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Monday, 29 October 2012

LVP Venezuela

Esta fecha contamos con 42 equipos en 3 divisiones, division 4 tuvimos 7 equipos, Division 3 tuvimos 20 equipos y division 2 contamos con 15 equipos. el torneo se realizo en la ciudad de valencia en las afueras de la capital (caracas), fue un evento como acostumbramos de 4 dias, que dimos inicio el dia jueves, en horas de la maƱana. contamos con fuerte lluvia, los dos primeros dias. Contamos con 3 arbitros de estados unidos (Chris Wyatt, Matt Jones y Z)

This time we have 42 teams in three divisions, division 4 had 7 teams, we had 20 teams Division 3 and Division 2 teams have 15. The tournament was held in the city of Valencia on the outskirts of the capital (Caracas), was an event as we usually 4 days, that we started on Thursday, in the morning. There was have heavy rain for the first two days but the event still went on.  We also had 3 US Reffs come down to help out. Its great to have them attend as it gives players a fair chance when playing. (Chris Wyatt, Matt Jones and Z) We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continue support of the League, Viper TC and Team Fusion!

Los equipos ganadores:

1- Lastros (disparan Geo3)
2- Thunder
3- Hunter

1- Shocwave (Dye)
2- Destroyers (dye)
3- Linces (Sponserod Eclipse)

1- Fusion (Sponserod Eclipse)
2- Rangers
3- Lluvia (Dye)

1- Lastros
2- Thunder
3- Hunter

1- Predators
2- Linces (Sponserod Eclipse)
3- Shockwave (dye)

1- Fusion (Sponserod Eclipse)
2- Lluvia (Dye)
3- Mantis (Sponserod Eclipse)

La 4ta y ultima fecha, sera en noviembre del 15/18 (fecha Tentativa) en la ciudad de caracas, en mampote, para esa fecha contaremos con mas de 50 equipos

The 4th and last date will be on November 15/18 (tentative) in Caracas, on mampote, that date will have more than 50 teams

Tournament Info:

Thursday, 25 October 2012

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The October issue of PaintballX3 Magazine is live & Free. The issue features 20-plus pages of NPPL Las Vegas coverage, Clowns Versus Zombies Scenario/Big Game, New Products, an Interview with David Seybold, the referee of the very first paintball game ever played in the summer of 1981, and much more. Check it out HERE 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

3 FREE Months Subscriptions to G5 Paintball Magazine

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G5 Paintball Magazine has launched it first ever issue.. The iPad based magazine isn't free but Planet Eclipse has a little hook up for you.. Simple go to the App Store on your iPad and search for 'G5 Paintball' download the App and it will appear in you Newstand App cick it and then click 'CURRENT SUBSCRIBER' and type in the code: G5rocks3 and your away with a FREE 3 Months Subscriptions.... Easy...But, Hurry as this code expires on the 30th October 2012..... You just need to go and buy an iPad now :-)

Commitment 2 Progress

Monday, 22 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

ETV's #REDSUNDAY Part 3 out now FREE

The full film 77-minute can be downloaded at 


Omaha Vicious can't sustain their moment from the 2011 PSP World Cup of Paintball as they kick off the 2012 season. Coupled with the miserable weather conditions at the first stop of the season, Vicious endures a challenging spring, including a 2nd place finish at the NCPA tournament, and their single worst day of tournament paintball in Phoenix, Arizona in April, which was the continuation of the weather delayed 1st tournament.

The team has to look inward, and come out the following day for actual Phoenix tournament, silence the critics, and prove their relevancy on the professional paintball circuit.

And just in case you missed parts one and two.... here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The full film 77-minute can be downloaded at 

The Paintball Show - On Air Tomorrow

Here it is......the first sneaky peak of The Paintball Show!

You can watch the show online via or on Sky Channel 191 or Freesat Channel 400. 

90 minutes of paintball each week on prime time (9:30pm GMT) Saturday night TV! 

