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Monday, 31 October 2011

Synergy comes good...

Millennium Series Leg 4 Paris,
Disney World Cup 30 September - 2 October 2011

It’s been a rough season for Copenhagen Synergy. Just before the season started it was quite clear that a new roster was needed since a couple of guys had dropped off for different reasons. The solution was to join bands with a Swedish team from Malmo, MPA Blackout, without any Millennium experience what so ever. Together we decided to play as Copenhagen Synergy in the Millennium Series division 1 and as MPA Blackout in the open division in the Swedish Championships called “Planet Eclipse Paintball SM”.

With the season opener in Paris and a placement dead last it was quite clear that the team had a lot to work on. It was a rough start but no one in the team had any intentions of giving up. We all knew we could be a top contender in the division although the results were speaking of the opposite. During the season we slowly got it together and the team play and dynamics in the team just grew better every practice and every tournament.

For the last event of the year, again in Paris, it was time to prove for ourselves and our sponsors and friends that we actually are a top team in this division. With two wins and one loss in the preliminaries Synergy was through for Sunday where Epidemy HPS Lille awaited us in the top 16 game. They had a great start taking the first two points but after adjusting our gameplans we took four consecutive points in a row and ended the match 4-2 to Synergy.

Next up was Dagnir Dae 2 in the top 8 game. This time the Synergy freight train started to roll. With an average weight of 104 kilos in the Paris roster you sure can call it Freight train. 4-0 to Synergy and we were through to semifinals against Empire Venice.
The semi finals against Empire Venice was a tough fought game. They were fast, aggressive and very quick at pushing forward when we lost bodies on the field. As soon as we felt we were catching up to their speed it was like they increased it. Win for Empire Venice 4-2 and we were up for the match of third place against Drammen Sabotage.

We had seen Sabotage play during the tournament and the layout fitted their fast paced and aggressive style well. We knew what we were getting ourselves in to. It was an even, back and forth game up to 2-2. Then Synergy got the upper hand and took the third place with 4-2 end result.
We really want to thank all our sponsors!

Hypersports, our Swedish retailer, who always deliver and has worked hard to get a lot of good deals for the team.

Planet Eclipse whose guns we have been shooting this and the past season. A team playing with Planet Eclipse products knows that there will never be any issues, what so ever with the guns. Thanks for all the great support and we are looking forward to a continued relationship.

Darksports, simply the best paint we have ever used! They always show up with excellent paint and they always have a lot of options for us.

Anthrax Jerseys for the superb jerseys, a-pugs and headbands! Look out for Anthrax Jerseys next year! They are growing fast!

HybridFoto who always show up on every tournament we play in Sweden and in Europe. Great pictures and now also starting to do videos.

441 who hooks us up with nice deals here and there. Always highly appreciated.

Check out the web site here: http://www.malmö

From every at Planet Eclipse, WELL DONE. Just shows what hard work and determination can do !

Master Techs Hit the UK

With the impending release of the Eclipse Etha we invited a selection of our Master Technicians over to Manchester early in September to attend a secret Etha testing session and get some hands-on experience with our latest creation. The testing was scheduled to take place at the Staargate Super 6 event in Wakefield, so rather than rush around like lunatics on the Sunday morning, Gerry Bates (PE USA), Snypi ( and Cheveux (CAMP) elected to fly into town on the Saturday morning and have a day to acclimatise. Rather than waste a day it was off to Conway with Ledz and Eilidh to take a step back in time at Conway Castle and sample some real Fish and Chips!

Sunday rolled round and our eclectic mix of Technicians were joined by our R+D guru's Flash and Jack as well as our sales manager, Tom Rust. Whilst playing styles and levels of enthusiasm varied; one factor was consistent throughout the day - Etha was bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who used it as they immediately appreciated the mass appeal it would generate. Tired but satisfied, everyone slept well on Sunday night in preparation for a days of intensive Etha training at our new Headquarters in Manchester on Monday morning. It was the first time that Gerry, Snypi and Cheveux had seen our new offices and warehouse and having all previously visited our old premises, the looks on their faces were priceless!

Having a full day's play with Etha under their collective belts already, meant that many of the usual impending questions had already been answered and they could begin disassembling the marker under the watchful guidance of Jack Wood. Jack spent the morning detailing the finer points of Etha's mechanical operation, detailing the parts that would require lubrication and maintenance whilst highlighting the features of design that promoted the reliability and durability that we wanted to feature highly in the Etha. After a short break for lunch to sample yet another English Chippy, our three amigos were educated on all of the Electrical aspects of the Etha ; mentored this time by Flash. The surprised looks continued when they were informed that Etha will carry an identical warranty policy to every other Eclipse marker (, so any prospective Eclipse Etha owners can take immediate advantage of this by registering their new markers online when they acquire them here:

It was an absolute pleasure having Gerry, Snypi and Cheveux over to visit and all three are now fully up to speed on all aspects of the new Etha, so you can start pestering them if you want any info!

