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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Euro Style III

Euro - Style III, our latest ETV.

In anticipation of the 2010 Millennium Cup tournament being held Oct. 1-3 in Paris, Planet Eclipse gives you highlights of our teams from the first three event of 2010 Millennium Series circuit.

Catch footage of our teams in the CPL,SPL, & other divisions, including defending CPL champs SK Moscow, Chili Peppers Raga, Dynapact, Paris Carnage, Disruption, The Firm, and of course the legendary Operation Sandbag.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Moustache - Off...... it's for Charity Mate.

NPPL Vegas Webcast - Charity Moustache-off 2010

Every year a group of friends and I involve ourselves in some form of fundraising; choosing a worthy charity and then and appropriately original method of encouraging people to donate to our fundraising effort. This year I am entered in a Charity Moustache-off in a bid to raise a minimum of £1000 for Cancer Research UK (which incidentally and unbelievably receives NO government support whatsoever!). Here is the history of how the idea for the fundraiser came about as well as details of how YOU can get involved:

As many of you know I am fortunate to be the host of the NPPL webcast that broadcast live from locations such as Huntington Beach, Challenge Park Xtreme and Las Vegas! If you haven’t met the crew behind the scenes of the webcast then you are seriously missing out – they are hands down some of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside and after many hours of chatting thanks to the traumatic weather that we were faced with in Chicago, the idea of a charity moustache-off culminating at the Vegas webcast came to life!

So, let’s fast forward to the present day; it’s a little under two weeks until the Vegas event and as 1st September was our designated “clean-shave day” I’ve been cultivating quite a ‘tash! The goal as I mentioned before is to raise a minimum of £1000 for Cancer Research UK, but it really is a case of every single penny, cent, kroner, rupee or baht is truly appreciated and will be guaranteed to be put to great use by Cancer Research UK. I’m sure that I speak for the majority when I saw that Cancer is a scary prospect at best, with the unnerving ability to affect any of us, or anyone we know seemingly at will. Friends and family of mine have been affected by Cancer and no doubt will be in the future, and as enough can never be known about the disease I feel it’s important that we do what we can to ensure that sufficient resources are there to continue to learn how to treat and cure Cancer most effectively.

This is where I need your help! I’m willing to endure almost 6 weeks of itchy, scratchy, Robinson Crusoe-esq beardyness in the hope that you’ll be willing to support the cause by donating whatever you can, or whatever you feel appropriate to Cancer Research UK via this link:

If any of you are planning on being in Vegas for the NPPL on 8-10th October then make sure that you come across and say hi if you see me there – if not tune into the show via and check out the varying styles of moustache that I will have each day. Thanks in advance for anything that you can donate,

Nicky T

SABOTAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how much paintball can you stick in one weekend.

Let me tell you A LOT, besides the compulsory sleep and food required to stay alive and perform we were living and breathing paintball all weekend. Competing out in Germany for the DPL 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday and finishing the Dutch paintball series the NPL on our hometurf on Sunday. On top of that anyone who wasn’t playing on the field were reffing two events as well. That should be enough for your average Sabotage weekend.

On Saturday we went back to compete in the DPL 2nd Bundesliga with JE factory. This time with it being back in Solms as intended with only a four hour drive instead of the 6 or 9 hour drives. With a single goal for the day, reclaim our number one spot in the series which we lost the last leg dropping a game we should never have dropped. It was going to be an interesting day we had to play four games with our first game up against the guys whom took over our number 1 spot, the Roosters. The First game we went out with a flying start racking up 3 points in a row, destroying them left and right. But then the penalties started flying. Having only picked up like 3 to 4 penalties throughout the whole season (something we were proud of) we managed to collect a whopping 6 penalties during the remainder of the game… This made the game much more exciting then needed allowing them to even it up and even bring it back into overtime. Were we finally managed to outrun some reffs and pick up that win. Having taken down the toughest opponent of the day we kept on running the remaining teams into the ground with 4-0,4-2 and 4-2. Having won all 4 games of the day we completed our goal of the day, regaining the top spot. With only one more event to go and our current score of only two losses we managed to secure our season goal as well, promotion to the 1st Bundesliga for next season where we can finally duke it out with a number of CPL teams.

The next day we were up for the last event of the Dutch series the NPL. With both leading teams Sabotage and Xistence not having lost a single game yet we were left to fight each other at the end of the day for the big prize. However while we were cruising though our games they lost their first two games of the day, pretty much handing us the crown already. When we finally got on the field for everyone’s highly anticipated battle of the giants it proved to be a bit of a dissapointer, with us running them down 3-0. And so completing our first series of the season with a flawless record, winning all games and losing only 5 points over the whole series.

