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Friday, 30 July 2010

A Ball Euro Champions 2010

Last weekend National Paintball Fields Birmingham England hosted the European A-ball Championships, and we're pleased to announce that one of our faithful amateur teams "The Lucky 15s" managed to bring home first place!

The Lucky 15s conscripted Ulf Mueller of NXE and his friend Joern Windler to form the suitably named Anglo/German team " The Uber 15s". Ainsley Baddeley, Dan Campbell and Luke Paxton from the 15s, along with their newly purchased GEO2s battled alongside their German allies to take the trophy.

The event was quite a show on NPF's fantastic Astro Turf field, with cheerleaders between games, and even Matt Green offering his comic twist on commentary throughout the day! The A-ball field is available for training most weekends and NPF host a monthly A-ball walk-on for teams and individuals alike to come and hone their skills without the mess!

Check out for more details!

Congratulations guys!

Final Placings:

1st..... The Uber 15s

2nd... NPF Academy

3rd.... London Shock 2

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Vicious Race2Series Review

2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series – A Series In Review

The first event of the VICIOUS RaceTo Series kicked off May 1st and 2nd at Mad Cow Paintball in Louisville, Nebraska and saw 36 teams compete in the RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-4 divisions. At the end of Saturday, with RaceTo-2 play completed, AAF from Maple Plains, Minnesota took home 1st place, with Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) taking 2nd, DVS (Louisville, NE) taking 3rd, and New Jack Ghetto (Des Moines, IA) rounding out the top 4.

The RaceTo-4 division saw 16 teams from 8 states competing for 1st place with play stretching out over 2 days. At the end of the weekend, Aimless Factory from Sioux Falls, South Dakota took 1st place. Rounding out the top 4 were the Po’ Boys (Columbia, MO) getting 2nd, Dirtlife2 (St, Louis, MO) taking 3rd place, and HuSTLe (also from St. Louis, MO) taking 4th place.

The 2nd stop of the VICIOUS RaceTo Series took place June 5th and 6th at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This event saw some new faces in the RaceTo-2 division taking place on Saturday, but at the end AAF continued their reign as Event Champions, with team Extortion (Kansas City, MO) raking 2nd place, the Po’ Boys (Columbia, MO) taking 3rd place, and the Mac Daddy Allstars receiving 4th place. With their 2nd event win at this event, AAF took a commanding lead in the overall series standings, sitting 12 points ahead of the 2nd place team.

The RaceTo-4 teams continued the action Saturday afternoon and Sunday with great paintball being played throughout the tournament. As the dust settled, Dirtlife2 was able to overcome Aimless Factory (the event 1 winners) to take first place. Coming in at 2nd place was Aimless Factory (Sioux Falls, SD), with New Jack Ghetto (Des Moines, IA) taking 3rd place, and Air Assault Paintball (Maple Plains, MN) receiving 4th place. With their win at this event, Dirtlife2 moved within 2 points of Aimless Factory in the overall Series standings for RaceTo-4.

The final event in the VICIOUS RaceTo Series took place at CJ’s Paintball Adventures, just outside of Lincoln, NE and it did not disappoint! This event saw great play from all of the teams that were in attendance in both the RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-4 divisions. Everyone at, VICIOUS, and Discount Specialty Sports as well as all of the host fields and sponsors would like to congratulate everyone in attendance for helping make this series such a success!

The RaceTo-2 division took place on Saturday and saw teams from all over the Midwest compete at the event. After some intense games and a few new teams making the preliminary round cuts, team Yellow Jackit from South Dakota emerged victorious as the RaceTo-2 Event #3 winners. Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) took 2nd place, Extortion (Kansas City, MO) took 3rd place, and Po’ Boys – Wasted Talent (Columbia, MO) received 4th. Also on the line at this event was the overall RaceTo-2 Series Championship. With help from their performances at the first two VICIOUS Series events, team AAF from Minnesota was able to capture the Series Championship, and receive a World Cup prize package valued at over $3,200.