Snypi and Cheveux had to leave back to Germany and France respectively but Gerry managed to fit in his first football (Soccer) match making Gerry an official Manchester City supporter now!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paintball Explosion Ipad2 giveaway !

Looks like our friends over at Paintball Explosion are giving away an Ipad2 to one lucky winner just for liking them....

Click Here 
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Or here for the Facebook Page:

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Slagen Bandits do Millennium Paris

World Cup- Paris, last tournament of the year, last chance to reach for glory and to test yourself and your team against opponents from all over the world. Everybody wants to end the year on a high note to fuel the fires for next year and the off season training. There was a recordbreaking number of teams in division 2 as it is the highest unlocked division available for teams that dont play the whole series. We anticipated that with the high number of unranked teams like ourselves there would be plenty of wildcard teams and it would be hard to predict the outcome of most prelim groups.

The weather was splendid all weekend long even though 25 degrees is almost to warm for us northerners to play in. I felt pity for Ingar our snakeplayer as he would run to the snake of the break almost every point this weekend. Thank goodness he is in great shape!

We entered two teams this event, one in div 2 and one in div 3. For many players this was their first millennium, for some old friends it was their first millennium back on the same team again since 2008.

Thursday we walked the field and some people worked on their tan. We had two prelim games on Friday, the first against Athens Legion from Greece. After arriving on site early we manage to put of getting our paint for to long and barely have time to pod up as games are way ahead of the schedule. Totally stressed out we take to the field and a couple of 1-4-1 later we are down 2-0 after only a couple of minutes. The older guys on the team take charge and remind everyone on the team that we have been down many times this season but always managed to come back. We didn't really change our game plan much, we only calmed down and executed it better and put 4 points on the board to win the match.

Next game was against Ferox Rotterdam from Holland. This time we start even worse and dig ourselves really deep into a hole by going 3-0 down. Again we take a deep breath, its plenty of time left on the clock. We have to start by putting one point on the board and once we do that we know what we are capable of. Most importantly: don't get an early penalty!

It is in situations like these I am really proud of my team, even with our backs against the wall we never give up! Once we get that first point  its like a wave of Egos and Geos rolling down the field scoring 4 points. Again we have pulled out a victory from the brink of defeat! Smiles all around we collect our stuff and head back to the hotel to get some rest.

Saturday we had an early game against Mustang Chatreux from France. We managed to scout them on Friday but they have changed their breakout and are now breaking much longer on the snakeside. Once again we have a bad start going 3-0 down before we manage to adjust. Then we get that first point.. And the second.. The third.. We bring it back to 3-3 but this time there will be no great escape as we lose the last point and the match 3-4. Really disappointed and pissed at ourselves we realize that even with two wins we might be knocked out as this means that there are three teams with two wins each in our group.
After we nervously add up the scores we realize we are through, but as number two in our group which means better opposition in our next match.

Our second team had been helping us out in the pit and working their asses of in the heat and now it was time to return the favor. They do great and win all their games except one.

In the afternoon it was time for our first finals game against Manchester Firm 2 from England. We lose two quick points due them playing good and us making some stupid mistakes. We adjust to their breakout and manage to shoot a couple of guys of the break for some quick points ourselves and bring it back to 2-3 but that is as close as we get and they take the last point.

We were really disappointed afterwards in some of the mistakes we made and would like nothing more than a rematch but in the end they played very well and deserved the win.

But at least we had one team playing on Sunday as our second team played great and advanced easily from the prelims. Unfortunately they also got knocked out in their first finals game by team STK who ended up winning the event.

The team learned some harsh lessons in France, and once again it showed that there is no substitute for international tournament experience. So we will take these lessons to heart and grow as a team as we get ready for next year..

Big thanks to:

Planet Eclipse who always have our backs :) Dark Sports and Game-On,Globe Souldiers,Goldhammer Hybrid Foto,Snø,Tanked KM straps,Slagen Paintball

Follow Slagen Bandits Here: 

Friday, 28 October 2011

You Tube Video Round Up !

Back from a hectic World Cup... Only had time to watch a couple of vids check these 3 out !!

Do Best Buy sell these? I need to get myself one !!!

Etha review... We don't recommend you do any of these things... David you made me laugh :-)

I beleive this was on Sky TV at Warren Woods Paintball... Always good seeing Paintball on TV.