So some weekends you’ve got it all and believe me this weekend we got it.
In short, we managed to get back into the driver seat and securing our promotion to the DPL 1st Bundesliga with JE factory for next year, and Amsterdam Sabotage being Crowned the Dutch champions of 2010!

Off course such weekends and performances can’t be done without our Sponsors,
So a special txs to our sponsors:
Paintball Direct, Planet Eclipse, Tanked, JE, Go beyond, Rockstar and Hoodlamb.

And to PBXS, Paintball direct, Paintball de Naaldhof and the reffs offcourse for making the NPL rock!

Follow Amsterdam Sabotage here..... CLICK

The Emortal Army rolls on and on !!!!

Yeah Baby !!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

EGO11 Tech Videos !!

Jack Wood, Planet Eclipse Chief Engineer has been asked quite a few questions about some of the features of the EGO11. Jack has made a few short videos for your viewing delights. He has more in the pipe-line so please subscribe to this channel so you get all the updates…


EGO11 POPS System..........

EGO11 Frame...............

EGO11 Short Shooting Clips...........

Impacto Assassins very YOUNG guns.

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate, Impacto Assassins, who are based out of Peru for the 3rd place finish at the last LAPPL Regional Event. Impacto Assassins are a new and upcoming team in Peru. They are only 11-15 years old and this is their first year playing together as a team. This is their 2nd top 4 finish in the last 2 events and they are beating out teams that are much older and have been around for a while now. It’s great to see some new younger players out there in the tournament scene.

On September 4th and 5th in Lima, Peru, Team Impacto Assassins, played in the LAPP regional’s finale. Impacto Assassins, sponsored and supported by Impacto Sports, placed 3rd overall beating D3 teams and they were the only D5 team in the event so they had to compete against higher ranked teams. In the first round on Saturday, they played 9 games placing first overall that day, defeating every team. On Sunday they made it all the way to the quarters and just missed the cut for the Semis. The kids were exhausted and tired from playing all day, remember, they are only 11yrs. through 15yrs of age and still marked the heck out of everybody. A very impressive performance, applauded by everyone, and nothing but discipline in and out of the field. My coaching staff and I were invited to help teams from other provinces for the incoming year. As I said they were very impressed with what we have done with these kids in 5 months. Impacto Assassins will be attending the next CSP event which is in Guayaquil Ecuador.

Good luck in the CSP!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

ETV to Film Vicious Streetball Event.

The VICIOUS Tournament Series is proud to announce that ETV (Planet Eclipse TV) will be on hand to film the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament, held on October 17, 2010. ETV will be on hand to film games, as well as conduct random player interviews for their 2011 ETV DVD. The addition of ETV to an already great atmosphere that the Streetball Tournament provides is sure to make this a day of paintball you don't want to miss out on!!

To sign up today you can email OR you can call the store directly and talk to Jake at 402-502-3434.


History:....The first Streetball Tournament, in 2007, was a huge success. All those who participated enjoyed the event. Beginners, with the help of players from Team VICIOUS, were able to have fun, gain experience, and learn more about the sport. More advanced players had the opportunity to play with a different group of people and in a different atmosphere than the normal tournament setting, while still being able to enjoy the competitive nature as well as learn from their team captains, all players of Professional Team VICIOUS.

The VICIOUS Streetball events held the following 3 years proved to be just as exciting, with the events continually growing in size and popularity. We are looking to continue the tradition of fun for the 4th year in a row with the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament!

What it is:....The Streetball Tournament is a fun and relaxed 7-player event in which players are randomly assigned to teams by a lottery system before the event. New to the game? Don’t have a team? It doesn’t matter. All players of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Teams are split up evenly, based on each player’s experience level, determined by their ranking in the American Paintball Players Association (APPA)*. This offers a chance for those with little to no paintball experience to become introduced with a more tournament-styled paintball atmosphere. It also offers a more laidback and unique change of pace for those more experienced players. Each team will be captained by a member of Team VICIOUS, who will assist players by giving tips, answering questions, etc. In addition, each team will receive their own distinct jerseys which the players get to keep. The tournament is made to be as inexpensive as possible, encouraging newer players to participate.

