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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Demo EGO11 & GEO2 @ CPX Sports - Video

CPX Sports have a couple of the latest Eclipse Markers there for demo to customers. They have an EGO11 & GEO2. Paul Dagnino the manager of CPX Sports told us “ I've gotten them into countless players hands and the reviews have been nothing short of great.” Paul got together with a few of their regular customers and created a commercial for the Ego11 featuring video compiled last Sunday at CPX Sports from a First Person point of view !! As well as showing the markers kicking ass the video shows what an amazing venue that CPX Sports is...

Check it out !

To play down at CPX SPorts click this link..... CLICK ME !!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fight for the USDE !


Paintballers 4 Autism 3-Man Indoor

Booking Information:

Richard Greenaway
Phone (413)537-8802


D&D Indoor Paintball
(860) 282-2255

November 22nd 2010 – Paintballers 4 Autism and Planet Eclipse Ltd are happy to announce that Planet Eclipse will be a proud supporter and sponsor of Paintballers 4 Autism. Planet Eclipse will be providing some great prizes for the inaugural Paintballers 4 Autism Winter Indoor 3-Man Event to be held on January 30th 2011 at D&D Paintball in East Hartford, CT.

Richard Greenaway Co-Founder of Paintballers 4 Autism says "This is a history making day for Paintballers 4 Autism. To have the backing of Planet Eclipse as a company and the personal support of Jack Wood their Head Designer is something this young non-profit needed. This is a shot in the arm to allow us to spread the word about Autism." Richard continues "PB4A is growing and we will be able to make alot of our dreams a reality with the backing of Eclipse."

Jack Wood of Planet Eclipse Ltd had this to say: “Autism is an often misunderstood an misdiagnosed issue within young children. Over the last few months I have been able to personally witness the distress and unhappiness that a child can suffer when their actions are not understood and acted upon in the correct way by the people responsible for looking after them. The first step in making sure this doesn’t become a regular and unnecessary problem is to help educate the public about the issues faced by children who suffer from Autistic Spectrum Disorders and how best achieve an early diagnosis. Treatment and support of their issues from a very early age can help to give children the tools they are going to need in later life to reach their full potential.

Organizations like Paintballers 4 Autism and people like Rick (Greenaway) are crucial to spreading this kind of information and awareness within our community, and as such it is an easy decision to make to offer our support and backing.

Planet Eclipse will be working with Paintballers 4 Autism to help spread the word, starting with sponsoring their upcoming 3-Man Indoor Event on January 30th 2011 in East Hartford, CT. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Put in a scratch team, or just get a few guys from your local bar or field, whatever it takes, please get down there and show your support.
Over the coming months we will hope to develop the relationship and help them achieve their goals of raising money to provide help and support to struggling families with some basic but necessary services and to raise awareness of the subject of Autism and how it effects children and families.”

Paintballers 4 Autism would like to welcom Planet Eclipse to our Family of great supporters- Furious Barrels, Kohn Paintball, Paintball X3,, Cron Paintball, D&D Paintball, AirSports Paintball and Players Choice Productions.

Donations can be made directly to Paintballers 4 Autism via paypal at

At the very least please become a friend of Paintballers 4 Autism on our Facebook page where we will be updating the page with new and interesting information of a regular basis.

Planet Eclipse Ltd.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Diamond Wars ..... The Final Battle !

Sunday 28th November 2010 and The Diamond Wars Series 3 Finale is here!!

The epic struggle reaches its climax..... The HMC have snatched back the lead......can the USDE pull out all the stops to gain victory for the third year?

DO NOT miss this end to the season.
0121 327 3961

Venue Address
National Paintball Fields
Trickley Coppice
London Road
Bassetts Pole
Nr Sutton Coldfield
B75 5SA

More Paintball on TV !!

Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, California has a pretty famous co owner. David Bains from Pro Team Impact. Nice to see him getting his face in front of the general public on a local TV Show.

Check out the Capital Edge Paintball Park web site here: CLICK HERE !!!

Capital Edge Paintball Park from Derder Productions on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

O M G !!!!

There are some things that should be left to the experts. I don’t try and fly airplanes; I leave that to the pilots. I don’t try and re-wire a house; I leave that to the electricians. Nicky T should have taken a leaf out of my book.

On a recent trip to California Nicky T and the Planet crew went out dinner. Nicky T spotted the OMG Burger and thought he was up to the challenge….