Show No.: 1 is TOMORROW @ 9:30pm GMT

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Planet Eclipse gives to the USO !!!

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration campaign Planet Eclipse decided to give the American Paintball community the opportunity to raise some much needed cash for a charity of their choosing, by auctioning a set of the beautiful and extremely rare 20th anniversary marker sets. After taking into account all the suggestions posted on the paintball forums and all the ideas submitted by email directly to us, the charity, ‘USO’ was finally nominated to be the benefactor of this exercise. 

Throughout our country’s history, Americans have felt profound appreciation and gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice of our troops and their families. The USO provides a tangible way for all of us to say thank you, as it has for 70 years.

Thanks to your generosity, the USO fulfils its mission of lifting the spirits of America’s troops and their families. Through the USO, you touch their lives through an extensive range of programs at more than 160 locations in 27 states and 14 countries, and at hundreds of entertainment events each year. Thousands of USO volunteers do everything possible to provide a home away from home for our troops and to keep them connected to the families they left behind.

The USO makes sure your help goes to those who need it the most: troops serving in combat, their families, our wounded warriors and their families, and families of the fallen.

As a non-profit, non-political organization, the USO is now, and always will be, about our troops. Wherever and whenever they go, the USO will be there, until every one comes home.”
-    USO

The auction raised a whopping $4852.75, every penny of which will be ploughed into fulfilling USO’s pledge.

USO…we salute you!

The Paintball Show on TV Soon !!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Norwegian Championship 2012

Once again the Norwegian Championship was held at our home field Slagen Paintball. Last year the event was held in September and suffered from heavy rains, so this year we opted for July and the weather was nice all weekend long. Teams turned up to compete in regular 3 man and 5 man xball on Saturday.

3 man played out on the grass field and the xball matches (race to 4)  took place on the turf field. As the year before a specially designed field layout was designed by Tampa Bay Damages coach Paul Richards. The field was very technical and it made for some long tense points.

Once again we fielded two xball teams: Slagen Bandits Gold and Slagen Bandits Silver. With 12 teams in the Elite division it would be a battle to make it to the top.

Slagen Bandits Gold faced off against PB Gear, Mayhem and Dominators Silver. Our first match was against Mayhem and as several times before was an evenly matched affair. In the end we lost 3-2. There was just not enough time on the clock for us to tie it up before time expired.

A frustrating start, but we got it together and beat PB gear 3-1 and Dominators Silver 3-2.

Our opponent in the quarterfinals was Drammen Sabotage, and it turned out to be an overtime loss 3-2. We felt we played better than in Hokksund, but we could probably benefited from breaking out a little bit more conservative in those crucial points on these kind of field layouts. We are probably playing our best paintball on a balanced attacking layout, and we have to adjust better to the more technical and slower layouts.

This season the top six teams are so evenly matched that you have to have the small margins on your side and make the right decisions to have a successful event.

Slagen Bandits Silver started out great with going up 3-0 on Drammen Solid, but then their inexperience showed and Solid came back winning 4-3.  They also lost against Sabotage, but a convincing victory against Kristiansund Oilers was just enough to see them through to the quarterfinals.

Izmir Collision waited in the quarterfinal, and beat Slagen Bandits Silver 4-1. In the end Izmir went on to become the champions beating Solid in the finals.

Final standings:
Results xball NM 2012

1 Izmir Collision
2 Drammen Solid
3 Drammen Sabotage
4 Mayhem Elite
5 Slagen Bandits Gold
6 Slagen Bandits Silver
7 PbGear
8 Dominators
9 Rebels
10 Molde Xtreme
11 Kristiansund Oilers
12 Dominators Silver

Sunday’s competition was regular 5 man and beginners 3 man with pod limit. Slagen Bandits were well represented in all divisions, but it was Slagen Bandits Brown, in the beginners division, who stood out, they took second place in their first tournament ever.

In retrospect the event itself was a great success thanks to the Swedish refs from MASH and the rest of our staff and volunteers. And of course all the 55 teams which helped shape this into a great tournament.