How it works:.......Teams are chosen at random through a lottery system. Names are drawn, by chance, based on each player’s APPA* ranking, and assigned to a team. All players with an APPA* ranking of D2 will be drawn first, followed by those with a D3 ranking, followed by D4, and so on, until all players have been assigned teams. Each team will have a member of Team VICIOUS playing with them and acting as the team captain. Due to teams being picked based solely on a lottery system, the playing abilities of each team as a whole are relatively equal among all the teams. This helps ensure that all players attending the event have a fun and positive experience.

* The APPA is an independent player tracking system, used to classify players based on their level of tournament experience. Those with no tournament experience within the APPA system will still be required to sign up and receive a unique identification number to help ensure accuracy in the lottery system.


Event Date:........Sunday October 17, 2010

Event Location:........The 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is held at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The address and other information for Metro Paintball Games can be found on their website, [URL=""]Metro Paintball Games[/URL]
Under the “Lodging” section of their website is a list of hotels that are close to the field that offer discounted rooms to players. There is also a wide variety of restaurants close to the hotels and field.

Entry Fee:....Registration for the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is $45 per player (due when the player signs up). This includes a custom 2010 Streetball Tournament jersey for the player to keep, as well as includes the field fee and air fee.

To sign up today you can email OR you can call the store directly and talk to Jake at 402-502-3434

Unfortunately, we do have to put a limit on the number of players that can attend the event. To help ensure that you get a spot in the tournament this year, make sure to sign up early so you don't miss out!!!


Paint:.....The 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is an Event Paint Only event. Paintballs will be priced at $60 (after tax) per case of 2000 paintballs. In order to help ensure that the event is fair and fun for every player, the teams will be using team paint for their games. This means that at the beginning of the day each player purchases a single case of paint, and the team as a whole uses all of this paint first. After this paint has been consumed, each player will pitch in more paint as necessary. If the team only needs to purchase 4 more cases, then the cost of tose 4 cases is divided evenly among everyone on the team.

This year we have elected to have a higher grade of paint available at the tournament than in years past. We feel this will help ensure a fun environment for all of the participating players.
APPA (American Paintball Players Association):.....Each player is required to have an APPA identification number for the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament. This id number must be submitted when the player signs up for the tournament. If you do not have an APPA number, you can sign up for one at Please make sure the information you submit is correct, as it will be used to determine your APPA rank, and will impact which round of the lottery you are picked in.


To sign up today you can email OR you can call the store directly and talk to Jake at 402-502-3434

Swiss Teams Update....

Mathias H├Ącki from Three4One droppen me an e-mail the other day letting me know how well a couple of the Three4One teams have done this year.

“Team Dirty Sanchez earned after a great and strong season the Swiss M5 Overall Novice title. Their M3 rookie team also had great season and they also won the overall Swiss M3 Rookie title”

Andreas Profos from Dirty Sanchez says: “Due of the great support we get from Three4One we had a chance to switch all players on to using Planet Eclipse markers. Currently we have anything from the Ego7 up to the Ego10 and Geo2 in usage. All of those markers were running great all season long and were a big part in winning so many tournaments and the overall title this year. We are very happy to be part of the Eclipse family and look forward to another season with the best markers out there.”

Check out the Dirty Sanchez Forum Here: CLICK HERE

From everyone at Planet Eclipse… WELL DONE !!!!

The Basel City Snipers are another Swiss team that was successful this year.
They played the German XPSL South League where they could earn the overall 3 Man title.

The BCS are a great team who also tries to get a lot of new people involved into paintball. Just recently they organized their second paintball tournament for people without any knowledge of our sport. People who never played before had some fun days out and loved to have fun in a great setup place. Way to go to promote the sport!... Clikc the link below for BCS and look for the ‘Paintbrawl’ Info.

Olli Wymann from BCS says: “Our team uses different Eclipse Ego versions and some Etek markers. All of them were running flawless all season long and supported our team on the way to the title win. It really helps if you can trust your equipment and can just focus on doing your job on the field”

Follow Basel City Snipers (BCS) Here:

Hats off to BCS for not only winning but also for bring Paintball (and thus joy) to none paintballs… WELL DONE !!!!

For more info on the Swiss SPL click Here:

The Emortal Army Rolls On !!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Entourage Join the Emortal Army

Planet Eclipse take great pleasure in announcing the sponsorship of “Newport Entourage” The team will be shooting the NEW EGO11 and GEO2’s for the final 2 events of the season and negotiations are under way to keep them in the Planet Eclipse camp for 2011 and beyond!!