The Debate... EGO vs GEO

One of the questions that we get asked a LOT is what’s the difference between the EGO and the GEO? So, we decided to have a tongue in cheek debate..


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lviv, Ukraninian Paintball Cup - Video

I'm on my travells now to World Cup so no video watching for me this week.. But here is one I spotted just before I left.

It's great to see Paintball happening ALL over the World !

Saturday, 15 October 2011

WCPS Event #4 and #5 Results

The West Coast Paintball Series' biggest tournament to date was able to be played on a brand new 5-man PSP field in Keizer, Oregon at the Warpaint International Outdoor Field.  34 teams came out to play on the 5-man and 3-man fields in the Novice, Rookie, Beginner and Pump Divisions and reffing was provided by Pro team Portland Uprising.

Some of our sponsors came out to join us for the day – Planet Eclipse Provided prizes for the event, ProCaps provided Draxxus paint and Mafia Air brought their mobile air out for the event along with one of our Official Media Sponsor's - PBLive TV came out to film the event and interview WCPS Owner and Promoter, Skyler Anderson. 

It was another awesome day of paintball with teams showing great sportsmanship and positive energy all day.  The WCPS is always glad to see smiles on people's faces at the end of the day. 

Event 4 Results:

1st place- NOTORIOUS
2nd place- Code Blue
3rd place- Frikadelliwurst

2nd place- DBS Supersonics
3rd place- DBS Gunnerz

1st place- DBS Kill Mode 1
2nd place- NewBreed Red
3rd place- Cartel

1st place- Splat Action Pump Force
2nd place- P-Town Pumpers Green
3rd place- Pumps Inc.

Glad everyone was able to make it out to this event to make it the largest one yet!

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continued support of our tournament series. The league and events keep getting larger as the season goes on

Event 5 kicked off last month but was delayed and wasn’t able to be held at the state fair like planned. It would of been great exposure for our tournament series, paintball and our sponsors but we are looking forward to doing it their next year. Event 5 was another great event with all teams fighting hard to come in top 4.

We have one last event to be held on November 5th and the then champions will be crowned.

Event 5 Results

Novice Division:
1st Place- Seattle Swagger
2nd Place- Notorious
3rd Place- Code Blue

Rookie Division:
1st Place- Notorious Gold
2nd Place- Code Blue
3rd Place- PBK

Beginner Division:
1st Place- Sluggernauts
2nd Place- NewBreed Red
3rd Place- NewBreed White

Pump Division:
1st Place- NewBreed
2nd Place- Pumps Inc.
3rd Place- P-Town Pumpers Green

Young Guns Division:
1st Place- A.P.C.
2nd Place- SSC Minions

Friday, 14 October 2011

Dynasty Re-Sign with Planet Eclipse

CPPS Season Results

 The dust has now settled on the CPPS season and what a great seasons it’s been for Planet Eclipse teams… The final leg last weekend saw Disruption finishing in 2nd Place behind recently crowned Millennium Div 1 champions The Firm. This gave Disruption the Series title, on front of Nexus in 2nd and Manchester Firm in 3rd in the Elite League.

Firm showed some class in the other divisions as well, pretty much running away with the M& Super League and winning the final leg, after finishing 2nd in round one the Firm have won every other leg!!! Even more Firm new, they also took 2nd Overall in the M5 Premier League.. Very Impressive..

 Well Done to ALL planet Eclipse teams in the CPPS…
 Full results for the season below:

M7 Elite League Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
Bir. Disruption 2nd 88 3rd 80 4th 72 1st 100 2nd 88 2nd 94
Ldn. Nexus 1st 100 5th 64 2nd 88 3rd 80 1st 100 3rd 88
Man. Firm  4th 72 2nd 88 1st 100 4th 72 4th 72 1st 100
Ldn. Tigers 5th 64 4th 72 3rd 80 2nd 88 3rd 80

Wol. Warped 7th 48 7th 48 5th 64 6th 56 6th 56 4th 84
Ldn. Relentless 8th 40 6th 56 7th 48 5th 64 5th 64

SoManc 6th 56 8th 40 8th 40


M7 Super League Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
The Firm  2 94 1st 100 1st 100 1st 100 1st 100 1st 100
NPF Academy 2 94 2nd 94 4th 84 5th 80 7th 72 8th 68
Rival Kidz 4 84 8th 68 5th 80 6th 76 3rd 88 2nd 94
Mad Monks 3 88 5th 80 3rd 88 7th 72