The RaceTo-4 division took place Saturday afternoon and Sunday, with teams traveling from over 12 hours away to attend the tournament. With 2 new teams entering the RaceTo-4 bracket, this final event promised to provide some great action, and it did not disappoint! As the day wore on, the final match-up for 1st and 2nd place came down to Aimless Factory and Dirtlife2. With Dirtlife2 being 2 points behind Aimless in the Series standings, Dirtlife2 needed to pull off the 1st place win to tie the series standings, and still have a chance to capture the Series Championship. At the end of the finals match, Dirtlife2 would come up victorious for a 2nd tournament in a row, winning the RaceTo-4 Event #3 and keeping their dreams of winning the Overall Series Championship alive. Also in the top 4 for the final event was New Jack City (Des Moines, IA) taking 3rd place, and Reagan’s Army (Lawrence, KS) receiving 4th.

With Dirtlife2 winning the final event of the RaceTo-4 Series, it now brought Aimless Factory and Dirtlife2 to a tie in Series Points, both with 288 points overall. To determine the Series Champion, the teams had to play 1 on 1’s, best 2 out of 3. The first matchup was Josh from Dirtlife2 playing against Zach from Aimless Factory. Josh proved the victor after some intense gun-fighting, but with only a few seconds remaining, he wasn’t able to hang the flag in time. The 2nd matchup in the 1 on 1’s put Amos from Aimless Factory against Brock from Dirtlife2. At the start of the game, Brock worked his way to the tall cake on the snake side of the field, with Amos taking advantage of the pins on the snake side as well. Brock eliminated Amos, hanging the flag and putting Dirtlife2 ahead with a score of 1 to 0. The next matchup placed Adam from Aimless Factory against Brian from Dirtlife2. Adam quickly worked his way to the tall magic stick on the snake side of the field, while Brian moved through the doritos. As he moved from the doritos to the A at the 50, Brian was able to eliminate Adam, sealing the Series Championship for Dirtlife2, and receiving the Series Prize of a PSP World Cup package valued at over $5,000.

The 2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series Outstanding team award goes to Reagan’s Army from Lawrence, KS. Reagan’s Army has traditionally competed in 5 man events, and in the 2010 VICIOUS Series the team placed highly at each event:
Event #1 – 2nd Place
Event #2 – 5th Place
Event #3 – 2nd Place

While participating in the RaceTo-2 portion of the series, the team also tried their hand at the RaceTo-4 division as well, without having any real experience with the continual RaceTo format, being forced to learn as they went. Through a positive attitude both on and off the field, great sportsmanship, and an obvious love of playing paintball, the team continued to learn about the format and adjust to the new style of play. With their first 2 showings at the RaceTo-4 events were below the team’s expectations the team worked even harder and showed more and more determination leading up to the final event to show improvement and to prove to everyone that they could hold their own in both formats.

Through perseverance and hard work Reagan’s Army was able to come away with a 4th place finish at the final VICIOUS Series Event. This team is a true example of what regional teams should represent, and we would like to congratulate them on receiving the 2010 VICIOUS RaceTo Series Outstanding Team award!

Event #1 – 8th Place
Event #2 – 9th Place
Event #3 – 4th Place

We would also like to wish a Happy 21st Birthday to Max Fairlamb of Reagan’s Army that took place over the weekend!

Reagan’s Army
Reagan Waters – Team Captain
Steve Cowser
Max Fairlamb
Jason Griffith
Cale Hollis
Charlie Modereger
Adam Pruett
Dustin Reed
Scott Spade

2010 VICIOUS RaceTo-2 Series Champions:
Location: Maple Plains, MN
Home Field: Air Assault Paintball

2010 VICIOUS RaceTo-4 Series Champions:
Location: St. Louis, MO
Home Field: RiverSplat Paintball

We would like to thank all of the Sponsors that helped make this series possible:
Discount Specialty Sports
Planet Eclipse
RPS Paintballs

The VICIOUS RaceTo Series would also not be possible without the host fields:
Event #1 - Mad Cow Paintball
Cedar Creek, Nebraska

Event #2 - Metro Paintball Games
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Event #3 - CJ's Paintball Adventures
Martell, Nebraska "

Dynasty News !!

Planet Eclipse Poster Boy, Pro Player and all round good guy Billy Bernacchia has been released from Vicious roster and has signed to play for San Diego Dynasty at the up and coming PSP Mid Atlantic Open.