An eye witness to what can only be classed as an ‘Epic Fail’ said “He didn’t even make a dint in it. Nicky just picked at the salad for a few minutes and started to make up excuses about not really liking the taste.”

I at least thank Nicky T for bringing this into my life… Even the name, ‘the OMG Burger’ is amazing!


Planet Eclipse 1 off's on EBay...

As some people might know that Planet Eclipse HQ in England is currently moving. Basically the Old place is being turned upside down, boxes are being packed and all wonders of amazing things are coming out of the woodwork. Apart from some random products that the Stoney in the Mailorder department is putting up on-line at and spiders under Tomo’s desk there are also a bunch of things that have come out of Design that are simply too good to throw away. One Off’s, samples that never made final production, etc, all manner of things. So over the next week or so. We will stick the items up on EBay for people to bid on if they so desire. Starting prices £0.99

The first items are a few fashion Jewellery items that we didn’t ever produce after the initial samples… Check them out below.

Happy Bidding….

I will update the blog when more stuff goes up !

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Impact make early signing for 2011.

ETV Tricks & Tips #3

Planet Eclipse returns with another new ETV tricks & tips #3.

Here's an in-depth and insightful guide to structuring a practice and how to get the most out of it, from Yosh Rau, a multi-time world champion with San Diego Dynasty

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DoW, a season to cherish.

Another season has come to its end and people are starting to creep into their local Reball lairs. So what is new? Well, after what started as a "just for fun" project, DoW BDX took the overall series title in the Millenium Div2. We came out strong with a third place in Malaga, took a nose dive in Germany taking a fifth place, getting back on track in London with an incredible first place and ending the season with a painfully bitter sweet second place in Paris. But the overall ranking was nothing but sweet. First place and a bump up into Div1 next year.

So what can I say about the past season?

I’ve never had this much fun with paintball is one thing that’s for sure. The team has bonded in a way that I didn’t think we have done since I started playing with DoW BDX. The guns from Planet Eclipse worked fantastic. When you think" Hell, they just can’t make these guns any better than this", PE deliver a gun that just blows you away (and the poor players on the other side).
Great big thanks from DoW goes out to Planet Eclipse, Sissos, Exalt, WPP, to the other Scandinavian teams who help us out on and off the field and to ourselves for making this family one worth fighting for.

In the end of September last tournament in the prestigious SM took place in Örebro.

On Saturday morning, in the rain and mud, our teams got ready to show Scandinavian paintball who's who one last time this year. Dow 3.1 and DoW3 both knew what they wanted.

The games began and it went up and down for both our teams, but in the end both teams went through to the finals. Both the Dow teams were determined to go all the way. Having both DoW3 and DoW3.1 in the finals was the goal. Unfortunately, they didn’t go all the way. DoW3 lost in the quarter-finals. Dow 3.1 keeps the flag up high but lose in the semi-final. But the journey wasn't over! They still had the B-finals to play. They had their eyes set on a spot on the podium. And so they did, taking a third place in Örebro.

The Big question remained. Was DoW3's sixth place enough to win the series?
IT WAS! In other words Dow 3.1 took the overall third place and DoW3 took the overall first place in Div.3………………..CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!

And then came Sunday and it was Dow Oldboy turn to show that old dogs can still have a trick or two up their sleeves! In the beginning their game went up and down like a roller coaster and nobody knew where it would end. But they went to the quarter finals and then on to the semi-finals. Unfortunately this was where the roller coaster ended. Just as the Dow3.1 team, Oldboy got to play the B-final. Now they showed that they had what was needed to bring home a third place! Without missing a single spot on the podium, DoW Oldboys took the, over all, first place in div.2.


Words by Mike Walls

Monday, 15 November 2010

EGO11 Review by Grayson from X-Factor

Grayson from X-Factor dropped me an e-mail just before the final leg of the Millennium series in Paris to see if there was any chance he could get an EGO11 to shoot. I pulled a few strings here and there and managed to hook Grayson up with an EGO11.

I wasn’t really expecting him to shoot it at the event more of a, get used to it so he can rock it at the up and coming PSP World Cup in Orlando… The text below is copied from Grayson’s Blog and the Video is a little compilation of shots of Grayson shooting the EGO11 in Paris…. Enjoy.


