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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Line-Of-Fire Summer Camp

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

by Jason “foolybear
” Lineberger

Many have fond memories of summer camp experiences, but Line-of-Fire Paintball offered an alternative to trust falls and s’mores. Take away songs around a fire; keep capture the flag then add two cases of paint, three days of instruction, and an awards banquet, and you have an unforgettable summer!

Rather than dropping cash on ineffective equipment upgrades, these players made the smart to choice to upgrade their skills instead, and it paid off.

Line-of-Fire asked me to come back again this year for their three-day intensive paintball camp. From 9 to 5 the campers worked on all aspects of their game – from drills designed to hone snap shooting to ones ce

ntered around developing and executing a game plan to complete scenario

missions. Each day began with a stretch and an outline of the activities to come; then the participants loaded up on paint, aired up their tanks, and prepared to sweat.

'Day one focused on proper shooting form and how to put a ball where it needs to go on the first try - the building blocks of paintball. '

Day one focused on proper shooting form and how to put a ball where it needs to go on the first try - the building blocks of paintball. We added movement, teamwork, communication and everyone got used to running all the drills with both hands. Even the games tossed in to keep it fun had purpose. For instance, in a game called The Borg, the campers defended a three story building in Line-of-Fire’s city field while the instructors attacked. The defenders had to put what they had learned

about covering angles into play to build a strong defense. Special thanks to Dwayne Humphries (team Capital Offense) and Brian Radford (PSP referee) for coming out to lend a hand on the first day. Their presence ens

ured that every camper had plenty of individual attention.

Day two built on the first day, only this time the campers took their skills into the woods. We worked up game plans to accomplish the most common scenario missions – prop retrieval, take and hold, and a downed-pilot situation. Working in small squads of two or three, these paintballers practiced advancing on an objective while moving either openly or covertly through enemy territory. Some games forced campers to conserve paint, while others rewarded teams who could put out covering fire and make the correct moves.

Day three finished up the camp with some advanced techniques – shooting lanes, running and gunning, and utilizing blind spots. After the morning’s skill drills, the campers paired up according to a tournament bracket and competed in the game of P-A-I-N-T. The game’s similar to HORSE in basketball. One player chooses a targ

et and a shooting hand, then fires five shots at the target. The second player must make more shots out of five than the first one or take a letter. If the second player successfully out shoots the first, then the first player takes a letter. Ties result in no letters to either player. Control over the shot changes after each round, and the winner is the first one to force his opponent to spell PAINT. After two days of training accuracy, even the opening rounds of the tournament were highly competitive, but two players stood out. Harold, a professional archer, took down his rivals with some pinpoint left-handed shots, while Nathan took his time aiming and put each ball on target. The two met in the finals and Nathan brought home the victory and won a Stiffi carbon fiber barrel for his efforts.

Planet Eclipse stepped up to support the camp in a major way, and the participants took home some sweet Eclipse gear each day.

On the last day, after wrapping up the last drill, they each got a Eclipse t-shirt to wear to the awards banquet, where every camper received prizes ranging from a new marker to a free pass to camp next summer. Rather than dropping cash on ineffective equipment upgrades, these players made the smart to choice to upgrade their skills instead, and it paid off. In the final games they put all they had learned into practice, and they came across as polished paintball veterans – snapshooting, working as a team, covering their angles and putting paint exactly where they wanted. Plus, the ones who are still in school will have some excellent source material for the obligatory how-I-spent-my-summer-vacation essays in August.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

One Off CSL's on Ebay NOW !

We understand that a lot of people couldn’t make the PSP Chicago event that might want to get their hands on a ‘Special’ 1 off CSL Colour. So we kept a couple back and these are now live on Ebay.

Starting price I’m afraid on these is MAP… But happy bidding…

Remember these are 1 off’s. If it’s a Special Eclipse 1 off colour way it comes with a full warranty. If not from Eclipse, I’m afraid it doesn’t… BEWARE!

These CSL’s are currently in America so sales outside of America may take a little longer to arrive….

Racing Green / Lime Green

Light Blue / Orange

For legal reasons these cannot be shipped to Germany.

Also...... At Campaign Cup it will be first come first served on this 1 off Special !!!

Who said girls can't play??... Not Me !

Cyril Job , Icon's Captain and Coach of the Harpies send me this report from last weekend.....

This weekend Harpies paintball team have taken part in the 6th UPC ARMY 5-man tournament which took place on the great field of Valras Plage, close to Montpellier, South of France. A nice weekend of summer with beautiful sun and hot air temperature. On Sunday morning, 17 teams were present to compet in the tournament. Teams were divided in 3 groups, they gave the best of their play in order to access to the “High level” group of the afternoon.