Paul Shelton from Entourage said “Professional Paintball team ENTOURAGE is pleased to become the newest member of the Planet Eclipse Emortal Army for the remainder of the 2010 tournament season. Planet Eclipse has always been a top tier company with an excellent reputation in providing goods and services at the National tournament level. Planet Eclipse has stepped up to assist us in getting ready for the World Cup. As ENTOURAGE moves forward in preparation for the upcoming 2010 World Cup we are excited to be using and winning with the newest technology available in Paintball markers, the new EGO11 and GEO2.”

Welcome to the Emortal Army and good luck for the rest of the 2010 season.

Follow Entourage here:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Great Blog Tool.. SnapIt

I have just posted up my 300th Blog post and wanted to share with anyone that cares a great little program that has made my life a bit easier. Not just creating blogs but also finding and sending the correct bits of info to people… The program is called SnapIt Screen Capture. In a nutshell instead of using print screen and it giving you either nothing at all or the whole screen (as you would expect), after downloading Snapit Screen Capture when I press print screen a cross hair appears and I can click, drag and select the exact bit of the screen I want..I Love it and if you make blogs it might be a great tool for you too?

Check it out here:

R U Ready for World Cup 2010

Are you ready for the greatest Paintball event on earth???

This is what Paintball has always been about, this is THE ONE event that everyone wants to win...

Planet Eclipse will be there to support all of our teams from around the world and to launch the EGO11 in the USA. Pop into the booth and say hello !!

Check out the video from the PSP !!

Monday, 20 September 2010

EGO11 Video & Mini Site Up !

EGO11 Video and EGO11 Mini Site now up....... Enjoy.

EGO11 Spec Sheet

EGO11 Technical Specification.

Monitoring trends in paintball and responding to them in a way that benefits the player is very difficult, and providing a product that is all things to all men is well-nigh impossible, however Planet Eclipse takes pride in being able to react quickly to changing trends; to give customers what they want; and to give them the flexibility to have their marker set up just the way they like it. This philosophy has never been more evident than in the new EGO11.

For the past 18 months the main design goal at Planet Eclipse has been to develop markers with an improved ‘feel’; smooth-shooting markers with a reduced sound signature that can handle super-brittle, tournament-grade paint. Controlling the speed of the bolt in any marker is the key to improving the feel - the smoother the acceleration and deceleration of the bolt system, the smoother the marker feels – but of course reducing the bolt speed also reduces the marker’s maximum achievable rate of fire and so, as with many things in life, there is a trade-off between improved feel and outright speed. But what if you want your EGO11 to shoot as fast as previous Egos? If the marker is tuned for smoothness, how do you get the speed? What if you want to shoot 15bps but want it smooth? What if you only care about shooting 12bps - because that’s all you can use with current tournament rules - but you want it to be as smooth as possible? How can you have all these things in one solitary marker? Up until now it simply wasn’t possible without making after-market changes to the marker - major, time-consuming, physical changes to the pneumatic system or re-machined parts that provided different dynamic characteristics. This is no longer the case, not any more.

The EGO11 comes equipped with an industry first, a bespoke solenoid - manufactured by MAC Valves USA - that incorporates twin flow control devices. These Solenoid Flow Controls each comprise a quarter-turn adjuster which has a pointer to indicate position on an incremental scale etched into the body of the solenoid. The Solenoid Flow Controls are used to independently control both the forward and rearward speed of the rammer and bolt so that, for the first time ever in a poppet marker, the user can tune the feel of the marker with a simple twist of a screwdriver. In the time it takes to turn off the tourney-lock, the EGO11 can be switched from a high speed, uncapped, free-for-all machine to the softest, gentlest, smoothest shooting poppet you have ever felt – or anything in-between. The analogue adjustment allows an infinite level of control over the speed of the rammer and bolt in either direction, providing unprecedented influence over the dynamic characteristics of the marker. With the EGO11 it looks like you really can have your cake and eat it!

Of course, the solenoid is not the only component to get a complete overhaul. Take a look around the grip frame and there are several things that should jump out, like the new POPS ASA for instance. POPS stands for Push-On-Purge-System and is a completely new concept in On/Off/Purging ASAs. The idea is simple, push back on the front ‘Bonnet’ section of the POPS and this depresses the air system valve pin – gassing up the marker – before latching itself into place; the operation takes just a fraction of a second. Once gassed up the bonnet stays in position until the pushbutton on the side of the POPS bonnet is depressed, at which point the bonnet pops forward and the marker purges itself of air; again, de-gassing takes a fraction of a second and very little effort. The new POPS features, T-Slot mounting to the frame, but this time with a longer adjustment range than on previous Eclipse ASAs. The POPS also incorporates front porting for the first time on an Eclipse ASA, together with a new fitting that seals without the need for Loctite or PTFE tape and which can be quickly and easily removed with a hex key. Shortened Macroline transports air into a second fitting in the new, angled swivel on the exceptional SL3 regulator.

