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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Super6 eMag #2 Live NOW

The 2nd edition of the Super6 eMag is now available. For each Super6 event, the organisers publish an eMag to give players as much information as they could possibly need prior to attending the game. The eMag contains interviews, product details, videos, images, information on traders and paint and lots more. Take a flick through the eMag by clicking the link below and we look forward to seeing you at the next Super6 event in March at Holmbush near London Gatwick.

Girls, Girls, Girls !!!

On the 18th of February, a girls’ tribe arrives on the field of Starter Park, in south of France (13). A huge relief for Harpies paintball team, because we have seen the field last week and it was totally covered with snow. This weekend was dedicated to girls who play paintball. Girls came from every part of France. It was really nice to see that so many girls ran through the country to take part in our second edition of the Girls Day. 

The field was great and attractive but before got into, an appetizing breakfast was waiting for us. Then we began with a warm-up which took place in a good mood. After that, all the girls introduced themselves, then explained their paintball life.

It was high time to begin the real training. So we started to explain the basics of paintball: how to hold your gun, how to do snap shot …

We put in place some working groups, Harpies divided themselves up to give the girls advices. We pursue with some more technical drills: girls learnt how to run with their guns, they also did “run and shot”.

We had a break then, and once we have eaten, we attacked serious things: how to make slides ! Harpies knew that slides were the pet hate of a lot of girls. But all the girls were extremely motivated and they forgot their fears. It was a great success!

Harpies' coach, Cyril JOB (Icon) was also here to help girls with is huge experience in paintball. We finished the Saturday with some games. We were many girls so three teams could be created. A funny end for this first day, everybody applied what they had learnt during the day. In the evening, we all ate together, nice evening.

9:30 am, Sunday morning. Girls were on the field, even if we were a little bit tired. As the previous day we began with an amusing warm-up. Then, everybody caught their gun, and we launched into more technical and physical exercises than the day before. The girls were rising to the challenge.

Cyril made a little briefing about generalities of paintball, in order to help girls in their vision of the game. Before beginning the game, we got into small groups where we explained different aspects of the game. Girls took care of what they did, this was amazing. We finished the 2nd Girls Day with a lot of games. It was in a great atmosphere, then the girls left the field and packed their baggage.

Harpies thank all the girls who participated, our coach and of course, Starter Park for the field.

Also a big THANKS to jM - InFy f or the pictures.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

EPPL Cuenca Open 2012

EPPL Cuenca Open 2012

Hosteria Caballo Campana, Cuenca, Ecuador

Marzo 17-18 2012

EPPL nuevamente regresa a la hermosa ciudad de Cuenca para su primer evento de la temporada! Luego de un exitoso evento en Parque Extremo Yunguilla en el 2011 con mas de 25 equipos inscritos! EPPL regresa esta vez a la Hosteria Caballo Campana a solo 15 minutos del centro de Cuenca. Los jugadores podran hospedarse en la misma hosteria y jugar ahi mismo, las tarifas incluyen desayunos, hay varios restaurantes, piscinas y muchas actividades mas que hacer.

Los esperamos en el primer evento de la temporada 2012 y vamos a romper el record del año pasado y juntos superar los 25 equipos!

Para mas informacion sobre EPPL visitanos en ahora!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Datis make it a clean sweep!

Datis has several teams under its belt and last weekend (which happens to be a Thursday and Friday in Iran) 26 teams competed in 3 divisions in the INPL. One of these divisions was an ALL ladies bracket.

Datis Girls took the ladies cup and were crowned Ladies Champions 1390 (Iranian calendar).

In Div 2 Diako (Datis Team) won div 2 and secured promotion to Div 1 for next season.

In Div 1 Datis first team also won div 1 and secured the Overall INPL series champions… for yet another year!!

Well Done Datis…....The Emortal Army…. Rollin on!!

Hybrid Foto continued support

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

India Int Open . . . The Winners Are..

Raskal notch up another title in Bangalore, India competing in the India International Open 2012.