It was a bad start for Harpies, we lost our 1st game against Full Dawa who shot our players on snake side OTB. But this defeat made us pulling oursleves together and so we won our 4 following prelims games. These 4 victories led us to the Pro-group on the afternoon.

After a short break we start again. All teams were extremely motivated because there was ca$h money to win in the end, so everybody fought hardly for the victory.

For our 1st game of the afternoon we played against Old, a team we already defeated in the morning and who are a former winner of the event. The game was long, Old gained ground and finally took this game. Beginnings are hard for us. But with the same motivation of the morning we concentrated on the game and analysed the strategies of our opponent. A method which did help us because we won all our games except against the Offender team who overwhelmed us.

Finally we finished ex-aqueo with 2 teams: Old and Offender, but the goal average was on our side and sent us in final against the Old Company team.

This time, it is a race to 2 without coaching. We enjoyed the fact that we will play the final even if we might not take it in. The game began without anxiety nor pressure, we wanted to win at all costs ! The 1st point was a « snake war ». Charlotte, Auriane and Nathalie completely blocked the opponent snake and gained the advantage over them even if one of their player was on the center of the field in order to contain the dorito's side, forcing Elodie and Morgane to play very carefully. We finally won with Auriane who killed the last player. It was almost the same plan for the 2nd point that we won again ! 2 – 0 Harpies!!

We are very proud of this victory and thank again our partners. CAMP and CARNAGE PRO HD paintballs, Planet ECLIPSE for equipping us with their great GEO 2.1. And GOODGAME for its Loadershields that our runners enjoy !

We also thank those who support us : ICON, our coaches Cyril JOB and Julie GANDIA, SHOP PAINTBALL TOULOUSE, STARTER PARK, and all the people who like and believe in us !

See you in Basildon !

Follow the Harpies Here: CLICK ME !!!

From everyone at Planet... WELL DONE....

The Emortal Army just keeps getting stronger !

FREE Update for Campaign Cup - Field Designer.

Link to the Apps store here:

Visit the Gelkaps Factory in India....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Challenge for Children...

On Sunday, June 12th, MN Pro Paintball donated $20,037.36 to the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota for the 3rd annual Challenge for Children’s Big Game.

Matt Ames, the owner of MN Pro Paintball, created Challenge for Children’s in 2009. He says, “Challenge for Children’s is important because of the foundation to which the money goes to. The money from this event goes to the MN Pro Paintball endowment fund, which specifically benefits the cardiac division at Children’s Hospitals.”

Challenge for Children’s is MN Pro Paintball’s annual big game. Over 400 players attended the event, in which Minneapolis was pitted against St. Paul in an apocalyptic mission to gather valuable resources necessary for survival.

The scenario was set in the near future, in a time where the banks of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers have over flown, causing the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to be separated. The state and federal governments have collapsed, leaving Mayor Rybak to assume control over Minneapolis, and Governor Dayton to lead St. Paul.

“This is my 3rd year of playing in the Challenge for Children’s event and it’s always a lot of fun,” says Jack Olson, a participant in the event. “I love to play paintball, and the Big Game is great because it raises money for a good cause, and a lot of people play in it.”

At the end of the day, Minneapolis gathered the most valuable resources, winning the game. Minneapolis scored 47,000 points, while St. Paul scored 29,000.

Since the first Challenge for Children’s event in 2009, MN Pro Paintball has donated over $50,000 to the important work of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

MN Pro Paintball would like to give a special thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and players. The event was a huge success because of their continued support! Donations were generously given by local businesses and the paintball industry.

The fourth annual Challenge for Children’s event will take place on Sunday, May 20th 2012.

Register for next event at online at or in person the day of the event.

Erika Emerick

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

1 of a kind CSL's @ PSP Chicago

If your lucky enough to be visiting the PSP Chicago this weekend you might be lucky enough to get your hands on a one off special coloured CSL's.

Monday, 20 June 2011

CPPS Round #3 Results

CPPS Round 3…..

This event was all about Manchester Firm. Not only the results on the weekend but also their overall series standings, not just the Top Division (M7 Elite) but also Div 2 (M7 Super League) and Div 3 (M5 Premier League). In each of the top 3 divisions Manchester Firm are sitting very pretty at the head of each pile. With the Firm teams winning both the Elite and Super League at round #3.

Paintball in the Dominican Republic anyone?

August 26th – 28th

Come and enjoy part 2! International Paintball Tournament "Copa Las Americas". To be held in the island paradise of Dominican Republic, full of beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear blue sky,and sun. Come play paintball at the same time and enjoy all the surprises and activities we have prepared for you and your family in our resort Barcelo Punta Cana. Located on the east coast of our beautiful tropical paradise.

Friday, 17 June 2011

ICON Pro School - August 27th & 28th 2011

On August 27th & 28th, TPC (Near Paris, France) will host Cyril JOB, Kévin COULM and Cédric CAROFF for the ICON Pro School!