The SL3 regulator needs little introduction at this point, it was first seen on last season’s SLS and went on to appear on the Geo2. The SL3 retains all of the simplicity of previous Eclipse regulators while introducing many new features. Notably, regulator seals with improved durability are incorporated into a new seal system that allows the regulator seal to be flipped or replaced as required - piston replacement is no longer necessary with this new design. Improved regulation across a wide range of input pressures has also been achieved, providing superior performance with both HP (High Pressure) and LP (Low Pressure) Air Systems – alternating between the two will have no effect on marker velocity. The benefit of this added stability is evident when it comes to the game, where you can shoot the EGO11 at full velocity right down to the last 200-300psi of tank pressure; you can really squeeze every last bit of performance out of your system.

Those who are observant may also notice the modified spacing between the SL3 regulator and the grip frame. The inclusion of the new solenoid has given the EGO11 the opportunity to spread its stance a little; the frame has been moved backwards allowing more room between the regulator and the trigger guard, just enough to add some additional support and control to the marker, but not enough to forsake the compact dimensions and sharp handling that Ego users have become accustomed to.

The EGO11 has received some interesting changes to the frame and grips. The new frame profile sees, yet again, a higher grip position, placing the rear hand still closer to the barrel axis and firing line. The all-new grip is slimmer in the middle section and actually sunk into the frame around most of its perimeter. These grips combine in turn, with a brand new molded rubber console that runs all the way up the back of the frame to add comfort and grip. The combination of grip and console make the EGO11 by far the most comfortable and ergonomic Ego to date. Further simple mechanical changes ensure that the grip screws clamp down firmly into place without the chance of crushing the grips or, more importantly, any internal components.

Inside the protective cocoon of the frame lies the Eclipse circuit board. Designed to negate the need for an expensive after-market ‘upgrade’, this board has all of the features that the discerning player needs. The large screen LCD module provides excellent contrast in even the brightest sunlight, using significantly less power than its OLED counterparts; indoors, a tru-color backlight can be customised to taste; furthermore, in the event of damage, the LCD module can be quickly and easily replaced. Twin trigger sensing circuitry – micro-switch or optoelectronic sensor – can be selected and tuned to individual requirements using multi-parameter trigger de-bounce algorithms. Prioritized solenoid drive circuitry produces superb shot-to-shot consistency and rate of fire accuracy. An expansion port allows the EGO11 to be connected to a PC using the optional Eclipse E-Portal kit which provides firmware re-programming, splash screen design and control parameter editing functionality. A low power, 16-bit microprocessor provides the brawn, and stable firmware, refined over years of tournament play provides the intelligence. With all the adjustability and functionality you could ever need, the range of features on the EGO11 is simply breathtaking: a refill counter; ROF indicators; timers; audible indicators; RF transmitter compatible; you name it, the EGO11 board will do it or support it.

Also inside the frame is the main interface between player and marker, the trigger. This improved trigger – with new bearing carrier and new spring system – has 5 points of adjustment: forward travel; rearward travel; magnetic return strength; spring return strength; and micro-switch actuation point. Designed in the ever-popular S-style, the trigger has the smooth, slop-free action that has been the backbone of Eclipse markers for years. The wide range of adjustability and the option of magnetic or spring return make it quick and easy to set up for individual taste without the need to break the gun apart in order to get at adjusters; as with everything in an Eclipse marker, simplicity and reliability are key.

Internally the Ego11 boasts the Zick2 kit; the Cure3+ bolt; the same LPR found on the SLs; the same LP protection vent that was found in the Ego10; and the same infra-red Break Beam Sensor System used on all Eclipse markers to date; all highly-proven, tournament-winning components.

Up front, you’ll find the new Shaft4 barrel. Supplied in the same 14”, 0.689” bore configuration that has been receiving outstanding reviews since its launch on the Geo2 early in 2010, this two-piece barrel has been re-designed for better efficiency and consistency and ported for a reduced sound signature; there really is no need to replace this exceptional, stiff arbour honed, premium barrel. Also coming soon, optional extra boost kits giving the user the ability to change bore size and tip length.

Finally, the EGO11 comes packaged in a new zippered case along with a full hex key set; oil; barrel sock; a full-colour 84-page manual; and a comprehensive spares kit which includes regulator components, o-rings, detents, springs and screws.

