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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Malaysian - DOMINATION !!!!

TC Owner and nice guy from Skirmish Asia send me a little e-mail this week....

I am very happy and proud to let you know that your Planet Eclipse sponsored teams has gone and ran away with nearly all the championships in Malaysia this year..... Here is the news;

1.......Team Unknown  - Woodsball team shooting the brilliant Etha markers has taken the Winners' podium from 3 out 4 legs and the other was a 2nd placed podium placing from the Tactical Paintball Championship - TPC and are the winners of ALL 3 legs of the Malaysian Woodsball League - MWL.

Quoting Jet Lee, Capt of team Unknown, "the Etha totally changed the way we played the tournament with its lightweight body, air efficiency and accuracy. Rate of fire is more than enough for any tournament plus with the EMC Kits, its the most visually pleasing marker in the Universe. My team is extremely pleased with the Etha's performance and reliability and we can only try to outperform it".

Also just finished last weekend.

2......Planet Eclipse teams 1-2 podium finishing in the last leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit - MPOC with team Nemesis overcoming team Raskal in a thrilling finals game.

3........ Team Nemesis was also crowned the MPOC overall Champions for 2012 after 5 legs after overcoming teams or a combination of teams from Australia, Iran, Thailand and Philippines throughout the series. Raskal taking 3rd place.

Our next target which has been elusive to Malaysian teams is the top WCA title. Training has begun and team Raskal and Nemesis will train and be sparring together to hone their skills for this event. We just want to win it.

This has been a good year for Planet Eclipse in Malaysian tournaments :-)

Form everyone here at Planet HQ, we salute you... The Emortal Army rolls deep in the east !

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Clowns vs Zombies . . Win an ETHA

Paintball Explosion Clowns vs Zombies

This is the last week to Pre Register for Clowns vs Zombies. We are raffling off an Official Planet Eclipse Etha. You will only be entered to win if you pre register. Call us at 847-426-2662 or go to our website and pick your team

THIS is Reckless....

Well Done Reckless, from everyone at Planet Eclipse HQ........ Your truly are member of the  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

ETHA Destroyed?????

The Paintball Show is a new TV show which will air in October and will be broadcast to 32 countries on television and globally via the internet.

We gave The Paintball Show a Planet Eclipse Etha to test and review…….we didn’t expect them to give it quite such a rigorous test!!

To find out if the Etha survived, tune in to The Paintball Show and give them a ‘Like’ on

So what do you think? Did the Etha survive or is it toast?

Find out more about the ETHA here:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ETV's #REDSUNDAY (Part 1) Out Now... FREE

#redsunday. "To Rise Above, you have to question everything you know...about paintball, and about yourself."

PART 1. (The full film 77-minute can be downloaded at

Season 3 of Artifact, the acclaimed documentary film series produced by Planet Eclipse, begins with #redsunday starring Omaha Vicious.

Vicious is one of the 12 professional paintball teams competing on Paintball Sports Promotions RaceTo 7 Pro Series, and #redsunday gives you a candid look at the past 12 months of their lives, the most tumultuous in the team's history, from June 2011-June 2012.

Vicious experienced a meteoric rise dominating the amateur ranks of the PSP national series from 2005-2009, before turning pro for the 2010 season. But once in the pro ranks, recreating their previous success is a struggle.

Will they continue? Will they Rise above? and How?

PART 1. Planet Eclipse first deploy their ETV camera crew to join Vicious at in June 2011, at the PSP Chicago Open. Nearly a season and half to their journey as professionals, we find Vicious at the lowest point in the teams' history. Tensions are high, success is slipping away, and Vicious they sit on the brink of implosion.

Veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli and Disconnected Media logged over 200 hours and 27GB of footage capture over 12 months, bringing you unprecedented access and intimacy to Omaha Vicious as they try to prove to the world they belong and the highest level, and more importantly, prove it to themselves, and rekindle their championship tradition of....Red Sunday.

#redsunday and the Artifact film series is produced by Planet Eclipse, a worldwide leader in action sports equipment, and producers of the EGO,GEO,ETEK, and ETHA paintball markers. in association with Deep Elm Records. and Disconnected Media. The film is narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired professional paintball player and renowned commentator, and writer.

Part 1 of #redsunday features the music by (in order of appearance) "Darkest Days/Bleeding" by Ignite, and "August" by Athletics.

HDE Jersey Molle Back Patch

Some of our customers have asked for this patch, we listened and we have produced this replacement Molle Velcro patch for the HDE Jerseys. We have currently made only a few hundred of these patches and at only $5.99 they are going to go fast. So get yours ASAP.