Paris was coming around the corner and I knew the guy at Eclipse had something left up there sleeve for the end of the year. They’ve been posting teaser pics of the Ego11 so I got in touch with Ledz and requested one for Paris. Like the great guys they are, I got an email immediately back (it was something like 9 at night for him, he must work around the clock) saying I’d have one in Europe.

Since the release of the Geo2 and the new design I know they’ve had trouble keeping them on
the shelves so I was curious what had been done to the Ego11. Right as I took it out of the box I noticed two things. They used what I loved about the Geo2, the length. The grip was moved back leaving more of gap between the reg and the trigger guard thus giving it a more rifled feel. The new grip also only have two screws and sets in to the trigger frame which is really nice for people like me that lose screws all the time. The feel of the gun was also different than other Egos I’ve had, it just felt more comfortable. Excited to shoot it, I grabbed my tank and again noticed something had changed. The on/off assembly had been completely redesigned. Now all it takes to de-gas your gun is the push of a button. Once over the chrono I noticed how smooth this felt compared to my Ego10. Before getting the gun I was able to talk to Nicky T who was spouting off all this techno mumbo jumbo. What I didn’t realize is that I should’ve have listened cause whatever they changed in the gun, it’s definitely working.

As my team usually schedules us a practice or two on the millennium field before the tournament, I got to practice with this gun before actually playing any games. I usually like to get comfortable with something before I take it out there and play for the real thing. With only two hours of practice I was worried I wouldn’t get the chance to completely get use to the new gun. I was mistaken yet again. The redesigned grip made the transition from the Geo2 to the new Ego seamless. I noticed this by the second game out when we lost our complete snake side. I had to make the fill to the corner to try and save the game. With both a snake and mirror, I had to try and battle both guys to slow them down. Not only was I able to snap both of them out, I ran down the last guy on the dorrito side and shot him on the run. Since that game I couldn’t but the gun down. Once the tournament started I know I’d have to put the gun through its paces. This weekend I saw some of the best paint of the year at Paris. Literally you could drop it from your hip and more than half would break on the ground. The gun handled the paint perfectly. With my FPS at about 275-280 I never broke a ball and was able to shoot a certain lane on off the break that needed a bit more drop than being right at 300. In fact our eclipse guns shot so well that both Mykel and I would walk away with a 1st place using the new Ego11 and Geo2. If you want to check out this gun for yourself, stop by the eclipse booth and check it out or better yet come bother me after a match and I can let you shoot a few paint bullets through it. We’ll have a morning schedule at World Cup so come support us and the new Ego11.

Follow Grayson’s Blog Here (Minutes with George Ocean):

Friday, 12 November 2010

UWL World Championship

The fog of war descended on the impressive National Paintball Field (NPF) site on Saturday the 30th October 2010 for the Ultimate Woodsball League World Championship (UWL). Teams had arrived early from as far afield as Iceland to compete for the coveted UWL World Championship title. Last year’s runners up, ‘Operation Sandbag’ were looking to go one better but teams like the ‘Lucky 15’s’ weren’t going to let them have it all their own way. Simon Cole even put together what would have been a super team in the past: ‘Amalgamation’ but not have a full squad was never going to help.

After a long day of battles the Lucky 15’s were sitting pretty in first place and only had to score well in their last match to take the title. Operation Sandbaggers had not lost a match all day either but a low scoring win in their first match against Amalgamation meant that the Lucky 15’s could take the UWL Championship without even meeting the Sandbaggers on the battlefield. But fate is a cruel mistress and even though the Lucky 15’s won their last match, they did so with a very low score, thus opening the window of opportunity for the Sandbaggers, which they took advantage of in glorious styl. They completely dominated in their final match against the NPF home team wiping them all out three times in super quick time.

The UWL is a great format that combines competitive tournament ball with scenario style tactics on big woodland fields – It’s a massive amount of fun! I think we had something like, just under two hours of actual on field playing time throughout the day.

A very BIG THANKS have to go out to Ged and Kerry at the NPF and all of the NPF staff that make the experience so much fun. No matter if you’re a first time player or seasoned Pro, NPF is THE place to visit in the UK. I’ve never been anywhere better than NPF. I’m sure running the UWL doesn’t make the NPF guys a single penny, they still do it because they know that we still need this. This is where, I for one, started and have come back full circle to play again. I can’t compete at the highest level on a Supair field any more but I can hold my own in the woods and hand out a few kickings along the way…


UWL World Champions 2010 ……Operation Sandbag

Runners Up……….Lucky 15’s

3rd Place……. Amalgamation

For more information about the UWL or NPF quick on the links below… See you next year !

