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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

They’re Grrrrrrreat!

Tiger Ambush is at it again!  At the CFOA’s Palmetto Open, Ambush faced cold weather and relentless rain.  As Forest Gump would say: “Little bitty stingin’ rain, big ole fat rain, and even rain that flew in sideways.  The turf field was like a sponge, and the pits were ankle-deep mud soup...

Terrible rain can spell doom for lesser quality equipment, but Ambush had ZERO gun problems!  Any sliding created tsunami type waves, but their Geo 3’s never missed a beat.  Tiger pushed on through to another impressive 3rd place finish, led by tournament MVP, Blair Howery.   

Blair said, “These Geo 3’s are rock solid.  We couldn’t ask for more dependable gear.  It is awesome having a marker that I know will work all the time, so I can focus on my responsibilities in the game.  We are real happy having Planet Eclipse and Tiger Paintball behind us.”

We love it here at Planet HQ when you gear just keeps on rockin and our teams keep in winning... Well Done.

Tigers Take the Gold !!!!

Well Done Boys !!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

NCPA - Finals on CBS Tonight..

Unlimited !!!

 As you may already be aware, paintballing as a sport has already gathered a number of players who, like myself and others involved in this project, are playing with various levels of disability. Those players are very happy and proud to have been made so welcome by the players and industry alike. Both players and sites have almost without exception cheerfully provided real help with access to the sport, whilst at the same time not putting players with physical problems into a separate category and offering help without pity (they shoot us, after all). This is actually rather outside our collective experience in other areas of life; being disabled is not easy and can result in hardships both physical and financial as well as limiting ways to have fun, and very few sports are as accepting of disabled players as ours.
In the wake of the Paralympic games and increased awareness of disabled sport, a group of paintballers already playing with disabilities have gathered to raise awareness of both how it is possible to play the sport whilst disabled to encourage new players with problems to perhaps try for themselves, and draw attention to the number of players with physical problems who have already been welcomed to the sport so inclusively and thank the industry, sites and players for making them feel part of the family so cheerfully and openly. The group is also looking at ways to modify equipment both medical and paintball to make it easier to use for those less able and share those ideas already developed by the members whilst playing.
With this in mind we have created a Facebook group (link below) as a focal point for this concept and have assembled a team to hopefully play at the London Millennium this year in D3, under the name ‘Unlimited’, with the idea of fielding all disabled players. This will help showcase the accessibility of the sport to those who might have dismissed it as not suitable, and hopefully show both inside and outside interests such as media that all are welcome to play and participate. If we are able to achieve this goal we will then look to expand the concept to include long term ‘Unlimited’ projects such as scenario and tournament teams providing disabled players with support, encouragement and practical advice.
We are approaching companies in the hope of any support they can offer the group, the team and for the idea of disabled paintball in general. With that in mind we are respectfully asking if your company would be able to offer any help in terms of support, publicity and encouragement, but also more tangible help as being a disabled person in the UK can be a very expensive business and some of our proposed players will not be able to entirely fund their efforts to play a major event. Please consider this request, ask if there are any questions raised, and if you might be interested in offering support then many thanks in advance and please let us know what form that support may take; many of our players are fully equipped but we will have need of some kit, paint, possibly a little help with a spare room as some of our players cannot easily camp, and most importantly the backing and encouragement of an already very supportive and inclusive industry. We can use anything from markers to squeegees and pots and all contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged in all publicity, on jerseys etc. If during these tough times material support is not available then thank you for your time and please let us know as soon as conveniently possible as we have limited time and lots to do, and thanks on behalf of those already playing for your support and help in this amazing pursuit we all enjoy.
Our Facebook Page can be found here:-
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Heath

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Winners Announced

For immediate release - May 15th, Old Hickory, Tennessee

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship fund is very pleased to announce the winners and recipients for this year's scholarship assistance. This was not an easy task for the board members to evaluate each submission as there were numerous essays that were well written with interesting content.

"While we would like to support ALL the students who submitted their essays this year" states board chairman Jim Lively, "only the ones with the top marks as graded by the board will be receiving financial assistance for their educational institution of choice. Thanks one and all for sending in your essays and special thanks to all that help support the fund annually"

The following students were chosen to receive assistance from The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund. Each submission was carefully graded for spelling and punctuation, Originality and the Ability to Express.

$2,500 Tippmann Sports Award  - Mathew Harley Scott studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Local Field: Phoenix Paintball

$2,500 Valken Sports Award - Nickolas Vernadakis studying Biophysics at the University of Connecticut

Local Field: Boston Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - Bryce McCarthy studying Cinematography/Videography at Emerson College

Local Field: PnL Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - John Dempsey studying Business & Marketing at West Virginia University    

Local Field: Skyline Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - Sean Griggs studying Biology at Texas Christian University

Local Field: Predator Paintball

$500 Field Owners Award - Andrew Goto studying Speech Communication at The University of Central Florida

Local Field: G.I. Direct Paintball


$500 Field Owners Award - Andrew Goyer  studying Engineering at Bridgewater College

Local Field: WarPlay Paintball

$500 Field Owners Award - Adrian Rivera studying Biology/Science at Brigham Young University

Local Field: Warriors for Christ Paintball Ministry 

Once again a very special congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients and to all of the fund supporters that help establish the fund annually.

$2,500 National Scholarship Awards

Tippmann Sports

Valken Sports

$1,000 Players Scholarship Awards

National Professional Players League

Planet Eclipse

Paintball Gear Canada

Cossio Insurance Agency

Catshack Reports


Viper Paintball

Paintball Extravaganza

Quarter Master PB

PB Buying Group

Ms. Tina Ruzzo

Mr. Laurence Miller

Mr. Tony Porras

$500 Field Owners Scholarship Awards

Three Rivers PB Park

Wasaga Beach PB Park

Hell Survivors

Adventure Beach PB

E.M.R. PB Park



The Bob Gurnsey scholarship Fund is an ongoing project. To see to its longevity, we as a community must continue to do what we can to build the necessary funds. Please consider a donation, for more information please visit

Charity Event @ Skirmish Notts on 22nd & 23rd June


Well summer is upon us again and the nights are getting longer and warmer, so it’s time for the annual Skirmish Charity event.  As some of  you may already know the Skirmish Network as a whole, and in  the early days with Steve Bull with the over 35 tournament series, have raised tens of thousands of pounds for national and local charities with the emphasis on having a purely fun event for everybody to enjoy.

This year’s event will be held at Skirmish Nottingham in Sherwood Forest.  The confirmed dates are Saturday  22nd   and Sunday  23rd June.

The format of the event will be as follows.

Site opens after Saturday rental customers have left at 5.00 pm.

A Floodlit camping area will be available on the sup air field, along with a sumo wrestling arena, where all comers are welcome to have a go.

A 5 man mini formula 5 man event will be held on the Hyperball field with games up to 10 minutes long, against the clock, play as many times as you want. Teams and be made up of any number of players with only 5 players on the pitch at any one time.

One our marshals is a singer in a band and will be running the evening Karaoke for all you budding Susan Boyles out there….

Once its dark enough the Village Field and the castle will be lit up with strobe and laser lights plus blue & orange flashing lights etc. Games can be played on these fields until 2.00 am.  

After the games have finished, players are welcome to participate in a few sandy’s and aperitifs before seriously killing the karaoke

The next day we will be running a 2 stage scenarios game.  Stage 1 – To attack the small village of Nottingham and rescue the Maid Marion from the jail, and deliver her safely to Robin Hood.

Break for Lunch and charity auction

Stage 2 - To storm Nottingham castle to find and capture the evil sheriff of Nottingham and deliver him to the gallows.

All the above will be FREE to all participants, players, vendors,. Free parking, camping, 5 man, big game, everything.   We are supporting 3 charities this year and there will donation boxes at each event for folks to put as much or as little in as they want, hopefully they all have a fantastic time and dig deep.

The 3 worthy causes are Help for Heroes, McMillan Nurses and RSPCA.  We all know and respect what our armed services give up for us, we all know someone who has died or is affected by cancer and finally, how many times do we see people abusing and abandoning  animals, These poor creatures are supposed to be our best friends and loyal companions.

The event will be site approved paint only, This is more of a quality issue because of damaging paint used at the last D10 event against our wishes which is still around. To keep overheads as low as possible air will be supplied to 3000 psi from our onsite system.

Please, Please, Please can you help support this year’s event by either running a trade stand,   donating prizes for the auction, supplying paintballs for sale on the day, or even sending up players or volunteers to help.  Better still do all of these and come up and play yourself. It’s a fun event and will be good to get everybody together.

Please can you help spread the word about the event, you know where we are, right in the middle of the UK and really easy  to get from all major towns.

Many Thanks in anticipation and I hope you can personally make the trip.  Any questions please give us a call  0115 9230730


Nick & Sally Sanders
Nottingham Skirmish