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Friday, 29 June 2012

Clown Monkeys on TV !!!

I always love seeing Paintball on TV, and this is a pretty cool segment on mainstream TV on the Erin Simpson Show in New Zealand.....

The Clown Monkeys are doing REALLY well on the tourney scene and now they are TV stars... They will be demanding chocolate covered strawberries and stretched limos soon :-)

Nice One Guys !!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Send her Victorious, Happy and Glorious!

A blog by Shelley Farmer, Teams GB & Captain of the Celtic Banshees.

Here's a little synopsis of myself for those of you who don't know me. My dad is Bart Farmer, 'umpteen times European Champion with the UK PREDATORS during the 80's and 90's, so I have had the privilege to travel the paintball scene since I was a child. I started playing tournament paintball in 2001 for Wolf-Pac; I then played my first Millennium in 2002 for Wolf UK; I moved onto London Tigers AM; and then I joined MK STORM, who played Div 1 Millennium up until 2008. Since then I've been away from the scene, but now I'm back and proud to have been selected to represent Great Britain in the Nations Cup. I had met all the ladies in the run up to this huge event, and this Blog covers the journey we had during the European Masters, Bitburg Germany 2012. Enjoy...

Wednesday 23rd May
I travelled via the Euro Star with Rachel Pass, Lydia Conroy, Emma Stewart, James Gregory and Richard Crooks (our Celtic bodyguards) and the Wags!! The Wifes and Girlfriends (husbands and boyfriends) brought along for the adventure. A Large bottle of vodka bought in Folkstone was washed down with Red Bull by Emma, who then needed the loo at least every hour in our 10 hour journey through France, Belgium and past Luxembourg into Germany. On arrival in Bitburg, the team were introduced to Thierry Bazerque (Celtic France) and Barry Fuggle (Mr Celtic). We also bumped into familiar faces such as Wendy Auton (Millennium Series & UK Masters) and Trevor from H-Pac. It wasn't long before we reunited with fellow team mates Leyla Collins and Suzie Littlechild who sorted out our rooms after a mishap with bookings. The result was an amazing view! Staying at Waldhaus Seeblick hotel & restaurant...Stunning!

Quote of day: This came about from the ice cream stop on our journey through Belgium on the hottest day of the year. Lydia's was particularly difficult to eat,  "My Cornetto is dysfunctional!"

Thursday 24th May
So, first sight of the day was the incredible view, and more so seeing Emma on the balcony next to me in just a t-shirt and knickers! Lucky me. As appointed mini bus driver I took Lydia, Emma, Rachel, Suzie and Leyla down to the European Championships site based at an old USA forces base called Sportschule. This was the first Millennium that some of the girls have seen let alone played. Trading area was huge with Registration, and all the major brands including representing Eclipse, and show casing the Geo 2:1. Did I mention.... I shoot one too ;)
Next up Celtic tent, our home for the weekend. With the scorching weather, we had shade and a fridge in the VIP area. Bonus. James Gregory made us very welcome and took care of everything. He handed over our Celtic Banshees named and numbered jerseys. Goodies from Anthrax! Next stop, walk the fields.  It was Moss grass and it looked amazing, and I couldn't wait to play on it. I had a major bout of Butterfly's when we saw the main field set up for CPL and the Nations Cup. Next up the Max's tent to collect our Great Britain jerseys. I was handed my no.10 jersey, goose bumps! From then on the jersey didn't leave my side. We met with the other Celtic Banshees Charlotte Simms and Ellie Paige and of course Lemon the captain of the GB team. A Photo shoot happened out if the blue for Hybrid, as we launched the Celtic Banshees in their first major tournament. I felt Top of the world, feeling very proud of the Ladies and enjoyed every moment of it. Those of you who know me can picture my dimples (on my face!) permanently on show.