43 Teams from Australia, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Philippines, Napal & India completed in the India International Open.

The 'Top' Open bracket had 8 teams from around the world (Rampage - UAE, Tsunami - Australia, Xtioneers - Malaysia, Raskal - Malaysia, Air Asia - All Stars - Malaysia/ Philippines, NPL All Stars - India, IYD - India & NPL - Nepal)

Raskal beat team Tsunami from Australia in the finals 2-1. Refs called game over before Raskal (with 5 live) could finish off the last Tsunami player to make it 3-1. But a great victory none the less.

Team Raskal thanks Planet Eclipse for their sponsorship and support for their superb products. 

From everyone at Planet Eclipse… Congratulations….

The Emortal Army takin it to India…. LOVE IT !!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Planet Eclipse Support CPPS

Planet Eclipse are proud to announce that they will be once again supporting the CPPS as a Major Sponsor (run by Balls Out Promotions) again in 2012.

Ledz from Planet Eclipse Said:

“The CPPS is the best series in the UK and it’s THE place to be if you are series about competitive Paintball in the UK. The level of competition at the CPPS in all divisions is fierce but they have a very good seeding system that brings different formats and skill levels together. The set-up, the location, the staff and the teams are what makes the CPPS a series not to miss.

Planet Eclipse will be at ALL CPPS events this season with a Tech booth to service all of you player’s technical issues and to help with anything Eclipse. To everyone that has chosen to Shoot Planet Eclipse product.. We got your back !!"

The CPPS has also just taken delivery of the latest Supair 2012 upgrades so the fields for events and training are perfect for teams to hone their skills or prepare for the Millennium series.

The facilities at the CPPS are so good that I believe the Copenhagen Ducks will be attending the first CPPS event. It’s a long way to come but I’m sure it will be worth it.

For more info about the CPPS check out the facebook page:  

Friday, 17 February 2012

Rumours rumours…

Little birdies keep chirping in our ears telling us that we are not supporting the NPPL this season. So to set the record straight.

Planet Eclipse’s number one priority is to the players. It is our goal to support the players with tech support as we have always done, at as many events as we can. Planet Eclipse have for the last several years been in attendance at the 3 Major World Paintball Series the NPPL, PSP and the Millennium series and 2012 is no different.

Rest assured that if you have a technical issue or just want advice on your equipment during 2012 at the NPPL, PSP or Millennium Series the Planet Eclipse Pro-Tech-Tours will be on hand to help you out.

Planet Eclipse will also try and cover as many events as we can worldwide, be it scenario events or speedball events. Planet Eclipse are training more techs in more places around the world to better support our customers. We wish we could be at every event and that is what we are working towards..

Rumour Quashed…..

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Pub Crawling announces their 2012 schedule and boy, do these guys (and gals) ever slow down? That’s the question, and certainly we now know why they are so thirsty…all the time!

2/25-26/12 Bearclaw Paintball and MPP scenario game… Tennessee

3/17/12 Poco Loco Paintball and TSSOC scenario game… Pennsylvania

3/24-25/12 Paintball Charleston and MPP scenario game… South Carolina

4/28/12 EMR Paintball Park Castle Conquest… Pennsylvania

5/19/12 OXCC Paintball scenario game…Maryland 

Memorial Day…private party at the Bitter End with a snooker tournament…if you know then you know

7/21-22/12 Fort Knox Paintball scenario game… Indiana

7/28-29/12 GRC Paintball and Viper scenario game…New York

8/12/12 OSG Paintball scenario game… New Hampshire

9/08-09/1 Planet Eclipse big game, Wakefield, England

11/10-11/12 Paintball Charleston and MPP scenario game… South Carolina

Of course this posting here means that Planet Eclipse has secured Pub Crawling as one of their Flagship Scenario team for years 6 and 7! We are convinced that this team represents the best of both worlds…paintball and drinking. By committing to play in 10 games in 7 states and 2 countries we believe that Pub Crawling continues to lead the way in defining the ‘paintball lifestyle’.

