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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ETV's Two-Minute Drill #2

ETV presents The 2-Minute Drill-a new instructional series from Planet Eclipse.

Two-Minute Drill #2 features Ryan Moorhead from Edmonton Impact giving paint management tips and a paint-testing technique.

Monday, 30 January 2012

4 Real 2

It's been over a year since the humans crash landed on the Skaarg home planet. After endless battles and losing warriors on both sides, the humans have finally set up a suitable stronghold.  Under the command of their new leader "Captain Rico" (Rick Fernandez of Top Gun Productions), the humans have refreshed their goal of trying to get off the planet successfully. Unfortunately, standing in the way are the Skaarg alien force. Headed by their recently appointed general, "The Gwaltinator" (Jeff Gwaltney of the SE IYAOYAS).  After losing his family and his alien force weakened in the struggle with the humans over the previous year, The Gwaltinator and his newly appointed forces have no intention of letting the humans leave his planet without exacting his revenge. Much to the dismay of The Gwaltinator, a ship was seen by Skaarg scouts flying over the camp and landing a few miles from their village.  At the same time the human scouts report the good newsto Capt. Rico.  And so it begins! Which force will track where the ship has landed and reach it first? Will those who occupy the ship be friend or foe?  Choose your side wisely. 

Will the humans get to go home or will the Skaarg get their revenge? 

Join us for this action packed game. Elite missions and special effects included!

Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger - Call To Action !!

Eclipse's own scenario slayer, Jason "foolybear" Lineberger, has laid out a preliminary schedule of games for 2012. His path of destruction encompasses both 24 hour scenario events, single day big games, instructional clinics, and a possible return to tournament competition. This list will grow as promoters add events, so check back often for the latest updates!

As foolybear attends these events, you'll be able to read his game coverage right here.  Follow his paintball musings on Twitter (@foolybear) and see his latest paintball photographs on Instagram under the same name. If you spot foolybear at a game, be sure to say hello and invite him to run a mission with your team, and your squad might be featured here as well!

January 28 - Glorious Cause at Black River Paintball (

February 25-26 Road to No Ends at Adventure Beach (

March 3 - Black River vs. Xtreme Kombat (

March 17-18 Generation Kill at CDWC (

April - tentative return to woodsball competition.

May 5 - Trekkie vs Trekker at SOVA Swamp (

May 19-20 Shadow Wars at Command Decisions (

June 19-21 Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp  (

June 30 Western Wars at EMR (

Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Line-of-Fire Paintball on September 8 (

The Invasion of Japan at Adventure Beach Paintball on September 22 (

October 6-7 A Game of Thrones at Bearclaw Paintball (

The Walking Dead at SplatBrothers Paintball Park on October 12-14 (

November 9-11 Fulda Gap (

December Santa vs. the Grinch at LOF (

Friday, 27 January 2012

ICON 'A Whole Season' Trailer

ICON have launched a pretty impressive trailer to the up and coming movie...'A Whole Season'

Check It out here !!!

Trailer: A Whole Season from ICON Job on Vimeo.

GFOA Increased Prize Fund !!!

The GFOA is pleased to announced, with Valken, Planet Eclipse, Dye, U.S. Army and with the addition of G.I.Millsim, NXe, Kee Action Sports, Sly and Gurillia Air to the list of 2012 GFOA sponsors. Through the support of all the GFOA sponsors, we will be able to aproximitly DOUBLE the D-5 and D-4 prize packages. We are currently working on a new prize structure for D-3/Open Devision involving CASH payouts.

How much? Make sure you watch the GFOA Face book or the GFOA website for these announcements..............

Thursday, 26 January 2012

NEMESIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Far East is a rapidly emerging force in the Paintball World and I personally have had the great pleasure of visiting the area many times and seen the sport grow and develop extensively over the last few years.

One of the teams that has continually impressed me is Team Nemesis. They seem to have a dogged determination that clearly pays dividends as their trophy cabinet is full to the rafters.

It was a pretty big surprise and a pleasure when Team Nemesis approached Planet Eclipse for sponsorship for 2012 and beyond. And it’s with great pleasure that Skirmish Asia and Planet Eclipse can announce that Team Nemesis have now joined the Emortal Army!
TC Gan has said “Skirmish Paintball Asia is very proud to officially announce that Team Nemesis has accepted Planet Eclipse sponsorship for their 2012 season. We thank Team Nemesis for their confidence in using Planet Eclipse paintball products. We wish them their continued success for their future".