In the evening, we arrived in different apartments, don't ask! But it had a Massive balcony. Drinking games soon started with the team and the 'WAGS'. This involved Emma flashing her union jack knickers and a very well attempted human pyramid. I learnt a lot more about my girls than I needed to know that night, but that's for me to know and never to reveal in this blog.
Quote of day: After the epic journey the day before, a pop to the loo by any member of the team soon became... "I'm having a Stewart"

Friday 25th May
We Registered for the Nations cup, the Cup itself was huge. I could of climbed into it but held back the silliness in respect of what it was. We soon donned our players passes, and we were wrist banded up, as though we had already been to a couple of festivals. We spent the day meeting new and old faces enjoying every moment, the passion was building. Friday night was a quiet night compared to the night before, we were sensible and decided to have a huge meal with all the team and the WAGS, in preparation for the big day ahead of us.
Quote of the day: "Get to the chopper" by Ellie. Said in an Arnie fashion it became hilarious. We decided to use Chopper as a code word for the 'M', obviously we have an Emma on the squad. Whenever M was shouted, she promptly shouted "what!". So "Get to the chopper" stuck.

Saturday 26th May
Nerves were brewing. We learnt the National Anthem verbatim in the mini bus on route to the site. We needed to waste time to un-phase us, knowing we had to wait for the afternoon until we could play. I watched the Ugly Ducklings win games, who promptly came to the VIP area of the Celtic tent afterwards. They offered their support and came with us to the Pits to assist with our first 3 games for the Celtic Banshees. We Won our first game against Blue Diamonds, but lost our second to a well drilled Russian team. My Geo 2.1 and Celtic paint doing their business!!

I sat the last game to save my energy for the Nations Cup which was starting in a hour. Won a point in our last game to... But lost. Things looked promising though the Celtic paint was awesome. Lydia stepped up, playing some great paintball, switching the game of play when needed and Charlotte making G's off the break. I was happy.
So with a quick change of jerseys, out of the Banshees into the Great Britain, and we dragged our kit down to CPL field where we met Clint Moore from Dye who provided our paint and wisdom and Markie C from The Firm who had picked the 8 rostered GB squad. Which was:

Lemon #01
Ellie Paige #03
Lydia Conroy #04
Leyla Collins #06
Rachel Pass #07
Emma Stewart #09
Shelley Farmer (me!) #10
Charlotte Simms #11

First up was the ceremony. All National teams presented to the crowds. What a most amazing and proud feeling. The support was immense, in turn all Nations stepped forward and sung their Anthems. Our turn came and we stepped forward holding hands, singing GOD SAVE THE QUEEN at the top of our voices! It is hard to articulate the feeling I had but imagine yourself in our shoes, standing there in front of a packed stand wearing a GB jersey in a line with the best players in the UK, a step in front of the most talented female players in the world, squeezing your team mates hand and sharing a moment that only comes at the end of the very best dream you've ever had.

France won the first two points as GB fell foul to penalties for playing on. Knowing that it was a race to 4 points in 8 minutes, with over 5 minutes left on the clock we had time to turn it around. On the next point we came out aggressive, I made the snake and Rachel made the M (chopper), we got the kills and won the point. We were fired up and we won the next point with Lydia pressing the buzzer and making the score level. The crowd erupted behind me while I was in the snake, wow! On the next couple of points we swapped ends again, and this end didn't work for us and we lost 2 more points and the game. 
Final score GBR 2 - 4 Poland

Next game was France, who are last years' winners and a strong team combined with confidence, but we were quietly confident knowing it was all to play for. Unfortunately, the game was a replica of the first, but with a fight nonetheless. We didn't make the finals. 
Final Score France 4 - 2 GBR

Luck was against us, as we unfortunately drew the end facing the settling sun in both games, so it's was worth a mention that the points we won was the end facing away from the sun....
We didn't qualify for the Finals and as a result didn't show up for the match against Austria, which in hindsight was a shame. Better luck next year we hope, when we'll have a well gelled GB team after playing a season as the Celtic Banshees in both Millennium Series Div 3 (with the hope to move up to Div 2) and occasional domestic events.
Quote of the day: "Send her Victorious, 'Bunkered' and glorious, God Save the Queen". Suzie is a genius!

