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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Celebs Play Paintball @ NPPL

Showcasing Paintball to the masses is fantastic, getting stars from film, sport and Playboy models is just about as good as it gets…. Also shows probably the sexist snake crawl I have ever seen…

Nice work everyone involved…

Oh and they're rocking Eclipse Clothing :-)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Catalogo En Espanol Ahora Online

Hellstorm of the Third Reich II

One more for Pub Crawling.......

April 16 and 17 brought us to Hopewell, Virgina for a 2 day scenario game based upon WWII called ‘Hellstorm of the Third Reich’. We love the field, SPLATBROTHERS PAINTBALL and the owners, Ronn and Don; because they put on a GREAT game and treat all the players like they are rock stars!

For this game Pub Crawling was chosen to play for the German side under the command of Otto from Team Krisis with Jet of BeBop as his XO: we were joined some excellent teams, Assault and Battery, Social Hazard, Death Dealers, and Black Wolf Core (I know there were others) . The Americans were led by Farva of SOVA and many fine teams, including: Capitol Offense, ISH, Tyrell, Rebel Force Pirates, SSK, OFU, and Port City Militia (I know there were others).

Over 400 players turned out for the game, which was held on weekend when there was a scheduled Tornado, yes I said Tornado…but the Tornado did not come, but the rain did cause the cancellation of the night game (which was fine by Pub Crawling, as it allowed us to head out for a few beers).

With missions being issued every 15-20 minutes by the generals for each side the game quickly turned into a classic scenario where some teams were fighting it out for territory and others running missions. Pub Crawling managed to be a part of both angles while at the same time constantly relaying information back to our CP (command post) about the current situation on the field.

By the end of day one, it was clear that we were not getting our ass kicked, but we were not secure in the feeling that we were kicking their ass; it was a fight. Day 2 brought beautiful paintball weather and the fight picked up right where it left off; hard and heavy. By the end of the final battle, where all the nutjobs come out and try crazy center runs for points, we were feeling like we had the advantage. Only the final score would tell us.


MJ (captain of Pub Crawling) took home the MVP award for the German team. We strongly encourage all players to get out and play this awesome field.

Next we are suiting up with our sister team from EMR Paintball Park, Joint Fury, in our ‘Unholy Alliance’ (with friends) and challenging everyone who attends the spring castle conquest game (April 30) to ATTACK us as WE are the DEFENDERS. We hope to see you there and continue our great season: powered by Planet Eclipse, Vforce, and a boatload of attitude, beer, and whisky (alcohol after the game only of course).Of course, we hooked up a young player with the Pub Crawling Prize Package with Planet Eclipse and Vforce swag!

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and twitter: @PubcrawlingPB

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

They Live Together !!

We have all probably heard of ‘Paintball Houses’ before. Teams like Dynasty and Arsenal were among the first to do this a few years ago. It’s basically a way that dedicated Paintballers can live, breath, eat and sleep Paintball... Team Harpies from France, an ALL Girl team have recently moved into Le Château Harpies… For some reason they let Cyril (ICON Captain) in to look around.

Join Team Harpies on Facebook Here.... CLICK ME !

Check it out !

"Le Château" : The Harpies' House from ICON Job on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More Pub Crawling....

GAMES 2 and 3 for Pub Crawling................

The second game of the season brought the team to Charleston, South Carolina on March 19-20 for the MPP Scenario game held at Paintball Charleston; a very cool field with cool features and terrain. This game was a World War 2 theme based up the invasion of Italy. We played for the Allies and this game developed into rout (this does happen in scenario games, but it is not that common…like a good single malt whisky) with our side winning the game 5900 to 2200. The score did not reflect the level competition during the gun fights; it was just that we were able to accomplish many more missions throughout the 2 day game.

At the end of the day we walked away with another Most Valuable Team award and hooked up another player with the ‘Pub Crawling Prize Package’. Of course following these long road trips, always comes the drive home, this time it was a 18 hour drive pulling the team trailer. Now we begin a 12 week stretch of a game every 2 weeks.