Contact Your Local Dealer Below:

Monday, 24 September 2012

Badboys OSS - Dutch Champions

Before we start telling you guys how this tournament went for us, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this year possible for us.  Without our sponsors, coaches, crew and supporters this all wouldn’t even be possible. In special we want to thank Paintball de Naaldhof, Cdisz Investments, Planet Eclipse ,Maxx trading and Sterling Paintballs.

Now, I am going to tell you in short how this tournament went for us:

At the first leg of the Dutch Championships we all came together to discuss what plans we had for the tournament. What our “primary” goal was. Last year we finished third and we definitely wanted to improve this year. So we decided that our goal would be second for this year. The first leg of the championships was the hardest one of all. We immediately got scheduled against the hardest opponents such as Heat, Ferox, Soultakers etcetera. Surprisingly we won all of our matches that day with 4-0. Except the one against Heat, which later on would become the hardest match of the tournament. We managed to win 4-3. Every other leg we won all of our matches. The final leg we had to compete with the first 6 teams on the ranking list (the ranking list was created over 3 legs, the top 6 teams would play in one bracket while the other 6 would compete against each other). This meant for us that we had to fight all the “better”  teams at the last leg. With some close matches, losing some points but no games we won ALL of our matches in the WHOLE series!  

Team Badboys OSS Series Champions ....UNDEFEATED !!!!

We said that we would tell it in short so we’ re stopping now, one more thing we want to say is: “Keep your eyes open for us because WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!”

BADBOYS OSS, What ya gonna do?

Friday, 21 September 2012

DY.... NAST..... Y GEO3's

Probably just a little tease for you on this one as the first batch flew out of the door in double quick time... If you want to get your hand on one of these pretty special (designed by the players) DYNASTY GEO3's then I would contact your dealer ASAP and let them know that you want one.... No......... NEED ONE !!!

Click Below to Find Your Local Dealer:

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mahlwinkel Big Game 2012

Friday morning September 7th 900hours, Black Bandits meets Ghost Squad at a Russian Army base in East Germany to fight side by side in, what would become one of the biggest paintball battles this year, the European Big Game Mahlwinkel 2012.

Finally a real big event with around 1500 players to experience our new Planet Eclipse Sponsored Gear. Since last month the Black Bandits became one of the two European Planet Eclipse Scenario Paintball Teams. This was the first serious event where we could experience the PE HDE Camo Gear and our new EGO 11´s in battle.

The night before both teams arrived at Mahlwinkel to setup the Black Bandits / Ghost Squad camping area. The place to fall back to for some resting and eating. Of course also to drink, drink, drink, drink, drink and… to drink. Because when you work-out and sweat a lot you have to make sure you don’t get dehydrated :P

You have the guys that like it rough and raw; Sleeping in tents and facing the cold and wet nights. Eating primitive food and ignoring the regular hygiene rules. And you got the posh people who prefer the luxury more; Staying in a Hotel with nice beds, a bath, a shower and a nice fresh breakfast every morning. But when the battle starts, you don’t see a difference… they all fight side by side covering each others backs during the 3 day battle at Mahlwinkel.

Battle Report Day 1 -- A great all round first day -- :

Day one started with a big “WHOOPS”. It’s always good to discover the next morning, after a very short sleep and a headache, that you forgot to bring your fresh underwear and socks. So a quick drive to a local shop to get some nice sexy silk Simpsons underwear for Martijn.

The ´luxury boys´ were luckier. Something went wrong with the reservation of a 3 person hotel room. This nice Hotel gave them a family room for 5 people, two bedrooms and a huge bathroom.

After the preparation of our markers and gear it was time to explore the field. We decided to go Blue side on advice of another Dutch teams. That was the place where the building action would be…. The Big Game bus, with the scary bus driver, drove us to our respawn area on the other side of the field. Just when we entered the place we discovered that our respawn area was already surrounded by the opposing team (white). It must have been hundred of guys we saw moving towards us.

We decided to enter the woods on the left and wait for our reinforcement because the second half of the team would come with the next bus. But than we noticed that there was already a big blue squad stationed on that side. So we decided to push back the opposing white team. With some nice flanking we managed to clean the woods and push forward to the flag near the wooden tower. We organised an assault with some Germans and were able to capture the yellow flag and turned it blue. But unfortunately we were not able to hold in that long because the field was swarmed by white players minutes after. We decided to fall back and team up with the rest of squad and to try it again. This time we were able to capture and hold the flag.