With the Hurricanes dropping down several divisions at the end of 2009 Billy has been looking for a new home to carry on his X-Ball career. Vicious didn’t work out for Billy and he missed his first PSP events in years not attending the 2010 Chicago PSP. Billy is still playing for the Avalanche in the NPPL 7-Man events but will Dynasty be the new home for Billy?

Billy Said “I am very happy and looking forward to being a part of Dynasty. I hope everything works out. I have always respected Dynasty as a team and have been looking up to their players for years”

Eric Crandall (Dynasty’s Manager) Said “Billy is a proven player who gives us another solid attack on the snake side of the field.
Dynasty has to be one of THE teams to play for.. Dynasty are what Pro paintball is all about. We wish Billy and Dynasty the best of Luck at the MAO…

JUST IN ……………JC Whittington from Arsenal has also been added to the Dynasty X-Ball roster. Dynasty now has a full roster of 10 players.

Follow Dynasty here:

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


While writing this I can only imagine the sheer volume of dreams and hearts that I will be breaking.

While on vacation in Mexico the other week I arranged a trip to an ancient Mayan Temple in Coba (the tallest temple that you can still climb) after a 3km trek through the jungle we reached the bottom of the temple. At which point the gods (namely Chac the Mayan God of Rain) decided to open the heavens and drench us with very heavy rain. Not being deterred Eilidh and I started the steep climb to the top of the temple. Once at the top we tried to find shelter to take some pictures of the amazing view over the forest and to the other temples in the distance. I took Eilidh down the side of the Temple to see what was behind the room at the top and then took to one knee and asked Eilidh to marry me….. a soaked to the skin Eilidh said YES and made me very happy!!

(I think I have now created a monster.. Wedding plans are full steam ahead, I guess that what you get for asking the Planet Eclipse events coordinator to marry you !)

Thanks to everyone that has already sent us your good wishes…….


Thursday, 22 July 2010

DW Intel Update

Todd Richards (MTV) @ CPX

Another Super Star graces the amazing CPX field in Chicago.

This time around it’s Internationally known world-famous pro snowboarder Todd Richard. Todd recently visited CPX Sports to film an episode of MTV's Rock N Jock which he hosts. Todd was sporting Planet Eclipse gear and shooting the 2007 Eclipse Ego!

I believe the episode should air on MTV2 on August 21st in the evening.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

WV Relentless getting closer.

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate one of our new sponsored teams, WV Relentless for finishing 4th in their second event this year. The team is getting stronger by each event they play in and hopefully before the end of the year they will bring home a first place trophy. Congratulations guys and keep up the good work.......

Michael Gabeletto has written this report.......

The MAPL Event #2 Recap
By: Michael Gabeletto
WV Relentless

After a disappointing 9th place finish in the first MAPL event, largely due to my own poor performance, the players of WV Relentless were in high spirits going into the 2nd MAPL event. We had made changes in our tactics, maintained a positive attitude, and put the last event behind us. Our main outlook on the situation was that we were a much better team than what the 9th place score showed and we were using the 2nd event to prove our opinion of ourselves.

The first team that we faced in the 2nd event was a team called G3. Though our tactics and abilities were top notch, we lost quite miserably. Not a very good way to start a tournament, but nevertheless, there was a lot of paintball left to be played throughout the day. Unfortunately, things started to look worse and worse. The second team that we faced hit our dorito player off the break and he did not realize it, causing a penalty that left my snake player alone to fight off 3 opponents. But then our luck changed. Our snake player single handedly eliminated the entire opposing team and bringing us our first win of the day.

What does my snake player receive as a reward for his incredible performance? A concussion from a player on the third team we faced. The irony of the situation is that the player that caused the injury to my teammate was give a major penalty and we were given a free win due to the fact he shot 347 FPS. In addition, that equaled out 2 wins in a row completely on the shoulders of my snake player! My other teammate and I knew that we would have to step up our game if we were going to make it to quarter finals.