During two days, one of the most famous French team will share their experiences with you.
Subscribe to the Pro School and improve your paintball skills with the Pro Team that took 2nd Place in the recent German Millennium series 2011.

Fees are 130€ for the weekend per person, included one box of paintballs. Accommodation is free but limited !... Be Quick.

Prizes will be offered by the team and their sponsors after a friendly 1 on 1 contest.

For any questions and registration, please write us on
The subscriptions will be validated and confirmed by email from July the 1st!

Places are limited !!!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

WCPS Event # 2

The West Coast Paintball Series held Event #2 of the 2011 season on May 14th. 26 teams came out to Impact Action Sports in Tualatin, Oregon for some fun competition. Reffing was provided by team Notorious for this event.

Teams have been popping up all around the Northwest and players came from all over Oregon and Washington and some even from Idaho and Montana. "WCPS is bringing paintball back to life in the NW!" said Cody Robertson, Team Code Blue. The WCPS welcomed its first Young Guns (teams with players ages 10-15) team of the season, Vancouver Vortex.

Orange Draxxus paint flew all day long, with teams competing for the iconic Novice first place wine stave trophies and the medallions. A.C.I. Team Captain, Michael "Reaper" Cleveland, said, "Fantastic event. The competition keeps getting tougher and tougher. Glad to be a part of the WCPS."

Overall, everyone seemed to be really enjoying the day and each other. Notorious received positive remarks for their refereeing and the WCPS has been praised as well. "Thanks guys, and thanks to everyone who attended, promoted, and put on the event. We enjoyed the tournament and the competition and will be back again," said David "Stewie" Vazquez, Team PBK.

Once again thank you Planet Eclipse for your continued support of our tournament series and helping tournament paintball grow in the NW. We look forward to getting bigger and bigger each event!!

Novice Division:
1st place- Seattle Swagger
2nd place- Code Blue
3rd place- PBK

Rookie Division:
1st place- ACI Black
2nd place- Code Blue
3rd place- DBS Gunnerz

Beginner Division:
1st place- Jericho
2nd place- Cartel
3rd place- Newbreed Blue

Pump Division:
1st place- P-Town Pumpers Green
2nd place- A.P.C.
3rd place- P-Town Pumpers Gold

Young Guns Division:
1st place- Vancouver Vortex

Big THANKS to Chris Coel from Run N Gun Photo for the use of his Pics.... Click Here to see more:

More Event #2 Pics here on the WCPS Facebook Page:

BIG Discounts at CPX during Chicago PSP !

CPX paintball are the hosts of the upcoming PSP event in Chicago (23rd to 26th June). In an effort to draw in more spectators and possibly turn these into new Paintballers CPX have come up with some great offers.

Anyone in the Chicago area that will be playing the events or even just watching now has the chance to play the AMAZING CPX fields at a massive discount. Tell your friends, bring the family, bring everyone!!

Spread the word !

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

TechPB Videos featuring Eclipse Markers !

Mike at TechPB makes some very informative and entertaining video’s. Mike is also a no BS type of guy, says what he thinks and doesn’t hold back with the punches…

Check out a couple of TechPB’s latest videos.

#1 The EGO11 Super Gun Show:

#2 Eclipse CSL vs. GEO 2.1 vs. EGO11:

CLICK ME to visit TechPB !!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Millennium Ladies Cup 2011

Millennium Ladies Cup 2011

Harpies paintball team has taken part in the Ladies Cup organised by the Millennium Series in Bitburg event. The Ladies Cup's aim was to bring together girls from each country in order to compete against different nations.

So three teams emerged: Russian team, Germany and finally a French team. The French team was composed with Harpies, the French all girl paintball team.

The Ladies Cup occurred on Friday and on Saturday evening. Spectators were present to support their respective country. French people were extremely enthusiastic for Harpies who represented their own land. On the 1st day, the French team won its 1st game against the Russian girls 4-0 and was defeated 3-2 by Germany in its 2nd game. Despite this defeat, the French team were ranked 1st after the first round of games on point difference. On Saturday, the French girls won their two games (4-1 & 4-2) and finally confirmed their 1st place at the Ladies Cup.

A funny experience for the Harpies even if it was not planned! The Harpies were delighted to play a few more games during the Bitburg event and of course to win this 1st Ladies cup!

Harpies would like to thank the FPS (The French National Paintball Federation) for their confidence and their help, thanks to Planet Eclipse & CAMP for equipping the team and Carnage for its paintballs, also big thanks to all the people who support and help us: our coach Cyril Job, and all the players inside the pit crew.

Thanks to Carlos Rato ( & Creedshot ( for the use of their pictures... Click the links to see more pics !!

Follow the Harpies Here: CLICK ME !!