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Monday, 21 January 2013

Kneel Before Me ........

In comfort.

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Social Paintball NEWS

Something that has recently popped up on my radar is Social Paintballs News videos. A nice short 6 or 7 minutes round up of whats happening in paintball each week.. Perfect for those people that need to keep up to date but just don't have the time to trawl the net...

I will try and post these video's up each week.

Enjoy !

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Let It 'Shine' . . . . . . .


Close your eyes and imagine when you could not have a sip of your favorite adult beverage legally even though you are “of age” and you will be transported to a time when you heard whispers of a “friend” that may have information about where you could get a drink.  “Moonshiners vs. Revenuers” is the name of the new annual series from Michael Bell and Alan Stokes out of our favorite field, Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Each team works for points based the amount of “moonshine” (no kiddos, it is only water in milk jugs) that can be turned in at the Dew Drop Inn.

Our first objective of the game (along with a few volunteers) was to delay the Revenuers entry onto the field as long as possible so they would not find the parts to our moonshine still, because you can’t make moonshine without a still.  Even though we were dug in good like a group of ticks on a blood hound, we eventually were removed from our position, but took great consolation in the fact that we did delay their entry onto the field.  Our HDE pants blended in great with the surrounding foliage (or lack thereof).  After tagging in at our base, our first mission was to find parts for the moonshine still at the cemetery, a location that is very open to both sides.  Luckily we were able to find the part, hold the position even though there was resistance, and return the parts to our base named Pall Mall.  Thunder Road was the battle front throughout the first part of the day, with the line swaying into each team’s territory in an ebb and flow.  Many times throughout the day we accompanied “Ridge-runners” to trade at the Dew Drop Inn for points in the form of cash.  The unique thing about the Dew Drop Inn was that it was a no fire zone in the middle of the field and each team used that to their advantage – like an invisible wall you could not shoot past.  Day one ended with the Moonshiners in a considerable lead.   

Day two started with Black Karma split, literally.  Half of us went to the Revenuers to have some much needed fun against our own – the only bad side, we flipped our jerseys to make us different than the rest of our team and they were bright white.  On a mission to the cemetery, we met opposition that included the other half of our team and relished that we pushed them back and intercepted a “special shipment”.  During a speedball mission where each team had to bring 5 players that included the general and jugs of shine, we enjoyed seeing an equal number of Black Karma.  During each game, 5 jugs of shine would be placed in the middle of the field.  Any jugs shot would be lost.  The Revenuers won the speedball match with a bounty of 13 jugs.        

In the end, the Moonshiners won, although everyone had fun.  There were a few new faces that we got to show the splendor of our favorite field and hope they will be making a return trip in the future.  We love doing this charity event each year because each player contributes an item for the Toys for Tots drive and they are distributed locally.  It also got us in the mood to sponsor a family for Christmas this year.   

Guess how many issues we had with our equipment – zero, other than not having enough paint to feed our hungry markers.  If you ever have any issues with your gear, just swing by and let us take a look.  Even if you don’t have any equipment problems, pop in and say hi.  We always love to meet new people and share the game we love so much.  We hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and wish you the best for the new year.  Thank you Planet Eclipse for everything you do.  See you next year at Bearclaw Paintball for MPP’s “Mob Wars”.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hustle PB - EMC kit onto a GEO Video ??

Those nice guys at Hustle Paintball have made a video showing you how to install an ETHA EMC kit onto a GEO3...... Interesting !!!


Etha Prices go back up to their normal retail price tomorrow (11th January 2013)..

So get yours NOW !!!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fulda GAP

Fulda Gap 2012 – Top Five

Words by Jason “foolybear” Lineberger
Photos by Stephen “K-Dawg” Kent

Rather than dishing out a blow-by-blow description of the Fulda Gap Mega Game, one of the marquee American woodsball events, I’ve decided to make a list, in the spirit of the new year.  Here’s my Fulda Gap Top Five.

5.  Camping.  The scene in the staging and camping area remains one of the best reasons to attend Fulda Gap.  While November temperatures in North Carolina can be on the cool side, the packed camping area at the Command Decisions Wargames Center feels like a weekend-long paintball family reunion.  So many teams end their scenario calendars with the Fulda Gap game, and that gives the camping area the vibe of a year-ending blow out with plenty of campfires, music, and more funny “war lies” than anyone can swallow.  Thanks to the generous hospitality of my teammate Robert “Woodboss” Cox and his wife Janet, the Capital Offense campsite was the place to be with hot meals, a roaring fire, and warm beds.

4.  The Vendors.  Vendor Row at Fulda Gap has continued to grow, and this year the scenario player hungry for product could have his Eclipse marker professionally teched before picking up a new hopper, pack, or uniform from his choice of stores on site.  The retail spaces ranged from tents to show trailers, with everything under the sun for sale, from top-of-the-line markers to a wide selection of MREs and military surplus equipment. 

3.  Game Structure.  The game, now seven years running, simulates one Cold War era scenario for the beginning of World War III.  A hypothetical invasion of Germany in the 80s by Warsaw Pact forces provides the backdrop to a large scale paintball game that includes simulated chemical warfare, airstrikes, tactical nukes, mobile spawn points, and dead zones that can be won or lost based on field position.  Command Decisions Wargames Center has a fleet of paintball tanks and a local team (ODX) experienced in their operation.  Combine this with a tank-friendly field and the Fulda Gap game becomes a major draw for that special breed of paintballers – the tankers.  Finally, the terrain itself is a great reason to sign up for this game.  Sure, the field is famous for its wicked hills, but with forts, bunkers, and trenches all over the 70+ playable acres, it’s possible to play Fulda Gap multiple times without having the same game experience.  The variety of terrain gives this field and game some serious replay value.

2.  The Action.  The 2012 Fulda Gap game built up a conflict between two crafty scenario veterans.  Kent “X-Man” Jones of Team Boxer squared off against Richard “Mamba” Money of World-Combat Paintball Clan.  Boxer has earned a reputation for strategy, communication, and troop coordination.  Mamba, as Warsaw commander, brought some wily scenario strategy and a helping of history to his side; the Warsaw Pact team had racked up victories five out of six years before 2012.  (Perhaps not coincidentally, the lone NATO victory in 2010 was also the year that Capital Offense switched sides to play for NATO.)

This year’s game brought the usual intensity, ratcheted up by the fact that neither side steamrolled the other at any point.  Most scenarios have an ebb and flow, but the action at the 2012 Fulda Gap stayed hot from beginning to end.  Neither team kept an advantage for long, so the game came down to which general was better at herding their players to the right field locations to score the most points.  If you thought herding cats would be tough, imagine herding scenario paintball players.  That takes real skill!  Both sides came hungry for the victory.

My favorite moment of the game came when my team, Capital Offense, got orders to assault Firebase Alpha.  At that point we had our mobile respawn in the general area, but Mamba shifted a heavy group of shooters to trap us on one side of a bridge across from Firebase Alpha on the other.  We rallied some players to lay down a wave of covering fire as Capital Offense jumped off the bridge to cut through the woods to approach Alpha from the south.

Once in position, our assault ground to a halt by yet another Warsaw roadblock – this time a literal one – their heavy tank.  Fortunately we roster the best tank-killer in the game, but even without their tank, our quick assault transformed into a protracted siege against a determined defensive force.  Finally, we swarmed the dirt wall around the base and brought the fight to the tight confines of the firebase’s trenches.  We gained ground, and my daughter (foolycub) and I were left to charge up the middle to occupy a three sided bunker.  A few minutes of trench-clearing CQB later and we’re in the bunker blasting strings of paint through two shooting ports with our ETHAs.  She has a group of charging Warsaw players in her sights when I run out of paint, and without skipping a beat she’s handing me a spare pod while zapping runners left and right.  I couldn’t have been prouder.

1.  Victory.  A great game is made all the sweeter by a hard-fought victory, and at the 2012 Fulda Gap the NATO side managed to squeak ahead in the last few hours of game.  I’ve played hundreds of scenario/big games, and this year’s Fulda Gap ranks high among the most fun and competitive games I’ve attended.  I never felt outclassed by the opposition, and I never walked over my competition.  We fought for every foot we took (or retook) and the points reflected this tightly contested battle.  When NATO inched forward at the end, that’s a cherry on top of an already excellent game.  Best Fulda Gap yet.

Thanks to all the teams who brought their A games this year.  Thank you to Ferg and Lee Ann and the entire CDWC staff who brought off such a fun event.  This game ended the 2012 scenario season for Team Capital Offense, but I got in a couple of games in December, so look for a final report to wrap up the year.

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Early Bird Discounts @ CPPS

The 'NEW' Re-Vamped CPPS venue set to re-open in March 2013 has announced some kick ass deals for teams signing up for the season...


Hi all,

If anyone has been following us on facebook, you'll see that we've been busying ourselves down at the site these past couple of months. We've created a new hardcore staging area, viewing mound, added drainage, installed water to every field and we're now preparing for the two new fields......needless to say it's been a busy time and there's still lots more work to do, which we're looking forward to tackling!

Now that 2013 is fast approaching, it's time to get out some more information for you all. First off, I'll start off with the confirmed dates for next season:

Round 1: 7th April
Round 2: 12th May
Round 3: 23rd June
Round 4: 18th August
Round 5: 22nd September

In addition to these dates, we are also hosting four special events:

Student Cup: 6th April
PSP Event: 21st July
F5 Event: 4th August
7man: 3rd November

We will also be running two "rookie" events, and details of these will be released before the start of the season.


Back to our main events......

We're re-naming the divisions for both clarity and to better match the rest of the world ranking systems next season, so the divisions will now be known as follows:

Elite (Race 4 invite/locked only)
Division 1 (Race 4)
Division 2 (Race 2)
Division 3 (Race 2)
Division 4 (5 man)
Division 5 (5 man)

These will obviously correspond roughly to what has already been set in place over the past couple of years. We will be levelling the number of teams out between division 4 and 5 to provide more matches for the new division 5, and make division 4 a more competitive division for the teams near the top of the bracket at the close of 2012.

Further to this, with us running five fields next season, each division will have an AM start and will be on their own field for a full day's play. As we've stated previously, each leg will be a cup event in its own right and will be sponsored by a different company (details to be released shortly). Following your set amount of matches, the highest 4 placed teams on the day in each division (for division 3 and above only) will then go on to play an extra match in a finals play off, following which there will be trophies and prizes for each division.

Elite and Division 1 will be playing 4 matches(plus an extra one if finals are made), Division 2 and 3 will be playing 5 matches (plus an extra if finals are made) and division 4 and 5 will be playing a minimum of 10 matches over the day.


We will be locking the amount of teams per division and those numbers are as follows:

Elite: 12 teams
Division 1: 12 teams
Division 2: 8 teams
Division 3: 8 teams
Division 4: 14 teams
Division 5: 14 teams

You can post up here to confirm your place into the relevant division(s). Following a full uptake of allocated spaces, you will then be added to a waiting list for that division. Dependant on entries for each division, we may adjust these initial entry numbers, however, this will be used as our starting base; as it allows us to plan game times/fields for the time being. If you have a special request for a division entry, please email me ( We will be looking at the last series final standings to ensure there is a fair level of entries across the board.

Prices for the divisions will be as follows:

Elite: £275
Division 1: £250
Division 2/3: £225
Division 4/5: £200

*Any second team entered into another division will be granted a £25 discount on their highest ranking team. An additional £25 will be knocked off for a 3rd team entered.

Further to this, if any team offers a referee for the day (must have attended a CPPS ref clinic) then they will be given a £50 discount for entry as well as £10 to cover any petrol costs their referee may have. This will be on a first come, first served basis, so please email me for more details.

CPPS Referee clinic details to follow shortly.


Pre-payment scheme and membership:

For 2013, we are offering a pre-payment scheme for the 5 events which will further reduce your cost of entry:

Elite: £1200 (compared to £1375, a saving of £175).
Division 1: £1100 (compared to £1250, a saving of £150).
Division 2/3: £1000 (compared to £1125, a saving of £125).
Division 4/5: £900 (compared to £1000, a saving of £100).

Any teams taking up this offer before March 1st, 2013, will be granted a free "Small Team Membership" package(see below for more info), valued at £150 per season, as well as being able to reserve a pop up tent at our main events.

In addition to this, the first 5 teams taking up the offer before 1st February, 2013 we will also be entitled to a 20% reduction fee into Division 3 of the London leg of the Millennium Series in 2013. We are funding this reduction to encourage teams who are thinking of playing Millennium and support them in their journey.


We want to encourage teams to train next season and so are offering membership packages for individuals and teams alike. Players who join will be given discounted training fees at £10 per head (rather than £15). There will be a minimum of 15 training days next season in between March and November. We have lots of exciting things planned this year and further benefits of membership will be released in the coming months.

Individual membership: £25 per year, payable by March 29th 2013.
Small team membership: £160 per year - allowing up to 8 players to register for discount, payable by 29th March
Large team membership: £240 per year - allowing up to 16 players to register for discount, payable by 29th March

*Students will be able to train at £10 per head on presentation of a current and valid student card.


In summary, if you want to sign up to a division, please post up here with your request(s) and if you have any questions please drop me an email on

I'll be releasing more sponsor info soon along with a whole host of other exciting news planned for the season. Now back to the site rebuild...........


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Combine - NEARLY Sold Out !!

ONLY 15 PLACES LEFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

International Super Seven Championship - ISSC

Team Raskals WIN - International Super Seven Championship - ISSC 

Team Raskals Capt Hamman Amin, "We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for the awesome Ego and Geo markers and fantastic apparels that really puts the opposition into the shade, without which, my team Raskal would not be able to do so well. We also like to thank Skirmish Paintball Asia for their wonderful support and Gelkaps Sports Ignite paintballs which was simply brilliant. Matching the awesome Egos and Geos to the brilliant Ignite paintballs was a un-believable experience with performance and accuracy out of this world. This event saw an Eclipse sponsored 1st place Raskal and 3rd place team Nemesis. Another Eclipse victory

Winning this International Super Seven Championships 2012 - ISSC, 2nd year running against teams from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines and with the biggest prize pot of the year - US$6,000 was a great achievement for my team. I would like to thank all my team mates for their confidence in me and for their support and also to our Team Manager TC Gan for his faith in me. I am happy to announce that I will hand over the team Captaincy to my team mate Ab Aziz as due to work commitments as I will not be able to lead team Raskal in 2013 though I will still fight for my place in this team whenever I can play.

I wish to thank Planet Eclipse and Ledz for his advise and guidance, Skirmish Paintball Asia and Gelkaps for the sponsorships and support for Team Raskal and to the other sponsors as well.

March on the Planet Eclipse Emortal Army and thank you. "

Thanks to for the pics...