For the remaining 5 games, with the exception of another loss to G3, we crushed the opposition without mercy. Our enemies were felled like blades of grass and there was no one that was going to stand in our way. From my teammates controlling the tape lines, to me giving cover fire from back center, we made the quarter finals sitting in 5th place out of 8 that advanced and our morale could not have been higher. We knew that if we kept up our morale and determination, we could not fail.

Our true test of the tournament came when we realized that we were playing G3 in the quarter finals, the only team we did not beat throughout the entire day. We set foot onto the field and began the best of 3 series against them. We had to find a way to beat them and this was now the time to do it. However, though we tried with all our heart, we lost our first match of 3. We now had to win the next 2 games in a row. Fortunately, the next game we hit one of the G3 players off the break and he played on, causing a penalty for his team and destroying their hope of winning that game. It now all came down to one final match between us and G3. My teammate then realized something about G3. “They don’t have a snake player!” he exclaimed. We used that information to form a winning tactic and win we did. We stormed across the field in a blind rage, determined to win and advanced to the semi finals! All seemed like everything was going our way…

As we entered into the semi finals, I became stricken with heat exhaustion. With no substitute player on our team, I had to attempt to play as best as I could. To be perfectly honest, I do not remember the best of 3 series played in the semi finals very well due to my condition, but we lost both games mainly because of me.

We finished the tournament overall in 4th place. Except for my mishap with heat exhaustion, I feel that we all played every well, especially our snake player. We continue to improve more and more with each passing tournament and know that soon enough that we will be holding a 1st place trophy before the year is out.

Overall it was a great improvement from our first event. The gear and Eclipse guns performed flawlessly all weekend. We are preparing for the next event coming and by then I will have my new Etek3 and one of our players pants size will be in so we will be all Eclipsed out. We would like to thank Marc Lancia, Planet Eclipse and Punisher Paintball for the support they have showed a new upcoming team. We look forward to working with them for this year and the future to come.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Boob Camp . . Book In NOW !

Price: 100 euro (included: walk-on and preschool Friday-Sunday, plus BBQ Friday and lunch Sat-Sun)


Time to get into gear and live out your inner Boobcamp dream - this time we invite both guys and girls, everyone´s welcome ! :-)

Price: 100 EURO,-

This includes:
Walkon Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Lunch Saturday, Sunday (+ light snack on Friday)
FLC bbq on Friday night
+ more stuff and surprises to come !


FRIDAY we start at 15.00 sharp (you should arrive in time to get ready for play at 15) and will keep drilling and playing till 19.00 - after that we will have our FLC BBQ on site !

SATURDAY we meet at 10.00 and keep going till 18.00 (including 1 hour lunch break), in the evening we will have something fun and festive planned hehe!

SUNDAY we will start at 9.00 and keep going till 12.00 where we will do a lunch break. After that we will run a small xball tourney for the participants, where we of course will be coaching you.

Start looking into flights people or rent a car if you are from Scandinavia hehe !

Sign up NOW as we only have a limited number of available spots – for questions or to secure your spot for this event please mail !


Practical info:
Where: Uppsala, Sverige (About 1 hour north of Stockholm. Take a train, bus or go by car to Uppsala, or fly to Stockholm Arlanda and take a train from there).

Map to field: (5 min by car from train station / city centre Uppsala)

You will learn drills to improve your paintball skills, how to walk fields and other theory, and we'll also give you insight into how we prepare for tournaments and practise - as well as other stuff we think is important to every paintball player!

Where to sleep?

For questions or to confirm your entry:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Firm 2.... Corrupted ???

Firm Strength in Depth….????

UK Based team ‘The Firm’ have a good solid paintball ethic which involves training on a regular basis, attending local UK events and also having a second and third team.

Manchester Firm’s second team (that sometimes play under the name Corrupted) have been training hard. At the recent CPPS they didn’t have it all their own way, but that is what every team needs to focus them for the big stage….. Playing under the name Manchester Firm 2 at Campaign Cup last weekend in the M5’s the lads turned their game up to the next level and brought home the spoils of victory in the M5’s. A fantastic result for the guys and thoroughly deserved..

Well Done..