After a refill we were ordered to defend the central (stone) tower. The opposing ’s objective was to place a bomb in it. After 10 minutes of no action… our action addicted team decided to move forward. That’s where we met hundreds of assaulting white forces. We tried to defend the area but we were so outnumbered that we had to fall back and leave our positions. We decided to continue the day by constantly flanking our enemies with small groups. It was so much fun shooting our enemies in the back without being noticed.

In the evening we baked all kind of snacks in the fryer and made hamburgers and sausages on the grill. After our BBQ we went to the shops area to hopefully see some striptease. Instead of nice woman we had to look at a guy in a bath. We decided to bail out to our tent camp to get some drinks together. After a few drinks most of the guys were so exhausted of this first day that they went to bed early.

Battle Report Day 2 -- In action with our private photographer Christiaan Drenth

The day started with some nice team photo’s taken by the professional photographer Christiaan Drenth of Hasselhoff Photography. Christiaan is a Sup Air photographer who is taking photo’s on the Sup Air Millennium events. For him it was his first experience on a woods/scenario big game event. Unfortunately we didn’t receive our Planet Eclipse banner yet, so we had to make photos without it. After the modelling, our team started the preparations for another day of action.

Just when we entered the field we met the two other Dutch teams Mad Ball and Bushmasters. With them we already had around 40-50 players and together with some Germans we were able to quickly capture 3 or 4 flags in a row with massive assaults.

In the afternoon we were less lucky. Just when we entered the field we noticed that we were trapped / surrounded by enemies. We were able to shoot some enemies out of a bush line to move forward to the big bunker base. But also that base was defended by loads of opposing  players. At the end of the event we can say that this was our worst period. 30 minutes of doubt entered the team. Do we stay as defense, will we organise a massive assault on the bunker??

Jerry and Remco decided to sneak around the bunker base to see what was over there while the others kept the bunker busy. They were able to finish off a few opposing players and move forward behind enemy lines. That’s when they asked for support using the Porto’s. All Ghost squad and Black Bandits players gathered up for another attack behind the enemy lines. We were able to clear the back side of the bunker and capture the flag with high pace and a lot of action. After this assault everyone was so exhausted and desperate for a smoke that we found us a nice place to sit down, take a smoke and relax a bit to prepare for the next battle.

We walked through the bushes to check the middle wooden tower with the flag next to it. We noticed a big attack was going on so we decided to support it. In that area a lot of trenches were digged so it became some kind of trench war. Now some of the hoppers with speedfeeds were really pulled through a stress test. Remco´s hopper fully jammed when half a kilo of sand dropped in his hopper. And cleaning a hopper with full adrenaline is not very easy. We managed to get the flag so there was still time to clean the hopper.

At the end of the day it was time for another BBQ session. Sjoerds wife made some nice marinated chicken. We must thank her for ´serving´ us such a nice meal. It has probably been the best food we had during our complete Mahlwinkel experience. At the end of the evening Jeroen (TAC-Paintball) also joined us for a few drinks before we went off to bed.

Battle Report Day 3: -- One last battle -- 

On the third day we decided to play one ´round´ and after that we would take a shower and pack our bags and drive back to our nice and cosy Netherlands. Everyone took as much as possible pods with them for this last battle.

We started with a small flank battle and a quick flag capture. Without any resistance we were able to move forward to the next flag. But at the third flag things started to change. What started easy ended in a big battle for the third flag. But with the help of a few German players we were able to capture this flag and push forward to the respawn area of our enemies. We decided to lay down for a few ambushes. But laying down the whole time works on the nerves of some of us so we decided to look for more action again.

While progressing we were attacked by a lot of opposing players. During this ´chaos´ our group was split in two. With these two small groups we tried to keep stand against this big group. But the assault was too heavy so we had to retreat. We retreated to the building area where we shot our last paintballs.

We took a shower, packed our bags, cleaned the place and start driving for a 5 ½ hour trip back to the Netherlands. Unfortunately these kind of weekends are passing by way to fast.

A few notes:
  • The Mahlwinkel field was pretty nice, but it would have been nice if there were some more buildings to enter. The trenches and bunkers were very cool to capture.
  • The scenarios were unclear for non-German players. We are one Europe and we tend to speak English as our main language.  But we noticed that German people hardly speak English. This does not make it easier during the battles and the event.
  • 8 showers for 1500 players… is that enough?
  • Camping security was very strict. Sleeping in busses was not allowed on the camping area while they served as campers for some of us… this was kind a disappointing
  • Shooting balloons out of the air with a paintball gun does not work.
  • Asking for an airstrike with an old type telephone has a real funny effect on people around you.