Sunday 27th May
With the team feeling jaded by disappointment yet hopeful on the prospect of what we can become, the Sunday morning moved by quickly. We played 2 Div 3 games with the Celtic Banshees, but lost out to two experienced local German teams. However the one for ones had disappeared and the ladies were getting used to the format and hype of a Millennium event. All that left us with was to relax in the VIP area of the Celtic tent and watch the finals, seeing Dynasty win the event.
The Celtic Banshees were interviewed by Hybrid Photo and we had a few Media shots. Our heads were lifted after this and followed by a structured team meeting, all the ladies are positive that we'll be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Follow us on the circuit this year, come say hi and show your support on Facebook and Twitter:!/CelticBanshees

Thank you's are in abundance for me this weekend, but I must show my gratitude to Celtic Paintball, and Planet Eclipse. Ladies, You rock my world!!!

Shelley xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Written by Maximilian Jany
Photographs by Gaston Roulstone at Switch Multimedia 

The SARPL’s “Most Improved Team for 2011” is dominating their division. This newbie team is showing that pure willpower and determinations is fuelling their success in their 2012 season.

You guys have only been on the scene for a very short time and already you have taken 2012 by storm. How did you guys form as a team and what’s the story behind the name?

Hentie Pauley
FreeRunners is the result of a group of friends, sharing the same interest and excitement for paintball. We got the name after watching a marketing video for Guerrilla Air on YouTube of a one-man-team called “FreeRunner” taking on team Dynasty - hence the name FreeRunners.

You guys have played a few different events since you formed late 2011, but have since decided to only compete in the SARPL 3man and 5man events. With so many events on offer for 2012, what’s your guys the reason behind the decision?  

Hentie Pauley
Yes, we took on every event and continued to win 34 consecutive games including the Open Division at SweetSpot. It all just got too much for the team with events almost every second weekend of the month. It was very tiring and of course it became very expensive too. 
Since our sponsorship deal we had to rethink our aim and decided to focus on the SARPL 3man and 5man events for the 2012 season.

You guys have built up a bit of a team with a roster of nine players. How many of your players are from other teams and how many guys on your roster are fresh to the paintball scene?

Hentie Pauley
Only two of our players out of our nine man squad have played for other teams in the past, the rest of the guys are all rookies.  
One would think that with a roster of nine players it would be fairly easy to always have two 3man teams but most of our players also compete in other sporting events, so schedules clash sometimes. 

You guys managed to pick up some sponsors for the 2012 season and have referred to it as the “PEPSI” mix. What’s the meaning behind it and how have they impacted your guys team?

Hentie Pauley
You know the saying “just add water”?? 
So we thought we would start our own one “Just add PEPSI” which is actually an abbreviation for our sponsors; Planet Eclipse, Paintball Shop and IGNITE (Gelkaps).  
We wanted something short and sweet that people would remember and funny enough other teams sponsored by the same companies have also adopted our PEPSI statement. We are very proud of our sponsors and could not have done it without them.  

Like most teams, you guys didn’t start off winning events, but so far in the first half of 2012 you guys have taken first place in almost every event in your guys divisions. What changed for you guys coming into 2012?

Hentie Pauley
I still remember my son (Keanu 14) saying “All I want is a medal”, think that was my biggest motivation. Looking back now I would say that we took what we had learnt in 2011 playing in a higher division (Open) and decided to make a difference in 2012. 
With the SARPL/APPA scoring system the top Div4 teams get promoted to Div3, which made it a little easier for us to breath in Div4.  
We continued to play in other Open Div leagues with the idea to learn from our mistakes and it’s paid off so far. 

In the last few years South African teams have realised that they can make it at the overseas events and thus we have seen teams like Reapers, Xplicit and Dynamix doing quite well for themselves in Europe and Asia. Do you guys have any plans to take to the international paintball scene and play one or more of the events?