Karl Dewhurst-Lister, Ben Hanson, Ricky Taylor (Whitey), Steve Terry, Robert Hamilton & (Guest Lain O'Sullivan)

Manchester Firm 2 would like to thank there sponsors:

Planet Eclipse, Kee Action Sports, RPS, Corrupted, Balls Out Promotions (CPPS)…

To follow the Firm on Facebook CLICK HERE.

Bryan Bortol (Vicious)... 10 Things....

....... You might not know about me.

The votes have been counted and the winners crowned, well not so much crowned more like, OK, tell me some funny, weird, embarrassing or secret stuff about yourself that people might not know.

The Poll winner was Bryan Bortol from team Vicious. So here is Bryan’s ‘10 Things you might not know about me !!!’

The Poll is now up for the European Pro Players so please cast your votes: CLICK HERE.


Name: Bryan Bortol
Nickname: "B"
Age: 19
Teams: Deviators, DSS, VICIOUS
Job: College Student, DSS

1......... I still to this day have all of my Pokémon cards. Blastoise was my favorite and he was B.A. First one of my friends to find a gold holographic Charizard. Loved it when Burger King had the toys. Watched the cartoon all the time. How could you not love those cartoon voice overs?

2....... Watch The Video:

3........ I used to dip my cheetos in ketchup. They are just like orange fries. When it doubt, put ketchup in it. Ketchup is delish.
4....... In 7th grade I was suspended for calling a kid a bad name even though he was one. He should have been suspended for calling me a name but he was a whiner. What happens on the bus should stay on the bus. The public school system can be cruel and unfair. Hmmm….got to stay home from school as a punishment and played video games. Maybe the punishment did fit the crime.

5....... I’ve been playing soccer since kindergarten. Never could handle T-ball. Was way too boring. I always had to do sports where you were moving. Played goalie or forward early on and became the sweeper in high school. My best friend from soccer all those years works the weekends at the paintball store.

6........ I’ve broken my collarbone twice…first during a soccer game. It broke into three pieces and had to wear a figure eight collar. Either that or surgery to repair it. Only paintball tournament I have ever missed was MAO cause of the break. I got to wear the money hat and watch from the pit. I rebroke it six months later on Labor Day when I was tubing at the lake. Greg was driving the boat…I'm just saying….and Jake was the one who flew into me and snapped it.

7........ My favorite movies are Pixar movies and I don’t even care if people think they are stupid because they are amazing… Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Wall-E, UP, Finding Nemo….that's entertainment with a capital "E." Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell movies are still high on the list. Joe Dirt has to get an honorable mention. Wow so many Saturday Night Live cast mates are in my favorites.

8......... I am ridiculously afraid of spiders. Anacrophobia is my middle name. It's got eight legs..that's just not normal. Know what spiders are afraid of? The spider wasp..they sting em, paralyze em, and eat em alive.

9.......... Always made the honor roll….woot woot Many painful nights of studying. Have I told you how much I hate math? Good thing my other grades evened out my math grade. Math is the devil.

10........... I can beat anyone in ping pong…. You don’t even know. Improves the hand eye coordination and helps me with my ninja chop hands. Have also dented a few walls at the new house. Hoping my mom doesn't read this anytime soon.

Thanks to Bryan for doing this....

Diamond Wars

Intel from the front line has been very sparse over the last few months. Fighting has been intense and messages have either been lost in the fogs of war or too blood soaked to make any real sense. One solid piece of intel has now managed to reach the hands of Major General Ledz at the Mercs training camp deep in the jungle at a secret location..

The Intel reads like this…

The battle is in balance but will Major General Ledz and his band of highly trained Mercs be able to shift the balance of power in favour of the USDE or will the HoffMann Minex step forward to secure the services of Major General Ledz and his Mercs? Nobody knows for sure. All that could be confirmed is that a sizeable force has been seen packing up from the secret training camp and making tracks in the direction of the front line. ETA 25th July 2010.

Is it time for you to draw YOUR line in the sand?????

For more information contact: click the 'More' button next to the Dimaond skull on the left where it says Diamond Wars.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

FREE Paintball in Portugal anyone???

PAINTUGAL - Portuguese Association of Recreational Paintball, It's a national association with no profit objectives. Promotes and spreads the practice of Paintball according to the national laws and internal regulations approved by general assembly.

