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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Planet EcLIPSe FF Manager of the Month - Oct 2013

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Let It Burn !!!

Heart pumping, adrenaline going in full force, then you hear the shot that starts the game.  You run as fast as you can to the little cover between you and a thousand balls headed straight at you while trying to take as many of them out as possible.  Behind a hay bale we refill and check where we should go.  After what seems like a heartbeat, we begin to run again.  All that can be heard is my breathing, a rapid heartbeat, and the call to push.  Sometimes the drive pushes us too far and the enemy gets the small reprieve of one less head to defend against.  In my mind, this battle has been going on for hours - in reality, it has only been three minutes.  Three minutes and we break through their line and push to our base.  Looking to the left and right I see the black jerseys of my brothers and sisters - Black Karma.

MPP Games’ second installment of the Game of Thrones series puts the Greyjoy camp against the Dothraki.  New to the field this game are around forty huge new bunkers and three massive pyres ready to be lit when the darkness envelopes our paradise valley.  We also stand ready to lend out our new Black Karma Etha to anyone that wants to give it a test drive.  Not only do we have our normal paintball family, but also teams and individuals that travel hundreds of miles to share in the experience that we take for granted: Bearclaw Paintball.

One particularly difficult mission was a push to the doorstep of Greyjoy's base to find three props and to hold it for twenty minutes.  We found the props but had to wait for the mission card for an extra twenty minutes.  By that time the building that contained the props was the frontline of the battle.  After looking to another Black Karma brother and asking our familiar question "Do you want to do something stupid?," we readied another volunteer and the teams around us on our plan.  At the count of three we ran as fast as we could expecting to be shot at any moment.  After tucking into the building and getting checked by a referee, all three of us were amazed that we were all clean.  After tossing the props back to our team we ran again without getting shot out.  Another sacrifice must be made to the paintball gods.

As night casts its loving arms around us, we ready ourselves behind our bunkers preparing for the coming Greyjoy stampede.  As the pyres are lit, the blanket of night is pulled back and the orange glow blinds us.  After what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, the countdown starts.  As the report is sounded all hell breaks loose.  I shoot at all the ghostly figures I can while racing towards my line.  One after another, I pivot, shoot, reload, and continue my futile dance.  After seven minutes, my hope is let down: they break through my line.  Luckily we defend some of the positions so they do not take all of the points.  Afterwards I come back to the Black Karma Kompound for an awesome meal thanks to some teammates that stayed behind.   

On Sunday morning I wake to cooler temperatures and prepare myself for the coming day.  Today I put on my new custom Black Karma HDE jersey; this will help us blend into the lush vegetation even more than we already do with our HDE pants.  Although it has long sleeves, it breaths well, even for humid weather.  After preparations, again the gun goes off to start the game.  Running off the break we hope to cut off half of the field from the enemy by outflanking them.  After holding our position for thirty minutes, the drones start to close in.  After pushing too far into their lines, I have to make the long walk of shame and tag back into my base.  On the way back to the front line I notice the enemy has closed around my previous position.  Taking a group, we push back as quickly as possible, darting from bunker to bunker.

In the end, we are all winners as we share a wonderful weekend of paintball with friends (new, old, and ones that we will meet soon).  We were happy as a team to lend out our Black Karma Etha to two players for the weekend.  If you would like to try it out at our next game, let us know.  Greyjoy put up a wonderful fight, but in the end the Dothraki advanced for the Throne.  And to think, we helped advance a team that could very well play us, the Stark clan.        

Our next event will be at Bearclaw Paintball for the annual Toys for Tots game; Paint Trek: Battle for Charlie 3 on December 14th – 15th.  If you need help with anything paintball related, feel free to ask any one of us.  Stop by and try out our Black Karma Etha, or just ask to see any of our stable of markers (LV1’s, Egos, Geos, Eteks, or Ethas).  Look us up on our Facebook page (  Also check our page for updates on upcoming games and new products from Planet Eclipse.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Carbon Copy !!

New adventures, new friends, new trophy’s !!

After again attending the first round of the Med League in Thessaloniki earlier this year; it was time to pack our eclipse bags once again and get on a plane to Limassol for the second leg. This series has become our go to series for fun and ballin. Kostantinos and Anthrax creates a great atmosphere at these events and we always come away with another set of great stories and new friends.
This time looked to be no different as the location was Limassol in Cyprus. Louie O and Paintball Cyprus was hosting the event.

Unfortunately real life stuff caught up with my team Larvik Carbon before this event. It’s the same guys you know from before (from Slagen Bandits Gold and Silver) just a name change for this year.
Work, studies and military service got in the way for this one. In the end it was me and my boyfriend, Tor Anders, who got on the plane with our trusty Geo 3’s to try to add to our trophy collection.

We flew down on Wednesday and got to see some of the local sights and chat with Louie, who took great care of us even though he was stressed out of his mind making sure the event was going to run smoothly. The weather was great and certainly warm enough for us northerners and we got to spend a full day at the beach in Agia Napa together with the world’s craziest and kindest taxi driver :-)

Friday was practice day with Anthrax Reign and our teammates for the event Kevin and Andy from Germany and George from Greece. For this event we would be: the Athrax Allstars.

After a great practice working out new international codes and bunker names everybody got together in a restaurant called “the lighthouse”. We had one whole floor for ourselves with a big buffet and live music. We had a great time with good friends and umbrella drinks :-)

When I came to the players area on Saturday, I had to look twice – what met me ; a portable Starbucks-can with either hot or cold mocca! I was ecstatic even before the games could begin:-)

Saturday was the 3 man competition which started just late enough so it was possible to go out clubbing and still be reasonably fresh in the morning. We teamed up with Anthrax head honcho himself Kostantinos for this one and the games soon got underway. We played round robin race to 2 and played a lot of games. In the end we got 3rd place. Louies team PBCY won. After two days of playing, our tired bodies headed back to the hotel for some rest before Sundays 5 man race to three format.

Sunday was round robin with the two best teams meeting in the final. We played kinda scrappy at first, trying to get used to each other’s style of play but after we worked out the worst kinks everybody started to put in work. Before our last game we had one loss to Anthrax Reign and had to win against Louie’s team (PBCY) to make it in to the finals. Things started out bleak as we went down 0-2 quickly. We changed things up and staring running up the middle and managed to shut down one side completely for the rest of the game and in the end it was a come from behind victory 3-2.

This meant we got another shot at an undefeated Anthrax Reign in the finals. The game went back and forth and after a while we were up 2-1 and time was starting to expire. We broke out evenly but Kevins gun went down. We crossed it up and hoped for the best. 5 empty pods later Anthrax Reign started their push. In the ensuing chaos both teams had players alive but the final buzzer sounded as one of Reigns players were 3 meters from our buzzer. Not a very stylish victory, but not too bad for a throw together team!

It was time for the awards ceremony with great prices from Eclipse, Anthrax and G.I.

After three days of playing it was time get our dirty kit of and wash our bruised and scraped up bodies-everybody was famished but happy. We spent the night at Fridays with the Reign boys sharing stories and a great meal.

Another adventure is over, new friends gained and a couple of trophies too!

Big thanks to Louie,Jimmy and paintball Cyprus for a great tournament,George for the playing and the Starbucks coffe and of course Anthrax,Game-On and Planet Eclipse for supporting our adventures and making great products.

Also heartfelt thanks to Anatoly who had the pleasure of playing his first speedball tournament, and at the same time were a great help to us in the pits. You have the heart of a lion :)

Love from Krissy, Team Carbon