Hentie Pauley
Yes, we would like to attend the PALS World Cup Asia at the end of 2012 and also play in some of the PSP events in the US in the future. But at this stage it’s still unclear if we will be able to secure the necessary funding to play these events. But we will keep on dreaming till we do. 

Success doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to make it in this sport. How often do you guys train and what does a typical practice look like for the FreeRunners?  

Hentie Pauley
We train at least once a month but then only if we don’t play more than two events during that month.  We like to practice against much stronger teams in order to learn new techniques and also to see how they play. 
We recently started using video cameras (GO PROs) to record our games, but often offer our competitors the cameras to see what they are doing and where we are going wrong. 

You guys are making a name for yourselves in the Johannesburg scene and there are more and more new teams and players joining every month. Do you guys have any words of advice for these new players and teams?

Hentie Pauley 
It’s an awesome sport and the SARPL is a professional league and we recommend it to any new team or existing team that is currently competing in another league. You have to work as a team, players can make or break a team, so players need to be committed, fit and determined. 
So basically you reap what you sow in this sport.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Prophecy do it AGAIN !!!!!

What a week!!!

Coming from Bitburg (Millennium Series) where we enter the Sunday club, every one of us was full of hope and the mind-set to play the weekend after was the best.

The weekend the team spent in Bitburg to play Millennium Series, was something out of this world, we had so much fun, we played good paintball, we watched very nice games, and we actually meet some cool people, thanks to Steve Rabackoff that was kind enough to introduce the team to some of our Sponsors owners.

This Second stage of the Portuguese Paintball Championship was played in Montargil, very nice place to visit, the field was a new football/soccer field with a really nice new turf.

At this event the first game played was against team Triball. It was not a good start, we already played this team before and won, but not this time...
Maybe we were overconfident, maybe they just played better, but I think it was because our minds were someplace else, we were missing a friend that could not play at this event, and because we consider ourselves not just a paintball team, we really are a group of good friends that need to be all together we felt that something was missing… anyway we lost the game 4-1 against Triball.

Why I say that the team needed to be all together, and why that is important is because between game one and game two our friend arrived, from there our attitude towards what was coming changed radically.

Second game was against Boavista.
We won 4-0 with everyone playing like crazy, it was the start of our fight to get in to the semi-finals... Boavista was playing with the same paint our team uses, the one and only G.I.Sportz paint, we know how good it is even so we did our part and got victory.

Third game was against Metralhas-B.
We won 4-1, again the team played really well.

Lunch time… It was a well-deserved break, we started bad but we did our part on getting us to the semi-final.

Regarding our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) he is more than ever a big part of this team… Between coaching, being a friend, he is someone we can trust our decisions as an individual player and team, all the faith he has on us translates in strength when the team plays.

Getting ready for the afternoon games I think the team was really relax, the overall thought was to win, we already knew that one of the teams that could give us a struggle for our objective was out of the way because they did not go thru the semi-finals and that was a really good boost to us. Now we knew that was up to us to put a significantly point distance between first and second place of the overall classification… Like we say the Championship is all about consistency so first place was the only thing on our minds.

Semi-final game was against Rush Vitória Janes.
This team is not one of the strongest teams but it contains some good players, one of them is Hugo Pires a very experienced player, normally we see him playing the snake where he is just one of the best in Portugal, but this time he played dorito side, and he was on fire… Our team really likes him and he is one of the coolest guys ever. We won 4-0

So we were in the FINAL…

This game was played against J.D. Fontainhas, they have experience on their side and they were playing a FINAL game coming from a third place on the first stage, so they were pretty positive about playing it. The only problem was that by now our team feeling was only on getting victory, and we were not willing to give it away, we knew we could win easy, and so we did, playing really good aggressive paintball Prophecy Paintball Team won the final game of the second stage 4-0.