Team Nemesis are the five times consecutive Series Champion of the MyNPL and is one of the best and most formidable teams in Malaysia. Their arch and most competitive rivals has always been Team Raskal but now with both teams in the Emortal Army, competitiveness will be taken to the next level. It’s a pleasure to welcome Team Nemesis to the Emortal Army.

The first tournament of 2012, the MPOC tournament's series, was dominated by Planet Eclipse teams with Team Nemesis and Raskal battling it out in the Division 1 Finals. It was a very close Race-to-4 game and both teams were competing to the very last second of the match. Team Raskal managed to edge out Team Nemesis to win this event. No doubt, both Planet Eclipse Emortal Army team will met again in the next leg and they will endeavour to make it another 1st and 2nd podium finish.

Loco, the Team Nemesis Captain said “I've never shot with such a fantastically fast and phenomenally accurate marker. Just think where you want to shoot and the Geo 2.1 will place it exactly there.  We are honoured to have been offered, and to be, a part of the Emortal Army. All we need to do now is, adapt, train harder and win if God permits. Being one of the best paintball markers and equipment manufacturers, we know Planet Eclipse is the best selection. With this great acknowledgement, we hope to excel further with Planet Eclipse"

From everyone at Planet Eclipse and everyone at Skirmish Asia

Welcome to the Family!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Marquette University Sign with Eclipse

Marquette University is proud to announce that we officially sponsored by, the world renowned, Planet Eclipse. “Marquette is excited to start this season representing Eclipse by shooting their top of the line guns and wearing their gear. With Brew City Paintball and Planet Eclipse supporting us, we are guaranteed to perform at our best.” Said Dave Pagel of Marquette University

College sports are huge in the US. With Paintball teams being supported by their colleges as an actual sport is a great step for paintball. College Paintball is the only tournaments that consistently are on TV every year. With the support of the colleges and the paintball manufacturers its going to help grow paintball.

Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse says “We are proud to have another college team be part of our Eclipse Army. Marquette University has a great group of players and we look forward to them having a successful year. They have another great sponsor and field behind them, Brew City Paintball. With their top notch indoor field this should give Marquette an upper hand when training for the upcoming season” 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Video Round Up - Jan 19th 2012

Not a huge amount of video passing  in front of my eyes in the last few weeks (that I can show you ;-). So here are three noteworthy ones.

First one is a little tongue in cheek parody. As it says in the video NEVER take your goggles off while playing Paintball, but this is obviously NOT playing paintball and is for FUN… Remember it’s FUN!!!

Amazing Action Video for number 2. It’s like my Snowboarding trip last week …… Almost !

3rd and final for this round up is Girls with very little on with nice guns… (for the first 1 ½ minutes at least). What more do I need to say !

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

NEW Vicious Signing

VICIOUS is pleased to announce the newest addition to their 2012 roster, Matt Sossoman.

"I am very excited about making my pro debut with the VICIOUS family and playing along some of the best players in the world. I feel like this season we are going to be making a lot of Sundays,"..... Matt Sossoman

VICIOUS feels that Matt is a great fit into the VICIOUS organization and look forward to him being part of their successes in the 2012 season. 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Super6 . . . . . . . .

The UK’s Super6 Scenario event dates have now been launched and with only a couple of weeks away from the first event (District 10 on the 5th February 2012) things are hotting up…

The Super6 have launched their first E-Magazine dedicated to Super6 Scenario events…

Check it out here:

And something a little special at the first event of the year (on the Saturday before the main game)… Planet Eclipse Factory team and CPPS series Champions ‘Disruption’ are giving up there time to show you some of the skills they use on the Supiar fields that can make the difference between winning and losing in the woods as well….

The Super6 series runs a program of Academy sessions at each event. One session is always classroom based and the other field based. Some are designed specifically for new players to introduce them to Big Game paintball and some are specifically designed for more experienced players to help them upskill their game. All the Super6 Academy sessions are free of charge.

At the first Super6 of 2012, District 10 at Skirmish Nottingham, the Planet Eclipse team Birmingham Disruption will be running the field based Academy session. The session will be entitled ‘Transferable Skills’ and will focus on the technical aspects of tournament play that can be transferred into the woods.

Basic skills that many tournament players have drummed into them from an early stage are often absent from Woodsball players who seldom undertake any formal training as part of their hobby. So ‘Dickie’ and ‘Pikey’ will be spending some time passing on some of those basic skills to scenario players who are interested in improving the technical aspect of their game play. Skills like tucking in, shooting left and right handed, supressing, snap shooting and how to fire effectively on the move will all feature in a program that is sure to be very popular with the attending players.

The session will begin at 2pm and sign-up details for this free Academy session will be released in the Super6/1: District 10 Player Pack which will be published on Thursday January 19th on the Super6 website (

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Catshack Reports reviews HDE Camo

 The HDE Camo is filtering it's way into players and reviews hands now...And by all account players seems to be impressed....... Here is a review by Paul Forcier that i missed from The Catshack Reports....

Friday, 13 January 2012

X-Factor Needs YOU !

On January 28th and January 29th 2012 aspiring Paintball players that feel that they have got what it takes to play at the very highest professional level and become one of the X-Factor squad, will have the chance to shine in front of the X-Factor team.

X-Factor are looking to add to their already impressive roster and invite anyone that thinks they have what it takes to sign up to the weekend.
Planet Eclipse ETV will also be attending the weekend to film the event, so the camera shy need not apply.

So what’s going to happen during the weekend….

Day 1 (Saturday 28th Jan):  Arrive on site by 9:00am. Players should expect to run conditioning and Paintball specific drills with simulated game situations. Cuts will be made throughout this day as we see fit. Final Saturday cuts will happen after the 1 on 1 competition. The winner of which gets a ‘free pass’ into Sunday.
Saturday Night
… Everyone that has made it thought to the Sunday is expected to attend a casual dinner at a local restaurant, Chuy’s.

Day 2 (Sunday 29th Jan):  Arrive on site by 9:00am. On Sunday, players can expect more of the same drills along with full game scrimmages. This will be the final chance players have to impress the X-Factor team.

Grayson Goff Said “We are looking for players who are hungry to learn and have that same special competitive edge that brought X-factor to top of the pro brackets. Teams are afraid to play us and we should feel the same about you…...Be warned some people could and will be cut from the very start”
Have YOU Got It ??????

X-Factor Paintball Park,
18239 Bracken Dr.,
San Antonio,
TX 78266

Cost: $5 per person

Paint: Field Paint Only @ $45 Case (expect to shoot about 2 to 3 cases).

Food:  Not Included. Possibility of getting food on site but best if you bring your own. You will need money for meal on the Saturday night at Chuy’s.
You need to bring everything with you that you need to play Paintball (except Paintballs).

Local Hotels: Will be posted on the facebook page soon.

Booking in: No need to book in but we would like people to register their interest via our Facebook page and any question you have please also direct them to us via Facebook.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brute Force . . . . . . .

Brute Force Re-Signs with Planet Eclipse......................

Team Brute Force a regional scenario and big game paintball team based out of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut announces today that they will be officially entering their Junior year as a Planet Eclipse sponsored team.

Since the start of the 2010 season, Team Brute Force has been a full Planet Eclipse sponsored team. Using the industry giants notorious products such as the EGO, GEO, and ETEK marker platforms, pants, performance ware, and casual ware.

Entering into the 2012 season, both Planet Eclipse and Brute Force have teamed up to bring what is going to by far be the best year of paintball this team has experienced. Brute Force will be wearing a customized 2012 EVX Distortion jersey, EVX Distortion pants, Distortion performance ware, and of course rocking EGO, GEO, ETEK, and ETHA markers. 

Mike Revelle, Brute Force Team Owner said, “We are extremely proud to be a Planet Eclipse sponsored team, now entering into our third year as apart of the Emortal Army we believe that we can create a mutual partnership with Planet Eclipse to further the growth of local and regional scenario paintball. Using Planet Eclipse products helps us perform our best, travel farther, and look great.”

Nathan Avelar, Brute Force Team Captain said, ”I believe that Eclipse supports the team with the best playing gear around, which allows us to keep playing year in and year out.  The unmatched support from Eclipse to make us who we are today. I would like to thank Marc Lancia and Planet Eclipse for everything they have done for and provided us these past years, without them we would not be where are now.”

“Team Brute Force has been a loyal team with us over the past 3 years. We are glad to keep them part of the Emortal Army through 2012. Their commitment and dedication on and off the field has proven that they are a valuable team to us. We look forward to another successful year with them and we would like to thank them for all their support over the years. “ said Marc Lancia with Planet Eclipse

For more information about Team Brute Force and or their sponsors, visit:

GFOA early Intel ......

Front Line Intel about the GFOA has been captured by Planet Eclipse HQ:

We hope everyone had a safe and joyful holiday season. We are really excited about the 2012 GFOA season.  New daily developments are occurring with sponsors, rules, locations and everything in general. We plan on bringing you updates every two weeks to any developments that may be happening.

Currently we know the most sought after bit of information is events dates, locations, and entry prices.  At this point we can confirm two of these three bits of information. Dates are as follows:  March 3, 2012.  April 14, 2012.  May 12, 2012.  June 9, 2012.  July 21, 2012.  August 18, 2012.  September 15, 2012.  October 13, 2012.  And in early November will be the Seven man Slam.

Locations: At this time we are only ready to announce the first event March 3, 2012 will be at On Target Paintball Ga. Located in Macon. The other event locations will be shared in weeks to come. We have been diligently looking at other fields, and will have our final decisions soon.

Event Pricing: The GFOA is proud to announce that with last year’s sponsorship and this year’s sponsorship there will not be any changes on the pricing.  2012 pricing will remain the same as last year at $199.00 for all three divisions.

Just a hint of next release topic, is the prize structure for D-5 and D-4 will be greatly increased. How Much, make sure you watch the GFOA Face book or the GFOA website for these announcements.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vicious Series 2012

Vipers first impressions.

It’s always nice to hear from players when they like are gear (we even like to know when we don’t quite get it right).. But sometimes someone goes the extra mile and writes a full review. Check this out below from Kerry “Viper” Rosenberry

My first weekend with my new Eclipse gear.......

I just thought I would put something together for those of you contemplating purchasing gear from Planet Eclipse. I recently went out for a day of recball and used my new Eclipse gear for the first time. Here are my impressions.

Eclipse HDE camo pants: As soon as you pick these up and handle them you get a sense of just how tough they are. The material looks great and feels very durable. It truly feels like protective gear designed to withstand punishment and the elements. Once you put them on your really begin to discover how well-thought-out the design is. Heavy-duty stretch material in the crotch, ventilating panels, and integrated pads in the knees and hips secured by rock-solid stitching gives you the sense that they will last forever and protect you from scrapes and bruises. Zippered on standard front pockets that are deep and solid. You feel like you could carry keys and money on the field without danger of losing them. Cargo pockets on the thighs have concealed zipper-pockets behind them as well. Throw in adjustments on the waist, a swab pocket on each calf, and cinches on eth cuffs that have little Velcro retainers for the cinch cords to keep them from flopping around and catching on things and you will be hard-pressed to find any way to improve them.

Eclipse HDE camo jersey: Everything you wouldwant and more. Good looks, heavy-duty stitching, some good ventilation, and a little extra padding to protect you from bumps and scrapes. Now here are the things you wouldn’t expect…there are four Velcro panels with Eclipse patches attached. You can pull these off and use the Velcro to attach nameplates and team patches. And now the cool part; behind each of the Velcro panels on each bicep is a hidden, zippered pocket. How cool is that?

And my Geo2.1: I could write a book! It comes in a padded, protective case that includes a full set of ball-end hex wrenches (yes, ball-end ones!) and the most extensive spares kit I have seen. Gaskets, o-rings, lube, the works. The marker itself is sleek-looking and well-balanced. The trigger has a nice feel to it. And speaking of the trigger, this alone amazed me. Sure it’s four way adjustable. Lots of those out there. But get this…like a magnetic trigger or do you refer a spring? Do you prefer an optical trigger or do you like a micro-switch? This trigger can be any of these or any combination. This alone impressed me before I fired my first ball.

The barrel on the Geo2.1 has Planet Eclipse’s popular design queues including a reverse threaded tip and a design that has the ball travelling off of a travers instead of onto one by having the back thread down into the tip instead of the other way around like many others.

I screwed on my HPA tank. The Geo2.1 features a little sliding on/off. It’s fast and simple with a great low-profile, low-drag feel and when it’s on…it’s on. You won’t find your air accidentally turned off during play.

I gassed it up, loaded some balls in the hopper, and turned it on. The user interface is simple and easy to use once you familiarize with the scrolling and double clicks. The backlit display is easy to read and fires right up. No waiting for boot times.

So I walked the trigger and fired a string of paintballs. There is almost no kick. It’s like the balls just come flowing out of the barrel. It was amazingly quiet too.

Another nice inclusion was a “Training Mode” that provides an audible for every trigger pull and disables the solenoid and the shot counter. This allows you to sit at home, tune your trigger, and practice your trigger technique without making a lot of noise of adding shots to your shot counter. A great idea in my opinion.

All in all there was nothing about the HDE soft goods, or the Geo2.1, that I didn’t find impressive, well-thought out, or well manufactured. You really get the impression that everything that Planet Eclipse produces was conceived by paintballers who knew what we needed, and that they went to great lengths to put quality above profit margins and production costs.

If your goal is to get the best quality gear I would strongly recommend that you take a good, close look at Planet Eclipse. You will be as impressed as I am, of that I have no doubt.

Kerry “Viper” Rosenberry
Viper Paintball Scenarios

Monday, 9 January 2012 end of season event....

The Pre Christmas 5-Man Challenge!!!

On December 19 2011 presented the last official tournament of 2011, The Pre Christmas 5-Man Challenge, This was the last event on Puerto Rico and the best event of 2011, We received 19 teams and over 100 players for this event. Overall we got more than 180 people at the tournament and over 200 users online at our webcast event...

Pbgotcha is very happy for the support we received for this last event of 2011 and for the support of all sponsors and Teams that made this event possible.

To our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Ultimate Sportz, DXS Paintball, Social Paintball, Ozmio, Spy Quarters Paintball Shop, Orama X-Ball Field, Deadlywind & KM Straps............Thanks for trusting  Pbgotcha.

We also thank all the teams that play the tournament:

Supremasy / Impact / Tactical / A-Unit 1 / A-Unit 2 / Los Pepes / Revolution Crew 1 / Revolution Crew 2 / Wolf Pack A / Wolf Pack B / Dynamics / Synergy / Apocalipsy / DarkAngel / Fury / Islanders / Anrchy / Fusion A / Fusion B

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Viper Join Forces with Viper

Viper Paintball and Planet Eclipse join forces for 2012!

December 20, 2011 – Viper Paintball, the United States’ only national scenario production company, is pleased to announce sponsorship by Planet Eclipse, makers of some of the finest paintball markers available.

Planet Eclipse will be providing a limited number of their new Etha markers as prizes at select Viper events, as well as plenty of soft goods and gear. Additionally, Kerry “Viper” Rosenberry, event director at Viper Paintball, will be shooting a new Geo 2.1 and will have it available for players to check out and test fire at his events as well as anywhere he plays during 2012. He invites you to stop by and say hi and have a look at what makes Planet Eclipse markers so desirable to those who know. If you’re in the market for new playing gear be sure and ask him about his custom Planet Eclipse HDE Jersey and HDE pants.

Viper Paintball has been producing paintball scenario gamesfrom coast to coast across the United States since 1996, entertaining thousands of players over the years from New York to Florida to California at famous venues such as CPX Sports, EMR, Camp Blanding, and SC Village. Having played paintball since the late 1980s scenario producer Kerry “Viper” Rosenberry has played with many markers over the years, and is thrilled to be working with Planet Eclipse and shooting one of Planet Eclipse’s infamous Geo 2.1 markers. “Planet Eclipse has a reputation for excellence and reliability. I can’t wait to hit the field with this awesome machine!”

Planet Eclipse has long been the developers and manufacturers of some of the most desirable markers in paintball. Over the years they have developed and advanced many new technologies with legendary markers such as the Ego, the Geo, and the Etek, producing some of the most gas-efficient and reliable markers in the sport. Now they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary they have just released their new Etha, a Planet Eclipse marker for the masses at $395!

Marc Lancia US Sales Manager of Planet Eclipse had this to say; “We are pleased to have Viper as part of the Eclipse Army. He is well known in paintball and produces and runs some of the best scenario events out there. We look forward to working with him and his series and can’t wait to see everyone out on the field in 2012!”

Look for Viper events in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts, and Canada during the 2012 season.

Viper Paintball is the nation’s only national scenario production company, and is based in Northeast Texas. You can find out more information about Viper events at

Planet Eclipse is a manufacturer of high quality paintball markers and gear, and is based in Manchester, England, with North American distribution based in Warren, Rhode Island. You can find out more about Planet Eclipse and their products at