taking the currency loss and just getting on with the job as best as possible.

Unfortunately as the exchange rates are still so volatile we need to make an adjustment to our Euro and Sterling prices to redress this change in rates.

Effective immediately we will have to raise our Sterling prices by 9.68% and our Euro prices by 6.81%.

This is a lot less than the rises we had to implement last year , and in the same way we did last year , if the exchange rates swing back in our favour then we will redress the increase and reduce the Sterling and Euro prices accordingly.


We are ‘Again’ very sorry we have to do this; it is something out of our control, but still doesn’t make us feel any better about doing it.

On a slightly better note. If you’re about to pull the trigger on some Eclipse gear we are doing to keep the prices the same until probably mid day on Wednesday the 7th April when the web site will update and all prices will change. So click the buy button quick !!


Pub Crawling


Planet Eclipse have re-signed Pub Crawling, one of the top Scenario Teams in the country continued their relationship by agreeing to a 2 year contract extension. This will mark a 4th and 5th year partnership.

Pub Crawling Captain MJ had this to say about the deal, "We couldn't be happier with the performance of the PE product line, and over the years we've really come to feel like we are a part of the family here...and that is priceless. Finally, let me just make it clear; even without this deal we would still be using PE markers, because they are simply the best available." Pub Crawling is an international Scenario paintball team who, this season, can be found in Tennessee, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Scotland (yes, the country of Scotch), and Massachusetts playing their game. For the latest on the team visit

Ian ‘Jacko’ Parsons from Planet Eclipse wanted to add, “We are pleased and excited to be associated with the PUB again!! They travel a lot and do a great deal for the sport and this year they are off to Bonny Scotland for games and Whiskey!! Planet Eclipse have been given the label of not being into ‘Scenario’ Paintball, which just isn’t true we want your teams to win in whatever format they decide to play in, and that’s why the top Scenario teams in the country come to us to shoot the best !!

Pub Crawling have also just come back from Poco Loco in New Hanover, Pennsylvania. So we asked MJ to give us a quick rundown on what went on:

What a great time we had! Our general was the well know scenario general, Barney (yeah, the purple guy) and he led us well. The game was a post nuclear affair titled 'Fallout', produced by the Tri State Special Operations Command (TSSOC) guys and they did a good job on this one. We played against Pete 'Cookie Monster' Murphy and his minions. 400 players showed up at the field for a sunny day of paintball (the best kind). Once the rules were explained we all hit the field for the game, and what a game it was. Though there was good back and forth action all day, there were a few times when we took it straight to the other side and.....well, MJB from the Pub Crawling said it this way, "I shot those players until they quit". Ha Ha! Anyway, we all get owned sometimes and this game was no exception. MJ, team Captain of Pub Crawling, got toasted by a player from SOVA (Virgina team) while he was assaulting the enemy base.

With missions being run, ground and buildings being fought over, it was hard to tell which side had the advantage at the end of the game. We felt pretty good that we weren't getting our butts kicked; but you never know in scenario, because of the points associated with missions and flag stations and personal get the point. However, we did own the enemy base at the end of the final mission...

We won the day, as it turned out, by a score of 975 to 550. Not bad at all. We also won the Most Valuable Team award from our side and the Most Formidable Opponent award from the other side. So, win the day, win 2 awards, not bad at all. You better believe we had a great party Saturday night. If you were wondering, our team edition ETEK3's (fresh out of the box) were awesome and caused us to have magical powers; which is great by the way. What a great way to start the season!

Finally a big thanks to our sister team, Joint Fury, who played alongside us all day and continued to prove why the 'unholy alliance' is the best thing going.

Eclipse Bunny Tour !

The Eclipse Easter Bunny is on its travels this weekend down to the NSPL Tournament @ Bricketwood, Nr St Alban (Down Soooouuuutth) UK.

Dotted around the site will be 30 ‘Healthy’ Eclipse Easter Eggs. Find one and you are already a winner, but you could get an EXTRA prize! Each egg has a yummy treat inside and some also have a prize for you to pick up on the day. If you’re lucky enough to find an Eclipse egg and it has a little prize message inside you will need to track down the Eclipse Easter Bunny (Nicky T), show him your prize and he will hook you up.

Prizes to be won:

5 x Eclipse Emortal 2 DVD
5 x Eclipse Distortion Playing Jersey
2 x Eclipse Elbow Pads
1 x Eclipse Knee Pads

13 Prizes (It’s Nicks Lucky Number).

So get down to the NSPL this Sunday and see if you can bag a freebie… The Bunny will also have some Eclipse Stickers with him so even if you don’t find an Eclipse Egg you can still go and pet the Bunny and see if he will give you some stickers (he likes his chin stratching :-)

The Eclipse Bunny is also quite knowledgeable so if anyone has any questions about anything Eclipse don't be afraid to speak to the Bunny (Nicky T)... He doesn't bite (much).

From everyone at Planet Eclipse, Happy Easter!