The EGO11 has been developed and created with the sole intention of giving the modern player the things that they most desire in a modern paintball marker: a smoother shot; a quieter sound signature; outstanding efficiency; unparalleled reliability; simplicity; ergonomics; built-in user adjustability and choice; industry-leading customer service; and, with the addition of a simple kit, 50cal compatibility. All this from a company that - whatever the situation, whatever the occasion - will always have your back.

The EGO11, born of the player.

Weight – 882g (1.94lb) Including 14” Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, POPS
Length – 543mm Including 14” Shaft4 Barrel
Height – 211mm
Width – 27mm

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


We tried to have a bit of fun but it's been spoilt by a few fools... Shame really.

Oh Well. Here is the first offical image of the EGO11.

Watch this space for a video and more images soon....

Monday, 13 September 2010

ETV Tricks & Tips 2010 # 1- Edging

We did a few of these Learning Vids last year but just kept running out of time to get them finished. We have 3 of them in the 'Can' right now so here is number #1 with Billy Bernacchia.

We hope you enjoy...

If you have an suggestions on what you want to learn from the pro then please let us know.

To subscribe to ETV's click here:

Northern Illinois University Sign with Eclipse

Planet Eclipse is proud to announce the signing of Northern Illinois University Paintball Team for the 2010 season and 2011 season.

Connon Hannan, Captain of Northern Illinois University Paintball team said “We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Planet Eclipse for the 2010 -2011 paintball season. We look forward to great season being backed by one of the top industry leading manufacturers. We feel having their support and using their product will give us an edge over every team on the field. We are looking forward to a successful year”

Planet Eclipse is proud to support the dedication, talents and accomplishments of the Northern Illinois University Paintball team as it competes in the NCPA Tournament Series," said Marc Lancia, US Sales Manager of Planet Eclipse " This new relationship provides us an unparalleled opportunity to extend awareness of college paintball and Northern Illinois University, through both the Planet Eclipse brand and through our coverage of the Paintball Tournament Series."

The Emortal College Army keeps growing!! It should be a great year for college paintball and you can follow the tournament scene on as the season is about to start this month.

MTV Rock n Jock Play Paintball !!!

Now here's a great piece of TV promo for Paintball.... Nice One CPX !!!!

Is that Eclipse Markers they are using :-)

Todd Richards and Street Biker Tommy at CPX Sports Paintball for MTV2 Rock N Jock Ep 124 - Chicago Dew Tour.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

HK Army to play FED Cup !!

HK Army crossing the pond to compete in the 2010 Fed Cup.

JCS Leisure have a pretty deep connection to the HK Army guys and Jon has persuaded them to take the trip over from the USA to party like rock stars and to challenge for the Fed Cup title in the X-Ball division….

Scott and Mark Kressin along with Josh Myers have been an integral part of HK Army for several years. A team that is renowned to party as hard as they play, come and join the guys and enjoy their own unique approach to the paintball world. Checkout to find out the latest exploits.

Obviously these three players can hold their own with the best in the world but even they are going to need a little help at the Fed Cup, so expect to see a few familiar faces strutting their stuff with the HK army…(just waiting contracts to be agreed, confirm and signed. Colby Keats is one UK Superstar that will be playing as he wasn’t interested in reading the contacts. Simply saying ‘I’m in, it’s going to be a blast’

For more info on the Fed Cup visit the web site..... CLICK HERE

Kinetic Winning Ways !!!

UK Based team Kinetic have been part of the Eclipse Emortal Army for a few seasons now and there team program seems to be paying dividends in depth….Here is a little report from the last leg of the NSPL.

Team Kinetic NSPL Reading Final Leg

On the 22nd August 2010 team Kinetic sent both their Div 2 and Div 3 squads to Reading for the final round of the NSPL.

After a long and tough season the Div 3 team (Kinetics Pulse) were fighting for bragging rights as they couldn’t win the division but 2nd place was for the taking, and considering that this was the teams learning and building season and that many had not even played tournament paintball before, this year has been not only a steep learning curve but also an amazing achievement as they were considered by many to be punching well above their weight playing div 3 in their first season.

For the Div 2 squad this was what the whole season had been working towards and the teams at the top of this hard fought division had been battling harder and harder in the new Race 2 format at each event. Without a doubt this has been the toughest Div 2 in the NSPL for years.

After the final legs results had been added up Pulse ended the season in a highly impressive 2nd place overall which is a credit to the capt as well as the rest of the team who have consistently been standing on the podium often placing above much more experienced teams.