At the end of the day we learned some lessons, first games are important to win, we came from Millennium with high confidence and that almost played a trick on us, so we had to open our eyes to a different reality that every tournament is unique.

To our sponsors Planet Eclipse thanks for Geo 2.1 this Geo is something out of this world, they are the best, to G.I. SPORTZ paintball we could not be more thankful because the paint is just amazing, at this event we started to use our new paintball shoes from Exalt and the feedback from every one of the team is just the BEST they were all happy, also new was our masks we now wear V-force masks and they look so much cool, so thanks to all our sponsors we are really happy with your support…

Thanks to Adrenalicia (APD) for all the support you guys provide, you are amazing, always on our side always ready if we need something, thanks so much Javier and Jota, Hybrid foto, Jorge Sá Madeiras, to Frostline and Dream Team clothing, respect to all.

To my team mates David Mendonça, Pedro Graça, Alex Gomes, João Lima, Nuno Roxo, Jorge Sá and João Teles… I love you guys. Special thanks to Pedro Borba and all the people from team Blue Falcon for your help. To our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) a special thanks for your unconditional support and faith in us.

Ricardo Melo
Prophecy Team

Sunday, 24 June 2012

FoXball 2012

For such a young series it seems to have captured the hearts of the local teams.  FoXball has once again experienced huge growth and opens the 2012 season with a 50% increase in teams over 2011.  Having grown from 6 teams in 2009 to its current crop of 21 teams the league is now divided into two divisions, the Major Leagues and Minor Leagues.

The Major Leagues is an open division and provides a place for the area’s top talent to play locally.  The Minor Leagues is restricted to D3 players and lower and provides a environment that is ideal for learning the ropes and working their way into the Major Leagues and/or national PSP events.  The format played by both divisions is the same – two 15 minute halves.  Similar to the PSP’s race-to format the play is centered around five on five play with the focus on hanging the flag and scoring a point.  The only major difference is that the PSP stops at certain number of points or upon time expiring.  foXball is purely a timed event.  Each team gets the opportunity to play 30 minutes of paintball in every match.

The series is based upon a regular season with a set schedule spread out over 4 different event dates.  Each team plays 2 full matches at each event and has the chance to earn their way into the finals where the top teams will battle it out for over $20K in prizes.  Additionally each team has the chance to vote one of their players into the All-Star match where they’ll have a chance to showcase their skills in front of everyone in the league.

The season is already fast underway and Event 1 wrapped up this past weekend (5/20) with the 2nd half of the minor league matches.  It proved to be an interesting first event with some predictable results in the majors but a few surprises in the minors.  Perennial powerhouses Blackstone NEAA and El Dorado Gunfighters finished 2-0 for their first event and were joined by new comer Warren Boats and Hoes, who started off their first match a little shaky with a Match Misconduct penalty for a gun shooting nearly 18 BPS but managed to settle down and win their matches.

The Minors saw a few more surprises with East Coast Empire and New England united finishing 2-0 after having mediocre seasons in 2011.  Looks like the winter practices are paying off for these teams.  The old school players from The MOB showed the young guns a thing or two and turned a few heads in the process.  They finished 1-1 for the day and proved that gun skills and game knowledge can win out over youth and speed.

The season is shaping up to provide some of the most exciting paintball in the region.  Some key matches for event two in early June are:
Blackstone NEAA (2-0) vs Warren Boats and Hoes (2-0)
Warren Boats and Hoes (2-0) vs El Dorado Gunfighters (2-0)
Providence Rampage (2-0) vs Medford S.I.N. (2-0)

Looking to catch the action in person?  Come out to Fox 4 Paintball in Upton, MA.   You can find all the information about the league: Dates, Rules, Results, Standings, etc.. at:

Teams participating in foXball for 2012:

Major League Teams:
Blackstone NEAA (Defending Champions)
El Dorado Gunfighters
New England Lobsters
Orange Iguanas
South Boston Section 8
Upton Brawlers
Warren Boats & Hoes
Worcester Rush (2011 Minor League Champions)

Minor League Teams:
Medford S.I.N.
Providence Rampage
Rod Squad
Worcester Surge
North End Notorious
New England United
East Windsor Empire
GSP All Stars
Boston Reapers
New England Invasion
Hawaiian Headhunters
Portland Shipyard

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Year Of The Dragon ???