PAINTUGAL stands for promoting recreational outdoor Paintball games without any entrance fees or obligation to buy any material in games or events, supports nature protection and environmental education, promotes sports Fairplay, Companionship and Friendship between players.

We are making one of the largest big games in Europe, where 1000 players are expected, to celebrate our 6th anniversary with the theme: Pacific, after the 2009 success of Band of Brothers, with 607 players, making it the largest big game in the Iberian Peninsula ever.

With a Paintball game of 4 hours, pistol tournaments, airball clinic, CQB Courses, airball 3 vs 3 small tournaments, and several other activities; Paintball shopping area; Players Party and distribution of prizes, with no entrance fee for paintugal associates and BYOP.

The event is on 18th and 19th of September in the biggest Paintball Park in the Iberian Peninsula, Megacampo (, with a very good touristic venue 15 minutes from the beach and several Hotels, Hostels and Camping park facilities.

For more info contact:

The Red Carpet Treatment....

Well....... It's actually green and it's not carpet it's astro turf.

Kristine from the Slagan Bandits sat me down over the weekend of Campaing Cup and inbetween beer and tequila she told me a little about what has been happening in Norway, and the Norwegian Paintball League .....

We are getting more and more spoiled in paintball. I can still remember stumbling around tubes and carrying large and long scuba-tanks deep deep into the woods. Nowadays almost every field has its own compressor, the tubes are long gone and now we even have turf!

A couple of weeks ago, the first leg of the Norwegian League were held at Slagen Paintball. All the Bandits have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to have the field ready for the weekend. Only a month ago there was worn out grass and muddy spots on the field, this is how it looks like now:

It has been a struggle, and the workload have been massive, for instance; we had to carry out the rubber mats by hand. 8 persons carried a mat on the size of: 2 meters x 4 meters.
Here are some of the pictures of the process:

But it’s safe to say that after the first paint were shoot on the field, we did not think once of all the hard work, only the pleasure of playing on turf.

The tournament went really well, it even rained cats and dogs in the middle of the day, but no one seemed to mind, cos with turf all the way on the players-area and tents for every player, it did not feel like a big hassle.

When it comes to performance, the quality of the teams in the Elite is very high. Everyone has been practicing hard this winter and every game is a fight. Thant is how we like it!

And the proof of that everything can happen; I would never have imagined that the first time the Bandits’ placement was higher than Drammen Solid, is when we have the 5th place and they have the 6th ….

I really love the challenge, a lot of teams are stepping up- This is going to be a great season!

Results from the Latest Norwegian Paintball League Elite Division

1.Mashive Attack

2.Trondheim Dominators

3.Oslo Paintball Members

4.GS Vendetta

5.Slagen Bandits Gold

6.Drammen Solid

7.EPK Armageddon

8.Dow€nfall Elite


10.Molde Extreme

Here is a little video i found as well (i know it's not from this round :-)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

DoW.... Back on Top !!!

Team DoW (Desperados of Warberg) have been members of the Emortal Army for years now. DoW have gone through a lot of changes over the years and this last couple of seaons have been what could be described as 're-build' years. They dropped out of the Millennium series SPL Division and have decided to work and EARN there way back up the divisions. DoW are now in Div 2 at the Millennium Series and have placed 3rd in Spain, 5th in Germany and now they have there just rewards, taking a well deserved 1st Place at Campaign Cup in the UK...

DoW are also climbing up the podium places on home turf with wins coming from lots of different divisions like at the recent swedish paintball championship "Paintball SM" in Falköping.

Check out the DoW EGO10 !!

Well Done DoW...

To find out more about DoW check out there web site here:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Even with help from above...

.......the England football team were pretty rubbish at the 2010 Fifa World Cup....

I just had to share this picture with you all. I would have settled for penalties rather than the kicking the Germans gave us. Even if the GOAL that Lampard scored was disallowed for not crossing the line (see picture)


Thursday, 1 July 2010

UpTon 187 Crew!

We would like to give our Congratulations to a new team to join Planet Eclipse, UpTon 187 Crew! They took 1st Place in Division 2 at the PSP Chicago Open! Well done guys & welcome to the Emortal Army!