Team captain, MJ, said this, “well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if we didn’t have a partnership with Planet Eclipse we would just be private customers, because the best is the best…and they are the best at what they do. There is no doubt that the Etek line of Ego markers is top notch, affordable, and flawless.”

Be sure to stay till the end of the games Pub Crawling attends for a chance to win their famous prize package of sweet swag!

Finally, we asked MJ what we could expect from Pub Crawling this season. “well, we ended 2011 with a 4 award game…a MVT, MVP, General’s Special Service, and the coveted PIA award from the opposing general (pain in the ass)…so, I’m not sure how to top that, other than to say, be sure to look out for us rolling with a tank this season at several events.” A TANK, we think that’s the last thing these guys need, A TANK! Imagine that.

Be sure to follow Pub Crawling at: 

Twitter: @Pubcrawlingpb

Cast YOUR Vote !!

It’s time for you to cast your vote……

Planet Eclipse have pledged to donate 2 x Sets of 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition Marker Sets to Charities and we would like you the players to be the ones that choose the charity. We have worked with and to help us narrow down the charities. We have then chosen the top 5 for America and the top 5 for the UK.

The voting will end soon so please visit these links:

Once the votes are in we will contact the chosen Charity and work with them to generate the most amount of money we can for them..

So, have your say and vote in the polls NOW!

Thanks to PBNation and P8ntballer for the help with this.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Video Round Up !

3 little vids i've seen this week already.

ICON's (A Whole Season Part 2)

Marseille ICON: A Whole Season -Part 2 from ICON Job on Vimeo.

Ryan Greenspan making paintball sound great in New Zealand. (Nice Gat and T-Shirt)

Now, these things I Love and HATE... getting Paintball on TV or in this case a high budget hollywood movie is brilliant... I just wish they would stick a pair of goggles on them.. I know it's tongue in cheek but my 'Paintball Head' just says 'PUT SOME GOGGLES ON'..... Anyway. Paintball on the big screen.


UK Tech Class (25th Feb 2012)

This made me laugh !!!

Thanks to Drew Neilson for posting this up on the Planet Eclipse Facebook Page...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Paintball Explosion Markers

Slagen Bandits wrap up 2011

Another long season is over, taking its toll on the body and the wallet.

Up in Norway there was lots of snow from November to April so we decided to kick start our season somewhere warmer. We went with a whole bunch of guys to Portugal to compete in a regional tournament. We wanted to have a good time and gel as a team after the long winter break.

This was one of the best trips ever and we had a blast in Portugal both on and off the field. We ended up winning both the 5-man and the X-ball tournament. What a way to kick of the season and boost team morale!

A few weeks later we took our first tournament win in Norway as well, first place in the Norwegian Paintball League season opener! As the season went on we continued to work hard to improve both our game and our home field at Slagen Paintball. We added a second field and were given the opportunity to host the Norwegian Championship, the biggest tournament in Norway. Both the field and the club has grown steadily over the last few years and the coming season is probably going to be the busiest one yet!

As the season progressed we had several podium finishes in Norway in both the Elite division and division 1 and in the last NPL of the season we were once again on the top of the podium. This also gave us the series championship by the smallest of margins, not only in the Elite division but also in division 1!

The last tournament of the season was the Millennium Series in Paris. In all our matches we went down by two or three points early but we made some amazing comebacks and made it through to the knockout stage of the tournament. Sadly we had one of our flattest games of the season in our first finals match and were knocked out after losing 4-2.

 After returning from Paris we could pack away our well used Eclipse markers and settle in for a well deserved winter break as this has been Slagen Bandits best season so far.

 Winter season has been kind of slow until now. A few of us has been able to visit Planet Eclipse headquarters in Manchester which was very nice, and not to mention that several Bandits have been trained by some of the best players in the world early in December! They attended a great clinic organized by Hybrid Foto in Sweden and got to meet and train with several Russian Legion players.

In retrospect this has been a great year. We have won several tournaments, made some great friends, both Slagen Bandits and Slagen paintball club has grown significantly and we have developed   new relationships with several paintball companies who has helped us a lot along the way.
We wish to thank all of our sponsors and friends:

Planet Eclipse
Hybrid Foto
Gloube Souldiers
Slagen Paintball
Dark Sportz
KM straps

And of course all our great players who made this the best year ever!

Woodball Clinic in Ecuador

(versión española abajo)

Guayaquil Paintball Club is please to invite all woodsball players to the First Paintball Workshop/Clinic.
Sponsored by Planet Eclipse & BT.

This Workshop/Clinic will be the first in our country. This initiative is taken by the great fusion that nowdays woodsball players have playing with speedball markers.

This Workshop/Clinic will be given by Mr. Edmundo Jordan M, being one of the most experienced players in the sport from our country playing paintball for more than 10 years and being a referee more than 5 years. Pioneer of Ecuador´s speedball, cause he was the first to bring the paintball tournaments to Ecuador and organizing many tournaments as: CSP, LAPPL,EPPL, Ecuadorian Olympic Committee.

Here´s a little info about Mr.Edmundo Jordan Maruri
Guayaquil Paintball Club Founder
Monosalvaje Paintball Team Founder
EPPL President (Ecuadorian Profesional Paintball League)
Certified Technician from Planet Eclipse
Tony Perez Clinic - Guayaquil/Ecuador
Chris Lasoya Clinic - Miami/US
Russian Legion Clinic: Konstantin Fedorov,Alex Berdnikov,Sergei Solnishkov - Guayaquil/Ecuador
Dan Perez Referee Clinic (certified NPPL referee) - Medellin/Colombia
David Baker Referee Clinic (PSP referee) - Quito/Ecuador
Jorge Bolivar Referee Clinic (Venezuelan referee)
All Stars Team - World Cup 2007 - 2008
VNZ (venezuelan) Masters - Worldcup 2010 -2011

Workshop/Clinic fee is $60 that includes a paintball box and refreshments.


Guayaquil Paintball Club tiene el agrado de invitar a todos los jugadores de woodsball al primer Taller de Paintball.
Gracias al auspcio de Planet Eclipse y BT.

Este Taller-Clinica sera el primero que se realiza en el pais. La iniciativa nace por la gran fusion de jugadores que juegan woodsball usando marcadoras para speedball.

El Taller sera dictado por el Sr. Edmundo Jordan M, que cuenta con una gran experiencia en este deporte como jugador por mas de 10 años y como referee hace mas de 5. Pionero del speedball ya que trajo el paintball de competencia al Ecuador Organizando varios torneos como: CSP, LAPPL, EPPL, Torneo con el COE
Aqui una breve reseña de el.
Fundador de Guayaquil Paintball Club
Fundador de Monosalvaje Paintball Team (desde el 2001)
Presidente de la Liga Profesional de Paintball Ecuatoriana (EPPL)
Tecnico Certificado Planet Eclipse
Clinica de Tony Perez - Guayaquil/Ecuador
Clinica de Chris Lasoya - Miami/US
Clinica de Rusos:Konstantin Fedorov,Alex Berdnikov,Sergei Solnishkov - Guayaquil/Ecuador
Clinica de Arbitraje Dan Perez(Juez Certificado NPPL) - Medellin/Colombia
Clinica de Arbitraje David Baker(Juez Norteamericano PSP) - Quito/Ecuador
Clinica de Arbitraje Jorge Bolivar (Juez Venezolano)
Equipo All Stars - World Cup 2007-2008
Equipo Venezuela Masters - World Cup 2010-2011

El Costo de este Taller sera de $60 dolares lo que incluira una caja de paintballs e hidratacion.

Para confirmacion llamar a los siguientes numero:
092129132 Rafael Cardenas

"El aprendizaje diario es lo que nos hace grandes paa el futuro"