Laysick VIP

3rd 88 2nd 94 6th 76
AC49 Munchkens

8th 68 8th 68 7th 72
B.Temper 1 100 3rd 88

Relentless Kidz

4th 84 2nd 94

Tigers 2 1 100 6th 76


4th 84 4th 84

Paintball Pics VIP

2nd 94

NX Paintball Team  3 88


3rd 88
Lucky 15s

4th 84
Laysick Prime

5th 80
London Brown Bears

5th 80


6th 76


7th 72


M5 Premier League Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
Warped 5th 80 2nd 94 3rd 88 2nd 94 2nd 94 1st 100
Firm Academy 2nd 94 1st 100 6th 76 4th 84 1st 100 3rd 88
Snatch 12th 52 5th 80 1st 100 5th 80 3rd 88 4th 84
Laysick VIP 1st 100 10th 60 13th 48 1st 100 4th 84 8th 68
Smokin aces 9th 64 6th 76 5th 80 6th 76 10th 60 6th 76
Lucky 15's 10th 60 7th 72 9th 64 7th 72 5th 80 7th 72
Lethal Bizzle 15th 40 3rd 88 2nd 94 12th 52 11th 56 5th 80
NPF Academy 13th 48 15th 40 4th 84 8th 68 6th 76 2nd 94
Volatile 4th 84 11th 56 7th 72 10th 60 8th 68 9th 64
Ratz 16th 36 13th 48 10th 60 3rd 88 7th 72

Temper Rage 6th 76 12th 52 11th 56 9th 64 12th 52

Brotherhood 8th 68 4th 84 15th 40

9th 64


10th 60

M5 Championship Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
Rampage 9th 64 10th 60 2nd 94 3rd 88 9th 64 2nd 94
Addiction 7th 72 3rd 88 7th 72 12th 52 4th 84 3rd 88
Lucky 15's colts 2nd 94 16th 36 9th 64 5th 80 6th 76 8th 68
Lucky 15.5's 10th 60 12th 52 16th 36 2nd 94 2nd 94 5th 80
Assasins 4th 84 6th 76 12th 52 1st 100 8th 68 17th 32
Care bears Hellfire 18th 28 9th 64 4th 84 16th 36 3rd 88 1st 100
Double vision 3rd 88 15th 40 3rd 88 7th* 72 17th 32 7th 72
Domination 12th 52 5th 80 6th 76 6th 76 12th 52 14th 44
Marshal law 11th 56 4th 84 14th 44 7th* 72 5th 80 15th 40
Prophecy 13th 48 2nd 94 21st 20 21st 20 1st 100 4th 84
Nemesis 6th 76 1st 100 15th 40 20th 24 10th 60 13th 48
Spank 8th 68 20th 24 1st 100 14th 44 19th 26 6th 76
Chimera 1st 100 19th 26 13th 48 22nd 16 7th 72 11th 56
No limit bridgend  17th 32 11th 56 11th 56 11th 56 13th 48 10th 60
Warped 2 14th 44 17th 32 18th 28 4th 84 16th 36 9th 64
Asylum Loonatics 15th 40 18th 28 5th 80 17th 32 20th 24 12th 52
Aberdeen fusion 16th 36 7th 72 23rd 14 15th 40 14th 44 19th 26
Care Bears Valkyrie

13th 48 17th 32 10th 60 18th 28 16th 36
Karma 19th 26 21st 20 10th 60 19th 26 15th 40 18th 28
Xtinction 21st 20 8th 68 20th 24 9th 64 22nd 16

Lil Thugs 5th 80 14th 44

18th 28 23rd 14

Alpha 1

22nd 16 8th 68

Academy 49

19th 26 13th 48

Kinetic Force

11th 56

Newcastle Lockdown  20th 24 23rd 14


22nd 16

Manchester Impact

23rd 14

Dog Soldiers

21st 20


M5 Conference Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Pos Pts Pos Pts Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos
Powys Stingers 1st 100 3rd 88 1st 100 4th 84 1st 100 1st 100
NPF Academy Kids 3rd 88 7th 72 2nd 94 6th 76 4th 84 4th 84
BZ Academy  5th 80 6th 76 3rd 88 7th 72 3rd 88 6th 76
Sneaky Snorkels 6th 76 5th 80 8th 68 5th 80 5th 80 3rd 88
Karma 2 7th 72 2nd 94 5th 80 9th 64 7th 72 10th 60
KU Nemesis 8th 68 8th 68 4th 84 8th 68 6th 76 9th 64
Team Quest A.D

3rd 88 2nd 94 2nd 94
Brotherhood Audacia 4th 84 1st 100

Chimera Dragons

6th 76 2nd 94

Sand Baggers

1st 100

Aberdeen Fusion B 2nd 94

Academy 49

4th 84


7th 72

Staffs Vipers

5th 80
Stingers BZZ

7th 72
Cold Blooded

8th 68