On April, 2 we travelled to Philadelphia (New Hanover), Pennsylvania to play the TSSOC scenario game held at Poco Loco Paintball. This field is fun, especially if you’re part mountain goat! Lots of boulders, LOTS! This of course makes for great angles and super bunkers.
The game was based on the The Army of Darkness movie and was well produced and reffed. We played for the humans against the dedites. At the end of the day we were awarded the Most Valuable Team award for the humans and we won the game 3600 to 3100.

This has been a great season so far with 3 wins and 3 MVTs and 1 Sportsmanship award, but more importantly the team has been working GREAT together on and off the field and we have played some fun fields, great games, and continue to meet great players out there.

4/16-17 we play our next game at Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, Virginia. This field is AWESOME. We hope to see you out there, until then…follow us at

find us on facebook!/pubcrawlingpb

follow us on twitter @PubCrawlingPB

Monday, 18 April 2011

Black Karma Action Report

Black Karma hit the road and ventured out of their comfort zone and into unknown territory in their third event of the 2011. We made the voyage to Scenario Paintball Games ( in Rome, GA for the first time to take part in the spring Flag Wars game. The theme for the game was quite simple: take control of an objective/area and raise your side's color flag. If it were only that simple....

SPG is laid out across 40 sprawling acres of varied terrain. One base, called Norad, is situated at the entrance on one side of the field and is best described as a 8 foot walled fort with gun ports to help defend. The Airfield is located close to Norad that has 100 yard long shooting lanes that terminate at a 2 story building that dominates the landscape and control of the building dominates the opposition. On the opposite side of the airball field from Norad is a small western style town. At the end of the western town stands another 2 story building that controls the action on this field as well. The airball field, Norad, the airport and the western town are the only relatively flat, open and non-tree covered part of the field and each have their own flag station. Entering the wood line you instantly notice how hilly the terrain becomes. Trees everywhere provide ample cover but the addition multiple bunkers of various sizes and types compliment the natural cover. The hills and ravines make the woods play interestingly but do not make you feel like you have to fight the terrain as you fight the opposition. Centered in the woods is the other field base called Hamburger Hill. This is another walled bunker complex with a flag pole inside. There are two other flag stations in the woods on the northern and southern fringes of the field. Both are simple flag poles in the woods with a few small bunkers around them. The basics of the game are simple: take control of an area and raise your team's color flag and that is an over simplification. The flag stations are not 2 flags on opposite ends of a rope on a pulley system that as you raise your flag you lower your opponents. SPG takes it to another level. You must actually clip you team's flag onto the rope after removing the other teams flag. Then you have to raise your flag all the way to the top of the 15 foot flag pole AND wrap the remaining rope around the brackets twice. Needless to say this is extremely difficult if not impossible to do while under fire.

From game on, Black Karma worked hard to push the action and influence the game. The White Team tasked us with heading out from our base at Hamburger Hill and attacking the Western Town as soon as the game started. Not only did the White team take the town but we also pushed the Red team all the way back through the field to the front door of their base, Norad. By doing this, we limited how much of the field the opposition had access to and severely crippled their ability to get flags and score points. This enabled the White team to create a substantial lead in points. The game director then asked us to switch to the Red team for the final battle in an effort to balance the teams - we were happy to do so cause it doesn’t matter who were playing against, just as long as we’re playing! The final battle for day 1 was focused in the Western Town with the singular mission of hanging your side's flag in the center of the town. Black Karma's goal for the final battle was to lead a group to fight our way into the 2 story building at the end of the town and help control the field and thankfully our group was successful! By helping to take the 2 story building, we stymied the White team and gave space for the Red team to make multiple attempts at hanging the flag while the White team could not muster a single attempt.