Thursday, 11 November 2010

ETV 2010 NPPL Las Vegas

Planet Eclipse sends the ETV crew to Las Vegas, Nevada to catch the action from the final NPPL event of the 2010 season. Checkout highlight footage from the Elite 8 and Semi-Final rounds featuring Edmonton Impact, St. Louis Avalanche, and San Francisco Explicit.

Music, in order of appearance: "She's Got A Knife" by This Drama (Deep Elm Records) and "Frictionless" by Over It. (Negative Progression Records)

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Badlands Expanding......

Badlands Inc, the Exclusive Distributor for Planet Eclipse products in Canada, has expanded their retail division, adding a new high-end boutique location in Pickering, ON, minutes from Toronto's thriving east end.

Badlands is now the largest chain of dedicated paintball stores in the World, and have opened 2 new Boutique-style stores in the past 2.5 years, both serving the City of Toronto, one of the worlds 10 official 'mega-cities'. These 'boutiques' have been designed by Badlands President, Trevor Moss, to push the boundaries of what a paintball store can be, offering state-of-the-art facilities, original custom artwork displays, and an enormous selection of product, all set in a luxurious modern environment.

Badlands Sales Manager, Owen Ronayne, commented:

'Badlands boutique paintball stores take the traditional paintball store and transform it into a location that would grace any high-end mall. The latest Pickering store is among the first in Canada to stock the new Ego11. We felt that the Eastern GTA (Greater Toronto Area) needed better exposure to Eclipse's great products, and it already seems that Ego fans are certainly making the most of this new resource.’

Badlands is one of the few companies in the paintball Industry to actually expand during the economic downturn, having opened a total of 3 new locations in the past 2.5 years.

For more information on Badlands, its services or products, or for a full list of store locations, please visit

Vicious Re-Sign for 2011 & 2012

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

NEW GEO2 Colour Way.

Not the most radical change in colour, but one worth knowing if you’re going into a store to buy a Combat GEO2. As of now, the Forest Combat GEO2 is rolling out of Planet Eclipse HQ production. The Green is a more Forest Green rather than the Olive of the original Combat colour.

Planet Eclipse have completely sold out of the original Combat colour so if you after the original you need to scour the internet to see if anyone has one left, while you at it see if you can get a bag of rocking horse doo doo :-)

Even with the increase in production, the demand for GEO2's is still out stripping our production every week, so get you name down on a back order list at your local store as soon as you can for your chosen Eclipse marker.. Supply is low and demand is HIGH !!!

Team Shortbus winning ways in 2010

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate Team Shortbus for a great year they had. 2 x 1st place finishes and 2 x 2nd place finishes with one more event to go. Thanks for all the support this year and we wish you the best of luck at your final event......

This year Team Shortbus competed in the SEPS (South Eastern Paintball Series). The year started off slow with getting the team to function as a unit. The first 2 events we made the finals but could not make the top 3. We stepped back reviewed the first 2 events, made some changes to the positions of our players and started to progress. Event #3 was at Paintball Asylum in Louisville, KY we finished 2nd overall. It was a great to see our hard work and dedication pay off.

Event #4 was at Atlantis Xtreme Paintball Owensboro, KY. Here we got our first 1st place finish. Events 5 & 6 we were unable to play the events due to not all team members being able to attend. We came back strong for Event #7 and were able to get a lot of practice in before the event. Due to all the hard work again we were able to take another 1st place finish. Event# 8 was at Paintball Asylum, one of our favourite fields. In this event we did not loose a single game all day until the last game of the finals. We finished that event in 2nd place. We have one more event for the year which is the Bowling Green Indoor on Nov 20-21, before moving up to Division 4.

We could not have done this without the support of our sponsors. They made us feel more comfortable about ourselves, which gave us the confidence we needed to win events.

Check out the SEPS Paintball Series Here: CLICK ME !!!

LOD @ PSP World Cup

It was great to meet Team LOD at the PSP World Cup” says Marc Lancia with Planet Eclipse
You don’t really get the chance to meet the teams and players, that you talk to all the time, that are from different countries. They have showed their support and loyalty to Planet Eclipse for the entire year and its great to see them putting the effort to travel all the way from Argentina to play against all other teams in the US. We look forward to seeing them at more events in the future and hopefully one of these days I will make a trip to Argentina to see them all play there (hint hint Boss). Thanks for all the support and we look forward to seeing the team play in the 2011 season”

Team LOD, from Argentina, attended the PSP World Cup in October to compete in D3 5man. We are very happy to travel more than 10,000 kilometres to play in the best tournament ever. The organization was awesome, 10 fields, excellent referees, so many shops, all the pro players and everything together was a dream for us, a big Party for all.

I think the PSP World Cup is a obligatory stop for any team. The travel was expensive for us was so BIG and we learn so much, grow up like a team, feeling the happiness in every one of us to play the most important event in the year and share that experience with the team who trained all the year was priceless.

We hope next year we could travel again with more teams (Chacales team, powered by Eclipse too, confirm the travel for the next year). This kind of event change the concept of paintball for us, we need more tournaments, more travels and we will work for that.

Thank you Marc Lancia, and the Planet Eclipse team, we are very happy with the products and we hope to use Ego11 or Geo2 next season and share the next World Cup again.

Follow Legion Of Doom (LOD) Here: CLICK ME !!!

This is a little video that Portal Paintball did at this years PSP World Cup.

This is a very quick translation for anyone that wants it in English !

Good afternoon, we are from team LOD, we came to play the world cup.
We are here with the people of Portal Paintball, hello to all

The championship was spectacular, very nice experience. We watched many pro player at the event, who play at very good level.

Sometimes in local tournaments in Argentina we would be nervous or anxious before we play, but here we were neither and enjoyed the playa dn the tournament the entire time.

The level is very good, a lot of people from different countries came to World Cup.
Again, the level is very good (the laydies too :)) very nice girls :)

We will definitely come back next year!!
Thanks to Portal Paintball and we want to say thank you to our sponsors:
Planet Eclipse
Guerrilla Tanks
Monster Paintball (who pay all the paint that we use)
and Punisherspb who is our dealer.
Ramping Store too who is our provider in Argentina.

We say thank you to Draxxus Gold, the best paint that we use.

We are 6 Argentinean and 1 Uruguay, who came to play with us, The sun was hot sometimes and had to make some changes throughout the week but we were up to everything.

We enjoyed the 12 fields and the organization was awesome.

Best regards to Portal Paintball and we will see you next year in the Millennium Cup

Everyone is invited to come to Argentina and Uruguay too.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Liberty University on TV !!!

Yet another Collage team making the headlines, this time on TV...

Way to go LU... All news is good news, this news is great !

CBP Event # 4 Dates & Info + Nicky T

It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to head out to a far off land for a long weekend, under the guise of work, so when I was asked if I would like to go to Sao Paulo in Brazil to represent Eclipse at one of the country’s biggest paintball events of the year – I literally jumped at the chance! Having experienced (and survived) a couple of South American tours of duty to the likes of Columbia and Venezuela, I’m keen to add the proverbial Brazil flag to my list of countries to visit, and Mega Play Paintball have kindly provided the opportunity to do exactly that on the weekend of the 4th/5th December.

For those of you who don’t already know it, Mega Play are the latest edition to our network of Eclipse Service Centres throughout the world and the opportunity to visit their store, check out the Brazilian paintball scene as well as combining that with a trip to my favorite continent was just too good to pass up! Prior to heading to Sao Paulo I will be filling my bag on the latest and greatest trinkets from Eclipse and plan on taking an Ego11 and Geo2 with me so that anyone who wants to try them out can gladly do so. As well as the best markers available I’ll also be stocking up on as much Eclipse promo gear as I can stuff into my bag so if you’re planning on coming along to the event then make sure that you stop by the Eclipse Tech Support Booth there or catch me as I’m wondering around the event to get your Eclipse hook-ups!

To give you a rough outline of roughly when I’ll be there and what I’m likely to be doing here is my itinerary so far:

Friday 3rd December: Field walking and game plans with Eclipse Teams and demonstrating the Ego11 and Geo2

Saturday 4th December: Teaching basic maintenance to Ego/Geo owners at the Eclipse Tech Support Booth and demonstrating Ego11 and Geo2

Sunday 5th December: Teaching basic maintenance to Ego/Geo owners at the Eclipse Tech Support Booth and demonstrating Ego11 and Geo2

Monday 6th December: Store visit to our newest Brazilian Service Centre: Mega Play!