  • When you play paintball in the same clothes for three days an unbearable smell starts to spread around you.
  • Mahlwinkel has been tagged with loads of Black Bandits stickers.
  • Having a professional photographer like Christiaan Drenth of Hasselhoff Photography with you on the field is an awesome experience.
  • The Planet Eclipse HDE gear is a great set! It is very comfortable in long battles and very durable in rough woods area’s. Last but not least, the camo works very well in changing environments.
  • The Planet Eclipse EGO 11´s are very air efficient and great for long battles. 3 days of action without any real marker problems, where do you see that these days?

Thank you to:
  • Ghost Squad for this nice Mahlwinkel experience!
  • Our friends that fought side by side with us.
  • Christiaan Drenth of Hasselhoff Photography for taking photo’s.
  • for using the FEJO bus.
  • Our Team sponsor TAC-Paintball for supporting our team with gear!
  • Our Gear sponsor Planet Eclipse for their confidence and support in Black Bandits.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sunday, 16 September 2012

St Louis Bandits take 1st Place

The St Louis Bandits (Mason Mendez, Nathan Jacobs and Nick Young) won 1st place in the
Wacky Warriors 3 Man Young Guns Tournament in Wentzville, MO last Sunday. This was our first Tournament together and our first WIN as a team. With the success at our first event we look forward to playing more tournaments and getting better as a team.

We would like to thanks Wacky Warriors for hosting an Awesome Tournament and for the one year paint sponsorship!

Also can’t forget Planet Eclipse for the quality Ego's and Geo’s. 15 fast paced games without one issue!!  We enjoy the guns nd the quality products, including the tent that kept the rain off our guns!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

1st, 2nd and 3rd at the CCP Colombia !!!

Planet Eclipse was in full force at the last CCP event in Colombia on August 17-20 , 2012  .After a hard fought weekend we are proud to announce that Planet Eclipse sponsored teams took 1st – 3rd place in the Open Division..

Tsunami Taking 1st Place
Congratulations to all our teams ..  Tsunami 1st place (Ecuador/Columbia) , Monosalvaje 2nd  place (Ecuador) and 3rd place Cali Cartel (Columbia).

Eclipse rolls on .. Eclipse FTW. We would like to wish the best of luck to all our sponsored teams at the next tournament they are attending!!

Monosalvaje in 2nd
Cali Cartel in 3rd

LNP Event #2

Planet Eclipse will be present at this event with a trade booth as well as Tech Support !!!

Friday, 14 September 2012


The Ego11 DART kit is a full drop-in Valve Guide, Exhaust Valve and Bolt kit designed exclusively for the Ego11.

Designed to improve every facet of the Ego11's feel and performance the DART kit increases efficiency and reduces sound signature and felt recoil as well being more gentle on paint in both the loading and the firing actions.

The DART kit enables the Ego11 to operate at consistently lower HPR and LPR pressures than has previously been possible on any Ego, but at the same time offers superior velocity consistency and efficiency.

So how did we achieve this?

DART Bolt - The Ego11 DART Bolt incorporates the latest Cure4 cushioned tip design as seen on the CSL.

In addition to the Cure4 design there are now 2 seals on the body of the bolt, one either side of the transfer port. Rather than use the traditional method of stretched, incorrectly sized o-rings as the seals, the DART bolt utilizes a floating seal design. These floating seals match the internal bore of the breech to create a perfect seal, yet allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the bolt body to occur without worry of increasing frictional drag in the bolt system or loss of effective seal. The floating seals provide the optimum compromise between reliability and efficiency. They will operate with next-to-no lubrication in even the harshest conditions without any negative effects to efficiency or consistency.

Finally the new DART Bolt is fitted with a weighted insert. The small increase in mass that this insert brings to the bolt system enables the Ego11 to cycle with a lower LPR pressure at lower cyclic speeds yet still retain enough inertia to pop the exhaust valve open and overcome blowback forces during the firing phase.

DART Valve System - The Ego11 DART Valve Assembly combines an improved flow path with refined dynamics that result in significant gains in efficiency. The new design forces the valve to close off more quickly after opening, reducing air wastage after the ball has reached velocity.

The Ego11 DART Kit is designed to be used only with the Ego11 platform (Includes CSL) and is only to be used as a complete kit. Installation and use of an incomplete kit will seriously affect the performance of the marker and in extreme cases may lead to damage of the marker. Only use the DART Valve Assembly and DART Bolt together in your EGO11 or CSL Marker.

Ego11 DART Kit Contains:
1 x DART Bolt Assembly (without pin)
1 x DART Valve Guide
1 x DART Exhaust Valve
Spare Bolt Plunger and Spring
Instruction Sheet


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