A big thanx to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Globe Souldiers, Game-On, Anthrax, Slagen Paintball,, Goldhammer and Dark Sportz

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Monday, 15 October 2012

3-Man THIS Friday 19th October @ Brewcity Paintball

3 Man Mil Sim Mix 'n' Match Tournament!

When: Friday October 19th starting at 7:00pm
Doors open at 6:00pm. Walk-on play will be CLOSED for the night including lasertag and bounce houses.

Contact: 414-795-7202

We will cap this event at 18 teams maximum. Cost is only $25 per person and tournament level paint is only $60 a case, or $18 for a bag of 500.
100% of the entry fees we collect will be paid out in Brew City Paintball gift certificates! They are good on anything we have in the shop--even paint! Get your prizes that night from our awesome proshop!

1st place 50% of entry collected
2nd place 30% of entry collected
3rd place 20% of entry collected
When we hit our cap, there will be over $1300 in prizes!

We will also be raffling off over $500 in RANDOM GEAR! Anyone who signs up by Friday October 12th will get one raffle ticket. You know the prizes will be SWEET!!!
30 points for clean flag hang
15 points for first flag pull
5 points for each LIVE PLAYER on your team


2 for 1’s on any unobvious hit (hopper, pack, etc.) no point penalty.

20 point penalty for playing on AND we pull an extra player.

10 point penalty for hot gun

Format: 3 man modified PSP, NO COACHING, 12.5 bps capped ramping or semi auto, 280 FPS, any ranked or unranked players welcome! Also, we will not have any Brew City Employees or Brew City Factory team members playing.

Sign up early by calling 414-795-7202, stopping in, or registering on our website. Pre-payment is required as we expect this to fill up.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Guayaquil Paintball Team y Monosalvaje

Noticias desde el EPPL - Guayaquil Open

El 1 y 2 de septiembre, la ciudad de Guayaquil fue la casa del Guayaquil Open. 2 equipos Planet Eclipse obtuvieron los primeros lugares.
Monosalvaje Paintball Team gano la division 2 y Guayaquil Paintball Team gano la division 5.
Estos 2 equipos salieron invictos ganando cada punto y cada juego del torneo.
El esfuerzo, juego en equipo, concentracion y duro entrenamiento cada fin de semana fue la formula para el exito
Felicitaciones a nuestros JUGADRES DEL EMORTAL ARMY
Monosalvaje Paintball Team y Guayaquil Paintball Team.

News from the EPPL - Guayaquil Open

On September 1st and 2nd, Guayaquil City, Ecuador was the home of the EPPL Guayaquil Open. EPPL series is run by Planet Eclipse Dealer & Service Center Guayaquil Paintball. The put on a great event in Ecuador and for each event they bring in PSP Pro Reff Tony Von Ronne to over see the reffing for the event. This gives them very fair and unbias reffing throughout the whole event. After all was said and done two Planet Eclipse Teams came in 1st place for their respected divisions, Monosalvaje Paintball Team won Division 2 and Guayaquil Paintball Team won Division 5. These 2 teams came out on fire with nothing on their mind but winning and both teams ended up going undefeated for the entire tournament. The effort, team play and concentration with hard training every weekend was the successful formula.

Congratulations to our EMORTAL ARMY PLAYERS!!  Monosalvaje Paintball Team and Guayaquil Paintball Team.

For more information on the EPPL series please visit links below or contact Edmundo at Guayaquil Paintball.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Paintball X3 Euro Out and FREE NOW !!!

The latest, greatest edition of PaintballX3 Euro is now available for your reading pleasure. Read, click, comment, rate, and watch articles (and videos) like the Russian Hotball event #5, CSP Milano (Italy), an interview with scenario Team Hawkeye from the Netherlands, as well as new products, news and more. Check out our two feature articles - Paintball and the Olympics, and How to Get Sponsorships

More info about PaintballX3 Here: