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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

South Beach Pimps giving back !!!!

The South Beach Pimps dropped a quick update this week on what they have been up too and what they thought of there 'South Beach Pimp Edition GEO 2.1'..............Read On !

The Pimps have recently received our South Beach Pimp Edition GEO 2.1s. This is my first spool valve marker. I have been using EGOs and ETEKs since they were introduced in 2005, and  I really wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be well designed and a quality marker. Planet markers always are. I was not prepared to be blown away by the marker.

Out of the box, it just flat out performed. I put three cases through it with no issues at The Human vs. Zombie event. The speed was exactly what it should be, super fast. But what really blew me away was the way it felt in my hands. Super light and low.  Really nice tight feel that enhances your snap shot.  Needles to say, the finish was awesome and exactly the way Planet promised.

The real test came this weekend at the Toys for Tots charity event at Old River Paintball in Ocklawaha, Florida. The Pimps were there donating our time as referees, but my teenage son was there to play. So, I let him use the new beauty. He put a couple of cases through it as only a teenager can.  The marker was unstoppable, never a break or issue. Definitely a must have marker!

At the 'Toys for Tots' event the South Beach Pimps provided the refereeing and Rex Green, owner of Old River Paintball, provided free entrance with a toy for the Toys for Tots charity. The field is awesome and the weather could not have been better.

After the game, came the feast in true Pimp fashion. The day's play was followed with a pig roast, Miami style. John Navarro of the Pimps did the cooking and Rex supplied the pig. The pig was slow roasted over 6 hours in the Cuban fashion. Dilicioso!

This was the second time the Pimps donated their time to facilitate this charity event. In the words of Mike Tolnay of the South Beach Pimps, "We get so much from this game that we have to give something back. A lot of children are going to have something to smile about this holiday season." 

JC Murray

Viper TC Series - Venezuela

Planet Eclipse will be attending the season finale of the Viper TC Series in Venezuela from December 1st-4th.

Planet Eclipse will be hosting a dealer tech class (run by Certified Planet Eclipse Tech PJ), player service class and a Pro Clinic during the event. Marc Lancia, Sales Manager Planet Eclipse, and Mike Canto, South American Sales Rep, will be attending the event to have meet and greets with all dealers that will be out there.

Viper TC will also have the brand new Etha on display at the event so if you are attending the event or in the area please make sure you come by to be one of the first to see it in person!! Professional Player Nick Slowiak, Team Aftershock, will also be attending the event to host a Pro Clinic. Please stop by the Planet Eclipse Booth to find out more information and to meet Nick Slowiak in person. We look forward to seeing everyone out there!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

NEW Boston Indoor Opens !

If you can't take the Heat.....

...... stay out of the netting !!!

Becoming series Champions for the first time is often hard enough, reclaiming that same title the next year seems to be even harder.

Besides having to prove themselves in the highest leagues of the Millennium and the DPL, Amsterdam HEAT had to battle its way through the best teams Holland had to offer in the NPL. As small as The Netherlands might be, the country seems to produce an interesting amount of passionate teams. It’s amazing to see how fast new players and teams develop themselves in this modern day.

That’s why the almost flawless Championship in 2010 would have to make place for a four weekend long grind. Teams like, Bad Boys, Relics, Ferox and even the Belgium SPL team Overdrive were all ready to rip the fabric off the freshly printed HEAT jerseys. Luckily none of them could withstand the heat the team managed to generate. With not a single match lost the combined forces of Amsterdam HEAT and HEAT II could once again step onto the highest podium place of the NPL.

A good team knows how to win, a great team knows how to win consistently and don’t we all know having the right gear in your hands is decisive. The players from Amsterdam HEAT have been with Planet Eclipse for quite some time now and having products made specifically for top-notch performance makes all the difference.

The team will continue to shoot the magnificent GEO’s and EGO’s throughout the next season and is determined to show the damage it can do.

Thanks to powered by for the pictures.

Knowledge For All..

Here at Planet Eclipse we try very hard to give the players that purchase our equipment the best possible customer service we can. We spend a huge amount of time and money travelling to events around the world teching customer’s markers.

Some of the places we travel too are quite far away and sometimes remote. We never simply want to arrive, help and then leave with the players praying we will come back soon. We always try and train as many Dealers as we can while we are there so that they can service the player’s needs while we are away at other events. But even this sometimes isn’t enough. We realise that there are different types of players around the world. Some just want to air up there marker and go and play, some players want more than the knowledge you can get from a manual (even if the Eclipse manuals are brilliant) isn’t as good as hands on training. Some people simply don’t have the luxury of having a dealer nearby.

At the recent World Cup Asia Pals events in Langkawi, Malaysia we introduced our ‘Players Maintenance Class’. After the extensive dealer class had finished players were invited to book into the Players Maintenance Class, 90 minutes long, the class walked the players through simple day to day maintenance of their markers to keep them running in tip top order.

You do see some sights, with markers that were 2 or 3 years old that had NEVER been serviced starting out thick with dirt and grease, leaving running smoother than ever and all gleaming.

The Players Maintenance Class will become a regular feature at events whenever we can fit them in. So keep your eyes open for the next class near you. 

Thanks to everyone that attended the class and for Skirmish Asia for hosting the event.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Iowa State Paintball - Update

Figured it had been a little while since our last team update.  Here is what's going on with Iowa State Paintball, as well as an overview from our last Tournament.

On November 12, the ISU Cyclones traveled to The Missouri Open, at RiverSplat Paintball in Moscow Mills, MO, just outside St. Louis to compete in our second MICT event.  We brought two teams to this tournament, which made up 40% of the 5 team total at the event.  Both ISU Gold and ISU Red started out the day strong, with Gold going 3-1 in the prelims and knocking out Kansas University and  Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) in two games a piece in the Race-2 format.  MST was the team that beat Iowa State out at Event 1 for 3rd place.  ISU Gold dropped one series to Arkansas University, Who also went 3-1 in the prelims.  Coincidentally, Arkansas only dropped point was to ISU's Red line.

Leading into semi-finals, Arkansas beat out ISU Gold by 1 point, giving them a bye straight to finals.  ISU Gold had to prove we deserved to be there and play another series against MST, who edged out ISU Red by 1 point in the prelims.  ISU Red ended the day in 4th place, which considering they had 4 freshman and 3 players who were brand new to NCPA play, was a pretty good showing.  The boys had some controversial calls but kept it together and definitely gave us (ISU Gold) a run for our money.  Next time, we might have to think twice about strategizing with them in the hotel the night before! 

ISU Gold had two rounds aginst MST with no points.  The first was called no point on account of a dirty ISU flag hang and the second was because our idiot captain (myself) yelled to grab the flag right after I got shot and was on my way off the field.  The 3rd game was all us though, and we moved on to play Arkansas.  We kept the games close and without penalties.  With coaching from our Red line, we were able to keep Arkansas out of the snake, which had been owning the field all day.  In the end, Arkansas ended up beating us 2 games to 1, giving us 2nd place.

The Egos and Geos shot sauce all day, even with the paint at the event being a little bit oblong and disfigured.  We were proud to represent Planet Eclipse at the event, and hopefully we can bring home some More trophies for Iowa State and Eclipse when we start up again next Spring!

Aaron Hebeisen
Senior, Animal Ecology- Wildlife
ISU Paintball Club President

Australian Tech Classes - THIS WEEKEND !!!

If you happen to be going to the Super 7 Masters this weekend in Australia and own a Planet Eclipse marker you have the chance to jump on a tech class with the one and only Nicky T..

Be quick places are limited !!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ranger - Champions of Poland

At the end of the season some teams just go to sleep for a few months. Some teams are already starting to prepare for 2012. Ranger Warsaw sent me this video with a message… I pretty powerful message… What a great way to thank your sponsors !!

Ranger Warsaw is the oldest, and currently the best Polish paintball team. We are a group of players, who dream to prove their professionalism by advancing Ranger Warsaw to Millennium CPL in a few seasons. With our dedication and sponsors, such as Planet Eclipse, DarkSports, and Skill Paintball store, the CPL dream is within our reach. We have our goals and each year brings us a step closer to making them a reality. We have proven our team's endurance and longevity by attending all three major European leagues simultaneously: the Millennium Series, the Grand Tour and the Polish Paintball League! We have proven our strength by winning this, and last year's Polish champion title. And finally, our greatest achievement is 4th place in SPL 2011 season. We are at the peak of our ability and lust for success, and we are still hungry for more. Prepare to hear about us much more often, because season 2012 we plan to reach the sky!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Diamond Wars Finale - 27th Nov 2011

Sunday 27th November sees this year's conclusion of the awesome Diamond Wars series held at National Paintball Fields Birmingham, England. This has to be one of the finest monthly events held on our shores,  and you will often see my Mercs and I doing battle for the highest bidder to line our deep pockets with blood dollars!

Last month I took a small squad down to play alongside the HMC, a controversial switch of sides to our normal USDE allegiance. The USDE were foolish to under estimate my Merc forces no matter how small… The Fools…..However, this month I extend an olive branch to the USDE in the hope that next season they may wish to fight alongside my Mercs once more (for the right price of course).....

Commander Baddeley of the USDE has today passed me top secret co-ordinates to allow an airdrop of our latest in high tech weaponry  at 09.30hrs, to their HQ location deep in the Corimbe.  The ETHAs will be available to use throughout the day's play, so speak to Cdr Baddeley if you'd like to roll with one for a while! The red smoke will mark the landing point of our care package… I will also send a healthy bounty of goodies down so the players on the USDE can also revel in the spoils of war…

Choose your side for the final battle…

Mega Game Tops 1000 Players...

Fulda Gap 2012 by Jason "foolybear" Lineberger

Big Game - a paintball format usually involving a set number of flag stations worth a specified amount of points.  While the term "big game" denotes a large number of players, what qualifies as "large" is subjective.  At some fields 100 players would be a crowd, while at others 100 players could fan across the field without meeting each other. 

Mega Game - a specific annual event held at Command Decisions Wargames Center in NorthCarolina.  The Fulda Gap Mega Game began in 2006 with approximately 300 players and has grown since then to break the 1000 player cap, putting it, in terms of size, in line with some of the biggest paintball games in the world.  Fulda Gap transcends big-gameness.  The armor, the charges, the field, the teams, the camping - Fulda Gap Mega Game has matured from an intriguing scenario to one of those handful of must-play paintball games.

Fulda Gap's premise stems from a real Cold War military scenario where NATO troops drilled against a possible land invasion of Europe by Warsaw forces through the Fulda Gap region of Germany.  The game's format mirrors the real-world scenario; NATO begins by holding key bases around the 70+ acres of land at Command Decisions, and Warsaw makes an aggressive surge using their superior armor to take those defensive positions.  Generals on each side plan their strategies well in advance knowing that they'll have simulated airstrikes, chemical gas attacks, tanks, and even the ability to use tactical nukes to remove an area of the field entirely.  Also, since timing and coordination can mean the difference between taking a base and wastefully throwing players at a losing cause, the generals began recruiting early this year, through personal contacts, using online paintball forums, and even utilizing recruitment videos, like this one for the Warsaw Pact.

Making The Scene . . . . . . .As the Fulda Gap Mega Game has grown, so has everything surrounding it.  Over 1000 players attended this year, and many of them chose to camp.  The expansive camping area, divided into NATO and Warsaw zones, has become a sea of RVs, tents, and trailers, and now that this event is a staple on many teams' schedules, it's the place to get reconnect with paintball friends and close out the year with one last blast.  The vendors have also seen the opportunity, and Vendor Row has steadily grown as well, from a few pop-up tents to this year's mobile showcase trailers.  As intense as the action gets on the field, off it Fulda Gap is a paintball meet-and-greet, and with players from across the United States (and overseas!) attending this event, there are plenty to meet.

PAR (Paintball Action Report) . . . . . . .After the dominating victory by NATO in 2010, the Warsaw Pact troops came with a fire lit under them, hungry for payback.  Led by Al "Aldva" Downs of team SoVa, Warsaw pushed aggressively from the opening bang and rolled through the entrenched NATO defenders.  Within an hour they had NATO on their heels, and by noon, when Warsaw's Czech Paratroopers inserted in force, their mission to take the forts on the back end of the field had already been completed.  What followed on Saturday was sporadic skirmishes between some tight-knit NATO units determined to hold off the inevitable advance and Warsaw shooters eager for a confrontation.  One by one, the NATO-held bases dropped until as time expired for Saturday's segment, NATO held out in the urban field near their base, desperately clutching to their last bit of real estate.

Ballin' After Dark . . . . . . .During night play, teams Capital Offense, Thunderstruck, and SoVa coordinated a plan designed to lock down the field for Warsaw.  They divided up shooters wearing night vision goggles (NVGs) and teamed those with groups of players without night vision units.  NATO fielded squads using advanced thermal imaging technology, but even so, the motivated Warsaw teams quickly established control of four out of the five bases up for points during the night segment.  Once again though, while Warsaw players snuck into Sim City (called Frankfurt in the game) and flipped the flag at one point, they couldn't crack NATO's hold on that location.  With four out of five bases though, the night portion widened an already wide points margin between the sides.

Sunday Bloody Sunday . . . . . . .Saturday's one-sided battles gave way to much more competitive contests on Sunday.  NATO, led by Larry "Ironman" Rivenbark, brought their A game early Sunday morning with assaults deep into territory held by Warsaw throughout Saturday's day and night segments.  NATO had changed their tactics, favoring assaults on the perimeter bases while utilizing the game's rules to open DZ's (dead zones) in those areas.  Without easy roads for tanks or open fields for mass charges, Warsaw had much more difficulty prying NATO's gunners from their bases.  Warsaw never let up on the pressure, and the precise troop coordination through Warsaw's command structure allowed them to focus their pushes on key zones to crack the NATO wall.

In the final hour, Warsaw turned their full attention on Sim City.  The Fulda Gap players shot over 3.5 million paintballs during the weekend, and from the intensity of that last hour, probably 25% of the shots fired took place in those hotly contested 60 minutes.  Like leaks in the dam, Warsaw runners made small inroads into the city, taking the perimeter buildings, massing players, then making insane dashes to the interior.  Ten players might run to have two survive, but two guns at a building opened new moves.  Eventually NATO fought in increasingly tight quarters and finally their lines collapsed as Warsaw swept the field in the closing minutes.  The sixth Fulda Gap drew to a close, and as teams packed up their camp sites, they already began turning their attention to a return in 2012.

Foolybear on the Frontlines . . . . . .Sunday was by far the better day this year, and my favorite moment happened on a mission through the woods at the far end of the field, the farthest point away from the main bases where the action tends to happen.  For this year's Fulda Gap I left my Geo in the hands of my daughter, foolycub, while I put the new Etha to the test of a major two day paintball throwdown.  The two of us separated from our team (Capital Offense) and joined up with some players from teams Fracture and Wulfenkow to clear out the back woods that were thick with NATO players.  While my Warsaw companions moved in force on both my left and right, foolycub and I dashed up the middle, straight into the enemy.  It was one of those moments when everything comes together.  With their attention drawn to the massive groups on either side, the NATO players failed to see the threat coming down the middle.  I felt bad for stealing all those eliminations, but I'll justify it by saying that I had to really test the Etha. 

Results - I put two cases of paint through that beast, one of field grade and one that was of a higher grade.  Zero breaks in the gun or barrel.  At one point I dove behind a bunker so hard that I cracked my nigh-indestructable loader.  Damage to the Etha?  Zero.  Entry level?  Hardly!  It might cost like an amateur but it swings like a champ.

Thanks to Brett Weaver of PB for the photo's in this article...

Latest Intel fresh from the front lines tell us that Jason "foolybear" Lineberger next outing will be Battlefield 3 at Line-of-Fire Paintball on November 26.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Eclipse DOMINATE Around the World

Last weekend was one of the biggest on the calendar with the Pals Asia World Cup happening in Langkawi, Malaysia and the final leg of the NPPL also happening in Vegas, USA. Not to mention the IWC – International Woodsball Championships in Malaysia!

If you have been stuck under a rock for a week and don’t know the result let me fill you in...

Let’s start with the NPPL. Obviously, teams were competing for the Vegas Title but also for the NPPL Series titles.

Planet Eclipse teams came flying out of the gates at this one and scooped the top three podium places in the Pro’s:

Boooom !!! Great result for Aftershock. Dynasty taking 2nd place also gave them the series title to go alongside their PSP series title for 2011, making this a VERY impressive year for Dynasty. But just one division lower Dynasty 2 were taking home the 1st place gold medal for the event, with Impact Echo matching their Pro teams result taking 3rd Place which also gave Impact Echo the Div 1 NPPL Series Championship. Not a bad day in the office.. :-)   Well done everyone.

A few thousand Miles away on the beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia, Team Datis were also tying up the end to a great season. Planet Eclipse sponsored Team Datis from Iran not only won the Pals Asia World Cup but also secured the Pals Series title. They also show depth in their squad with sister team Diako winning Div 3.

The Pals Asia World Cup was a pretty impressive event for many reasons and if anything is going to raise the tournament circuit bar then this may well have been it…

And last but certainly not least was the Command and Conquer International Woodsball Championship in with a scratch team with three Brits (Dickie and Jim from Disruption and Ledz), Dean from Raskals and the rest of the Warriors calling themselves 'Raskals Avengers' beat seven time .. YES seven time reigning champions ‘Team Unknown’ to take away the title…Not a bad first woodland tournament outing for the Etha…

A brilliant weekend for Planet Eclipse teams around the world….

We take our hats off to each and every one of you . . .  There is always time to join the right army !!


Friday, 18 November 2011

South Africa Adventures !

Imagine our delight when Hardie and Elaine from The Paintball Shop, our South African Distributors, called up our Manchester office one rainy afternoon and asked if we would go out to Johannesburg to attend the Africa Cup event with them, meet some of their customers and generally see the work that they are doing to spread knowledge of Eclipse and our products throughout their continent. Flying such a long way and only being able to stay for a long weekend, it was imperative that we made the most of our time in South Africa, so having been met at the airport when we landed on Friday morning by Hardie, Jason (owner of The Paintball Shop in Port Elizabeth) and Llewelyn (SA photographer and illustrator extraordinaire) it was straight off to the field where the Africa Cup was to be played only a short 15 minute ride from the airport.

 Still slightly groggy from the overnight flight and full equipped with our hoodies and jeans it was time to break out the shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and sunscreen and embrace the good weather. Having unloaded the contents of Hardies Vito we made sure that everything was secured away in preparation for opening the booth early the following morning, and hit the road once again so that we could check out their main store and headquarters in a town called Centurion, approximately 40 minutes outside of Johannesburg. Whilst the transportation was modern, seating arrangements were not and I got to travel "Africa Style".

The Paintball Shop Centurion is well stocked and offers customers the chance to get hands on with the entire Eclipse range; including the latest HDE clothing and our new Etha marker. It was immediately evident how enthusiastic all the staff were and whilst we had the tour of the facility, the shop staff attended to customers with requests ranging from wanting information on the latest home defence gear to wanting to purchase top of the range tournament markers. As a manufacturer it's important to get a handle on the diversity of our marker and it's often not until you physically go and visit customer and see the pro-activeness and hard work of your chosen Distributors that you really appreciate what they are working with and against. In that respect, day one had already ticked a lot of boxes! trusting our stomachs insistence that it was time to eat we devoured some pizza and boarded the Vito once more to take it some of the sights this time in the form of a Game Drive to a nearby Lion and Rhino Reserve. Game Drives in South Africa make a mockery of the animals that we see in Zoo's over here in the UK as everything is roaming round a huge area of private land in a natural environment. Obviously carnivores are separated from herbivores but the sheer variety and closeness of the animals was breath-taking! In only a couple of hours we not only got to see Rhino, Zebra, Lions, Warthogs, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Impala, Kudu, Wildebeest and Buffalo but we also got to go and play with real lion and tiger cubs!

Friday night saw us be treated to a "Braai"; South African for BBQ, and we were joined by Jason's team mate and colleague from Port Elizabeth; Michael along with his girlfriend Nicola. Possibly the biggest steaks we have ever seen in our lives greeted us and we got to sample the local beverages in the form of Castle Lager and the formidable Stroh Rum; which at 80% certainly saw to the jetlag and made sure we had no issues sleeping! Saturday morning rolled round all too quickly and it seemed like only seconds since we'd closed our eyes the night before, but after a quick sort out it was off to the field for the start of the Africa Cup. The Paintball Shop had a set up that incorporated a fully stocked sales booth as well as a tech support booth. Whilst many might be fooled into thinking that players would be using out of date equipment; everyone was fully aware of what the latest Eclipse gear was and eager to get their hands on the Etha and shoot it for themselves. Having the luxury of having a couple of demonstration Etha markers on hand, meant that we could go through the technically aspects of the marker with any players who wanted more info and were also able to loan them out to any players wanting to shoot them in a game. Needless to say we were overwhelmed with requests and whilst the markers performed faultlessly it was a struggle getting them out of one players hand into the next!

The event was well attended with over 40 teams split between the 3-man competition and 5-man competition which saw teams travel from as far afield as Namibia to give the event a truly international feel. South African paintball is not dissimilar with European paintball. Players have access to all of the same resources that we have and infact have the advantage of a more favourable climate in which to play than certainly the UK. Whilst the climatic conditions are stable, the economic ones are not and paintball is still relatively young with the main players slowly but surely beginning to work together to build an infrastructure that can support paintball in the long term and ensure that the players needs are met. The Africa Cup was a solid step forward in the process as it allowed various wholesalers from within the South African community to cohabit the same event and ultimately the players to benefit as there was a greater variety of product available to view and purchase. Aside from Eclipse's involvement it was great to see the likes of KEE and HK also send representatives across to the event to not only promote their products but show the South Africans that as an industry they are important to all of us.

Saturday night was a more sombre affair; or at least we thought that it was going to be! After freshening up we went out to a restaurant owned by Nicola's father; 'More'. Knowing that there were foreign visitors in town only added to his already mischievous attitude and he soon proceeded to involve us in some bizarre ritual that incorporated a head-lock and being forced to drink an overwhelming quantity of liqueur - less than ideal for some of us! Fortunately the food was beyond awesome and if you're ever in the area it would be criminal not to try out the Biltong Pate starter! Sunday morning arrived before we knew it and we were back on site ready to see how the South African division of our Emortal army would fare. In the 3-man Play Division Golden Boys came out on top beating EspireE Carbon in the finals, whilst in the 3-man Elite Division; Revolution (SARPL) beat Durban Corruption (KPPL) to take the title. In Division of the 5-man Eclipse sponsored Firestorm won the event beating newcomers HPB Wicket in the final, who were playing there very first event! Firestorms victory was made even more impressive by the fact that they did not drop a single point throughout the entire event! In the 5-man Pro Division our old friends Dynamix had a hard fought battle against Reaper to take the win and the series title - congratulations to all the teams that took part in the Africa Cup 2011; you did yourselves and South African Paintball proud!

With only one night remaining on South African soil we elected to play it safe and avoided and last minute controversy. Monday saw us taking in our final hours of Winter sunshine whilst checking out downtown Jo' burg under the watchful eye of Hardies' Special Forces chum Japie. Japie did offer us the chance to take part in his works' "Bring a friend to be a hostage day" but we politely declined in favour of returning home in one piece! All in all we had a fantastic time in South Africa; Hardie, Elaine and Jason do a sterling job for Eclipse out there and if there is ANYTHING that you need to know about our products do not hesitate to get in contact with them via:

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Liberty Univeristy Start STRONG !!!

It has been a long break from college paintball since the National finals and Liberty University has been training hard all off season at their home field on Campus. Despite a great season we were upset with how the nationals ended. We were looking forward to taking home the first place trophy. The beginning of the college paintball season has already started and on Saturday November 12th, the Liberty University Paintball Team played their first event of the Class A paintball season.  Liberty played games against Kennesaw State University and the defending National Champions, University of Tennessee.  Liberty Univ beat Kennesaw State 7-2 and 8-2 and then made a huge statement by beating Tennessee 11-4 and 11-2.  Beating the National champs at home is a tremendous boost to the program and going 4-0 on the season puts Liberty in first place of the South East Conference.

We would like to thank the University and our all sponsors especially Planet Eclipse for providing us great guns and great support through the year

You can also check out Liberty University and other Planet Eclipse Sponsored college teams at the NCPA National Event last year. Planet Eclipse did an amazing job with the college ETV and we really appreciate them putting the time and effort into making it.

Thanks to for the shots !

Check out Liberty University below:

Desert Edge - ETHA Giveaway Contest!

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Step 3: Post "I want an ETHA" on our wall!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ready to Play ?????

Pub Crawling - One for the Road !!

 2011 is almost over, and PUB CRAWLING has crawled from Tennessee, to South Carolina, to Pennsylvania, to Virginia, back to Pennsylvania, one more game in Pennsylvania, then to New Hampshire to tour the Harpoon Brewery (surprised?) out to Ohio, and now we’re headed back to South Carolina. In that time we’ve picked up 5 Most Valuable team awards, 1 Sportsmanship award, 1 Most Formidable Opponent Award, 1 Most Valuable Player Award, and 1 Young Gun Award (for MJ’s son Bradzilla, and Grubermann’s son Spawn). We were also part of the UNHOLY ALLIANCE, leading the defenders at EMR Paintball Park’s Spring Castle Conquest…in a one-time only 6 to 1 against attack and defend game that drew almost 1000 players!!!

 This coming weekend we will be at the MPP scenario paintball game held at Paintball Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. We can’t think of a better way to wrap up our hugely successful 2011 season than attending a quality scenario game produced by Ben Torricelli and his wife, Bonnie: other than attending it at a quality scenario field, like Paintball Charleston!!!

We hope to see you all out there this weekend and just to keep it fun; we will be rolling with a friend of ours and his tank, called ‘Kraken’. This tank has 2 nerf rocket launchers and 3 (yep, I said 3) Planet Eclipse EGOS as the anti-personnel weaponry. This should only make it more interesting!

Follow Pub Crawling at:

Until then, keeping the Emortal Army rolling!!!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Malaysia Flavour Video FREE on Youtube !

In anticipation of the 2011 PALS World Cup, Planet Eclipse gives you a glimpse of a recent trip to Malaysia and look at four sponsored teams from the region, Raskal, Raz Legion, Warriors, and Legionares.

Featuring the song "Growing Pains" by Grieves, courtesy of RhymeSayers Entertainment.