For Kinetic (Velocity) it would be controlled aggression and consistency that would win the day. After winning all six matches and only dropping 2 points all day not only did they take another 1st place event win but also the Div 2 championship title for 2010. Our hardest clashes all season came in the form of Team Snatch (fellow Planet eclipse team) who managed to take secure second place.

During the season both Kinetic squads consistently lifted trophies at all the events helped by our training regime at UCZ in Devon.

Rich ‘Gadge’ Andrews had this to say: “All year the Ego’s and Geo’s of the 2 teams have performed without fault letting the guys get on with the job in hand, these markers combined with our Dark Sports paint was simply a winning combination. Outstanding!.

Kinetic would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors namely Planet Eclipse, Jon and Chris from London International Paintball supplies (Dark Sports) and Full bore images for their continued support and we hope our results this season go in some way to repay the faith you guys have in us as a squad. Special thanks needs to go to Tom, Ledz and all the staff at PE for putting up with the emails and stupid questions and to Nicky for pointing us in the right direction it is appreciated guys.

I would also like to thank my guys, the Team Kinetic army who have all given 100% all season it’s been a pleasure to train and play alongside you all. And a quiet nod to Pete and Bob the 2 team captains for putting in the extra ours with myself to make sure it all works on the field and behind the scenes. “

Gadge (Rich Andrews) 07
Team Trainer /spokesman

All that’s left is for Kinetic to prepare for the final event of the season the Fed Cup and a heavy off season getting ready for 2011.

See you on the 50!

Team Kinetic

Follow Kinetic on Facebook Here: FOLLOW KINETIC
From everyone at Planet Eclipse, WELL DONE and also a big congratulations to Donna and Rich on the arrival of their new baby boy Jake John Andrews born on the 25th August. I believe he will be crawling down the snake in no time at all !!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Car Crash ETV !!!!

The 2010 Season of ETV has mainly been focused on the ‘Artifacts’ episodes but we know that you are hungry for more action so we have put together a small car crash reel of ‘Bonus Footage’ from the 2010 Chicago PSP. We hope you enjoy…

The rain. The mud. The heat. The carnage.

Planet Eclipse gives you some "bonus coverage" from our footage vault, a highlight reel of action from Prelim Bracket #1 at the 2010 PSP Chicago Open.

ETV was on hand filming X-Factor & Vicious for Artifact Episode # 4, "The Grind," and caught some great highlight footage of Aftershock, Entourage, Vicious, Damage, & X-Factor battling it out.

This video features the song "Espira Miseria" from This Drama, out now on Deep Elm Records.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

You need Brute Force to 'Take the Town'

On August 28th, 2010. Take the Town V took place. Brute Force Captain, Mike Revelle sent us this report:

We arrived at P&L Paintball for the fifth annual Take the Town event early morning just a few minutes after the sun came up over the trees. Jarrad Gilbert and myself driving all of the boxes, canopies, gear, and miscellaneous supplies that help make events run smoothly. Some of the members including Cameron Eames, Matt Marcoccio, Danny St Pierre, and Bryce McCarthy arrived the night before to camp out, hang out with our fellow defenders for some good old fashion shenanigans.

Take the Town has quickly become our favourite event of the season and one we would never miss. Having personally attended the original Take the Town’s I and II hosted by the teams Pub Crawling and Horror Show; they set the bar with an excellent event with awesome 4 to 1 odds stacking the attacker’s team. However over the last four instalments the record for defenders being able to hold the town for only 41 minutes.

This year we were determined to set a new record! Having Steel Reserve, CTC, Fuzzy Bunnies, Massholes, and other teams we destroyed the record of 41 minutes and successfully held the town for over 2 hours and 30 minutes! Throughout the entire time only ONE attacker was able to briefly step inside the town!

But it wasn’t without sweat and hard work, having stationed Brute Force on the left wing of the town both upstairs and downstairs positioned perfectly to optimize the fact that zero attackers being able to get inside. Take the Town has one principle that determines success and that’s simply being able to keep more bodies alive on the field longer, whoever stands longer wins the game that means air, getting shot, and paint. Having played this game four previous times I know that it was detrimental to our success to keep as much paint on the field at once to keep everyone playing.

We had every single advantage we could think of; Planet Eclipse EGOs and ETEKs the most air efficient markers in the world, I mean the EGO10 can last with a 4500 HPA tank over 15+ Pods. Exalt Pants with padding that promotes bouncing so in the chance that someone gets a lob ball threw a window our chances of getting out are slim to none, Exalt Feedgates making us able to reload faster keeping the ropes going, Energy Batteries with their proven optimized performance with paintball equipment ensuring our markers and hoppers flowing smoothly, Pinokio Hoppers with 230 or 400 ball capacity! And finally Planet Eclipse Lowland gear bags.