The final ulterior motive for making the trip is to collect some footage of the experience for the first in a very special series of ETV’s documenting paintball across the globe and the characters associated with it! So if there are any South American players out there who want to make a name for themselves; here’s your chance! I look forward to seeing some very familiar faces and meeting lots of new ones there in just over three week time, so travel safe and I’ll see you there!

Nicky T

FUBAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Planet Eclipse gear and makers are used by all sorts of different types of Paintball player around the world. The Tournament ballers get most of the lime light and coverage so it’s nice to hear from one of the Emortal Army’s Scenario teams….

Redmer Prins from Team FUBAR let us know a little about the Team !!

Team FUBAR is a Scenario / Woods team from the Netherlands. Our players come from all over the western part of Holland, with our home field in Hillegom, near Amsterdam. In 2004 team FUBAR was formed out of a Group of students from Utrecht that wanted to play more as a team and in this way accomplish more than playing as individual players. As a team we wanted to play wood tournaments, wood competitions, walk-on-days and big games. Soon it proved we had a strong combination of players will and skills with which we quickly made a name in Woods playing paintball.

To have a strong team for the Go Scenario Competition this season and beyond we decided to merge with team Raptor (winner of the Dutch Scenario Game 2009). Together we form a team of 16 players that share the attitude and commitment that let FUBAR stand out from the rest.

A few accomplishments:
• First and second place in the Perrie Cup 2010, the Netherlands
• Second place in the Naaldhof Cup 2010, The Netherlands
• First place in Go Scenario Competition 2009, Europe.
• Third place in Go Scenario Competition 2008, France.
• Twice a year we organize the Dutch Camp at het Mahlwinkel biggame from 2007 until now.
• This year we moved with KPS (the organizer of the Mahlwinkel biggame series) to the new location Kronos paintball near Falkenhagen in Germany.
• We built and designed the indoor field in Hillegom the Netherlands.
• Marshalling and organization of the NSC (Dutch Scenario Competition).
• North VS South Big game 2010, United Kingdom
• Veckring Big game, France
• Tippmann Scenario Challenge 2010, United Kingdom

Regretfully this year there was no Go Scenario Competition so we could not defend our European title. For the 2011 we hope there will be a European scenario competition like the Go Scenario. For 2011 there will be a Dutch 7 man scenario competition that we will be attending and fighting for the Dutch title. We will also be organizing the Dutch player’s camp at the Kronos Big game series 2011.

All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without our sponsors:
Paintball Supplies, Planet ECLIPSE , PCextreme B.V., Fisher Benelux B.V. and Indoor Paintball Hillegom

Follow Team FUBAR Here: CLICK ME !!!

1. Redmer
2. Job E.
3. Patrick
4. Mark
5. Marco
6. Thomas
7. Bram
8. Jeffrey
9. Job v V.
10. Benjamin
11. Rik
12. Henk
13. Alex
14. Björn
15. Michel
16. Wido

Monday, 8 November 2010

NIU make the News !!!

Always nice to see our teams making the news headlines !!

Outside of the Industry is even better !

Click here to read the full article...... CLICK ME !!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Eclipse E-Portal Comms Kit

Eclipse E-Portal is an application that provides a way to communicate with a compatible* Eclipse marker using a PC. With E-Portal it is possible to:

Update the Firmware................From time to time Eclipse may release new versions of the firmware that controls the way that your marker operates, adding new features, improving existing features, fixing bugs or accommodating changes to major league rules that affect the way that markers operate. E-Portal automatically downloads firmware from the Eclipse website as soon as it becomes available, keeping you up to date and future-proofing your marker.

Modify the Start-up Screen...................Images can be created in E-Portal, or any application that can create a 2-colour PNG or BMP file, and transferred to your marker in order to personalize the start-up screen. These images can be saved for future use and shared with friends and team-mates. Sample images are provided with the E-Portal software and new images, including the logos of Eclipse sponsored teams, are automatically downloaded as they become available.

Manage the Control Parameters......................E-Portal displays all of the marker control parameters (Settings) in one easy to read list. Parameters can be read from the marker, modified and saved for future use. User presets can be created for different firing mode configurations and these can also saved for future use.

The Eclipse E-Portal Comms Kit is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7.

*E-Portal compatible markers are SL91, SLS, Geo2 and Ego11

Visit your local paintball store to purchase the Eclipse E-Portal Comms Kit or click here: BUY ME !