Slagen Bandits Dominance in Norway !!!

Another paintball season is well underway in Norway. Slagen Paintball was hosting the season opener once again at our home field. Some of our players already got a tournament under their belt after a great trip to the Med league in Greece, but for most is was the first taste of competitive paintball this year. We made some changes this year and let some of the young new players who have earned it create a second elite squad. Throw in a few grizzled veterans into the mix and there you have Slagen Bandits Silver!

Slagen Bandits Gold had only six players this event as our snake player was still recovering from his injury from Greece. That meant a lot of reps for everyone involved as there were two brackets with five teams in each playing race to 3 x-ball format.

The elite division in Norway looked quite different from last year with more teams stepping up and some of them with very young roosters. When we evaluated the competition top contenders this year looked to be Stavanger Mayhem and new powerhouse Izmir Collision consisting of many former Menace players.

Saturday was div. 1 and 2 with almost brimfull divisions and nice weather. 16 teams in div 1 and 19 teams in div 2 was a great turnout. Drammen Solid was marshaling, and the whole day went by without a hitch.

Congrats to Slagen Bandits White for taking third place in div 2.

Fielding two elite squads at the same time was a logistical challenge but with everybody helping out it turned out fine. Luckily we ended up in separate brackets and didn’t have to face each other in the prelims.

First game of the tournament is always a little more nervous than the others because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Coupled with the new snake kit, which none of us had played other than a few practices on, things were about to get real interesting.

Slagen Bandits Gold were matched up with Molde Xtreme in our first game of the day. Our game plan, which was basically committing three guns to the dorito side, seemed to work and we won 3-0.  Next up was Stavanger Mayhem which we had some tough matches against last year. This time was no different as we traded points back and forth with them taking the lead and us catching back up. In the end Mayhem won 3-2 in overtime. This meant we probably had to win our two remaining matches to make it into the semi-finals.

Against newcomer 50 line it was over quickly, as we took three quick points in a row. The last match in the prelims was against Rebels. Another back and forth match with us taking the win in overtime 3-2.

Relived we made it to the semifinals we started preparing for our match against Izmir Collision, who were undefeated in the prelims. We decided to keep our original game plan with a few tweaks after analyzing their patterns and tendencies. We lost a stupid two on one in the first point but rallied and again the match went back and forth, and again to overtime. In the end we shoot the last guy out of the snake and advanced to the final were we would meet.... Slagen Bandits Silver?!

They did exceptionally well for their first tournament together and went 3-1 in the prelims with only a loss to Izmir. In the semifinals they took a strong victory 3-1 against Stavanger Mayhem.

So the final was an all Bandits and all Planet Eclipse affairs. Ten Ego an Geo wielding players took to the field to determine who would have bragging rights for the next practices.

Silver took a quick first point but from there on out it was all Slagen Bandits Gold who took three quick points in a row and took first place on our own turf for the first time ever!

Needlessly to say there was big smiles and hugs all around after the most successful NPL in Bandits history.

A big thanx to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Globe Souldiers, Game-On, Anthrax, Slagen Paintball,, Goldhammer and Dark Sportz

 Follow the Slagen Bandits on Facebook Here:

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ICON Summer Camp - August 6th - 12th

The idea is to spend a training week with Marseille ICON, somewhere close to the beach, on a great paintball field. We will do football and other activities as well. People will have the chance to test the new GEO3. The price is 590€/person inc accommodations for 6 nights and 7  boxes  of paintballs are included.  
Cyril speaks great english BTW !!
More info Here:

PaintballAccess talk to "BJ" from 187 cRew