Now you’re probably asking how is a gear bag going to help you out on the field. Well having carried a backpack for the first 15 minutes of the game I quickly realized that the 15 pods in my backpack were not going to suffice our appetite for paint. I ran back to our compound and emptied out Tommy Ferraro’s lowland gear bag filling it with as many of the 200 pods we brought to the field that day as I could. Having at least 80-100 pods stuffed into the bag I dragged it out onto the field, and into the town positioning it on the front lines. Members of Brute Force would run to me drop their empty pods into the bag and gather full pods keeping them going longer! I successfully brought 8 bags full of pods onto the field during our two and a half hour defence of the notoriously hard to defend town making sure that the only reason for Brute Force to exit the field was to get more air or water!
In conclusion, Take the Town 5 was an incredible event hosted by Steeel Reserve and PnL Paintball in Bridgewater Massachusetts! This is one event we won’t miss next year!

Mike Revelle, Captain
Team Brute Force

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About Brute Force……Team Brute Force is a regional scenario, big event, and local tournament team based in Eastern Massachusetts that promotes positive and professional paintball. With a large roster and support base Brute Force plans to change the paintball industry with their contagious attitudes and professionalism. The teams mission statement; Brute Force is dedicated to paintballs never ending growth and success into the future.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

IOWA State Join the Emortal Army

Planet Eclipse are proud to announce the signing of IOWA State Paintball team for the remainder of 2010 and the 2011 seasons.

Aaron Hebeisen, Captain of Iowa State Paintball team said “We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Planet Eclipse for the 2010 -2011 paintball season. All of our Iowa State University teams will be using an array of Planet Eclipse markers, gear and casual apparel for the upcoming season. Planet Eclipse is on the cutting edge of paintball technology, constantly setting the bar for performance, quality, ease and efficiency, and style. We are very excited to be selected to represent the Planet Eclipse brand, and we look forward to a great start to the season in the fall”
"Planet Eclipse is proud to support the dedication, talents and accomplishments of the Iowa State Paintball team as it competes in the NCPA Tournament Series," said Marc Lancia, US Sales Manager of Planet Eclipse " This new relationship provides us an unparalleled opportunity to extend awareness of college paintball and Iowa State, through both the Planet Eclipse brand and through our coverage of the Paintball Tournament Series."

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The Eclipse Emortal army ranks have recently been swelled with the signing of, now 3 college Paintball teams. Everyone at Planet Eclipse is looking forward to following the NCPA and if the plans work out there will be an ETV featuring all of our collage teams… So watch this space.

Special Thanks to Garrett from for letting us use the above shots... Click the link above and check out more images!!

Paintball on the BBC

ANY Paintball in the press is great in my books. When the BBC run a feature on Paintball then it’s even better.. Anything with Paintball shown in a positive light like the Bud adverts or the National lottery ad’s, basically any little bits like this just gives Paintball that injection it needs…

Nice Work !!

Click the link to visit the BBC Web Site and View the video !!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Clemson Uni Sign with Planet

August 31, 2010 ---Clemson University Paintball Team, one of College’s premier professional paintball teams, today announced a sponsorship agreement with Planet Eclipse. Beginning with the 2010 NCPA Tournament Series and continuing for the remainder of the 2011 season. Through the new relationship, Planet Eclipse becomes the official Marker and gear sponsor of the Clemson University Paintball Team. Players and Fans can follow dynamic coverage of the NCPA season by going to and

"We are excited to be playing for Planet Eclipse for the 2010 and 2011 season.” Says Thomas Brady captain of the Clemson University Paintball Team “This is a big step forward for our program that we think will help lead us to a podium spot at Cup and Nationals. With the reliability and performance of their markers we feel that Planet Eclipse can help us achieve our goal for this year and the future "

Clemson Tigers finished 4th last year in the South East Conference and this year with the support of Planet Eclipse we feel that they can have a stronger finish in the NCPA tournament.

"Planet Eclipse is proud to support the dedication, talents and accomplishments of the Clemson University Paintball team as it competes in the NCPA Tournament Series," said Marc Lancia, US Sales Manager of Planet Eclipse " This new relationship provides us an unparalleled opportunity to extend awareness of college paintball and Clemson University, through both the Planet Eclipse brand and through our coverage of the Paintball Tournament Series."

Special Thanks to Ben Johnson for letting us use his awesome pics of Clemson Tigers. Check out Bens web site here......