Day 2 of Flag Wars played out much like the first day for Black Karma. The new day brought a renewed energy and vigor to the Red team who came ready to fight. Half of the Red team fought and pushed our way to the White Team’s doorstep most of the day and severely curtailed their ability to get flag points. Black Karma’s teamwork and tactics worked again and allowed the Red Team this time to accumulate an insurmountable lead in points. We then moved back to the White team for the final battle to again rebalance the teams. The final battle for day 2 was again focused in the western town so we decided since controlling the 2 story building worked so well the first day we would try the same thing again. That tactic worked equally well the second time around too. Both teams made attempts at the flag but neither team succeeded in raising it. Day 1 went to the White team and Day 2 went to the Red team. Black Karma had a blast playing on both sides on both days so we called it a win in our book!

Black Karma was awarded an Honor and Valor Award from both the Red and the White Team. Mark ‘Green Hat’ Kimmel was also awarded an individual Honor and Valor Award from the White Team. Our Eclipse markers and gear took all the punishment we dished out on them and they performed flawlessly. Stitched Paintball ( covered the event and captured awesome video of all the action.

This was Black Karma’s first visit to Scenario Paintball Games but it will certainly not be the last. We look forward to returning for the Fall Flag Wars Game and highly recommend it anyone else looking for some great paintball action this fall.

Our next scenario will be The Big Red One by MPP Games at Bear Claw Paintball. There is going to be 2 (yes 2!) beach landings at this game; one during the day and one at night by the light of flares and strobes. If you want to get more info about Black Karma or find out where all we are playing, please go to and .

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Win an GEO2.1 (Ltd Edition) at the UK's Big Game

Penn State find another gear...

After a slow and disappointing start to the regular season of the NCPA, Penn State was looking to come back strong and finish out the remainder of the conference schedule with some solid victories. With less than two weeks until the college paintball National Championship, the Nittany Lions wasted no time doing just that. The weekend long event held at Pittsburgh Paintball Sports Complex on April 2nd and 3rd was exactly what Penn State was looking for as they went 6-0 on the weekend, beating The University of Pittsburgh Panthers, Ohio University Bobcats and the West Virginia University Mountaineers twice each. The successful event for Penn State gives them a 6-3 record on the season, the same as Pitt, but the greater point margin puts the Nittany Lions on top, leading the conference. According to Sophomore Andrew Hanlon, the turnaround performance can be attributed to “the return of our full team, continued hard work and practice, and the performance, reliability, and durability of our Planet Eclipse markers and gear.”

Despite some traditional Western Pennsylvania rain and cold weather, the event as a whole went off smoothly. All teams in attendance played hard and showed tremendous amounts of sportsmanship. The level of competition in the Ohio Valley Conference is at an all time high and good things are expected from all teams come NCPA Nationals on April 15th-17th in Lakeland, Florida.

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WCPS Season Opener !

The first event of the WCPS 2011 season kicked off this month. The season opener was held at Royal Ridges paintball field in Battleground, WA. Thirty teams between Novice, Rookie, Beginner and Pump divisions came for a fun and competitive day filled with over 200 games between the 5-man and 3-man fields. PBLive came out for the day with media coverage for the event.

Novice Division ended the day with Notorious in 1st Place, NW Devastation in 2nd, Seattle Swagger in 3rd, and 406's Finest in 4th Place. In Rookie Division, Notorious Gold finished 1st, D-Botch in 2nd, Jungle Cat Bandits in 3rd, and PDX VexX in 4th Place. In Beginner Division, 1st and 2nd Places went to Sanction A and Sanction B respectively, DBS Gunnerz took 3rd and Jericho A finished in 4th Place. For the Pump Division, A.P.C. clinched 1st Place, P-Town Pumpers Green took 2nd, Revolution came in 3rd and P-Town Pumpers Gold took 4th Place.

It was another outstanding day filled with competitive paintball, great reffing provided by Shooters and awesome prizes and raffles from some of our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Draxxus, Component Concepts Inc, NW Ambush, PBRack, and Paintwarz. Thanks to every player and by-stander who came out and made this another successful and fun tournament day. We had teams from Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington attend this event and we thank all of you for coming out and making this the largest one yet!

A big thanks to Planet Eclipse for helping to make the WCPS the fastest growing tournament series in the Northwest! We look forward to seeing you all May 14th at Impact Action Sports in Tualatin, OR!

More info about the WCPS CLICK HERE !

Check out the video:

Event Pics here:

CLICK ME ... and more here... CLICK ME TOO !

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

LU get ready for College Paintball National Championships

The Liberty University Paintball team traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to finish out the regular season of the Class A Southeast Conference. After two weeks of rain in Chattanooga, the Flames played hard in the mud against University of Tenn., Virginia Tech, and Kennesaw State. LU lost the first game in close drawn out battle that finished with a loss to UT 1-3. Liberty bounced back to a victory over KSU 8-3. The Flames then took on instate rivals, Virginia Tech. The game was back and forth, but Liberty won 5-2.

Liberty University finished the season in second place of the SEC with a record of 6 wins and 3 loses.

Liberty University also attended the MACC Class AA Event #4 in Taneytown, MD on March 26th. The Flames fielded two lines, Red and Blue. The two teams braved the frozen field and tough competition against Temple University's two lines and a line from Towson University. Liberty Red came out strong with an apparent win against Liberty Blue, but due to a penalty, the Blue line was given the victory. The Red line struggled most of the day to find their rhythm, but the Blue line came on strong and played very well. After the prelims, Liberty Blue was in third place and had to play Towson to see who would play Temple's Black line in the Finals. LU Blue lost the first point to Towson, but changed their strategy and beat Towson twice to win the match. LU Blue then played against a strong Temple team and dropped the first two points to take second at the event.

The team thanks Liberty University for their continued support. The team is now getting ready for the National Championships April 15-17 in Lakeland, Florida.

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continued support and we look forward to see them at nationals this weekend

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Limited Edition Colour GEO2.1

Very limited Edition Colour GEO2.1's Only a couple of left in stock....

Pull the trigger quick if you want one of these beauties.


Portugal Big Game 2011 - Tomahawk New Dawn

8th and 9th of October 2011

7th Anniversary of Paintugal
8th October 2011
Military Camp of Santa Margarida

The Paintugal will celebrate its 7th Anniversary, on the 8th and 9th of October at, Military Camp of Santa Margarida, with the support of the Army Staff, Armour Brigade and Constância City Hall.

This Paintball event is part of the "Big Game Alliance (union of the major organizers of the best European paintball events, with partners in the UK and France,

Registrations are mandatory and take place from June 23rd to September 23rd. The ticket will allow entry to the Military Camp of Santa Margarida, compressed air refills, personal accident insurance and participation in numerous activities available. This event is BYOP.

The game will take place on 100 acres of hilly terrain at the military base, thus giving emphasis to the history of Operation New Dawn, held in Afghanistan by the units of Marines and Afghan National Army.

As usual, the Paintugal prepared an attractive plot for 4 hours of continuous play, that allow the involvement of all participants, from beginners to more experienced.

In the venue, players can do shopping, fair of used items from the players, markers maintenance workshops, shooting range, paintball auctions, airball 3 vs 3, TPX duels, CQB lessons, abseiling, climbing and slide. These activities are included in the ticket of the event and there will be raffles for prizes at the players party.

There are also envisaged radical activities that require reservations and have minimum number of participants: Tandem Skydiving Parachute jumps

In the day following the event (09/10/2011), it´s a free day to enjoy the local tourism, meet environmental and cultural heritage of Constancia. There are also anticipated programs of sports, nature and adventure, which require reservations and have minimum number of participants. Rising with BODYCOMBAT, canoeing, visiting the castle of Almourol, mountain biking, camaraderie lunch and other activities.