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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

SPS Get Promoted !!!

SPS had an absolutely SMASHing day at UWL Midlands Leg, their first ever win in a competitive event! 

There was a great atmosphere in Div 1 with all the teams having good crack together and playing very fair. Morning Wood, Proteus, Warzone Warriors, AUP, PUPS, Onslaught SF, BUPS and of course the very game Jungle guys who had basically never played anything even remotely resembling this, went out and got smashed but kept going all day. Well done Jungle! Also massive props to BUPS who very nearly pipped us at the last hurdle. They didn't lose a game all day until the final. 

Needless to say the LV1’s, ETEK’s, ETHA's and GEO’s were flawless all day, dropping G’s left right and centre. Valken paint was spot on, weather was great, bacon rolls were lovely, Adrenalin Jungle is a very well looked after site, hopefully play there again. Great day out. Leon “Leeroy” Dugdale also maintains his 1st place in the Div 1 players rankings and 2nd in the overall Player Rankings.

Elite div here we come!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

EPPL - Ecuador

Over 24 teams were in attendance April 11th through the 13th, 2014 playing in 3 divisions at the EPPL (Ecuadorian Professional Paintball League) paintball tournament on the beautiful beaches of Salinas, Ecuador.  

Since its inception in 2010, the league has improved on all aspects – reffing, team attendance and infrastructure.  Edmundo Jordan, owner of Guayaquil Paintball Club was the organizer of the event. 

 Edmundo was very proud that once again, he was able to host the event inside of the Dr. Camilo Gallego Dominguez Soccer Stadium.  PSP ultimate ref David Baker was on hand to handle reffing on the field.  Local teams, Team Monosalvaje and Team Monosalvaje Kids were the talk of the event.  They set the tournament on fire, both coming in undefeated all the way through to finals!  Team Monosalvaje has been proudly sponsored by Planet Eclipse since 2007.  Games were fast and aggressive.  Both squads showed they came to win and both took home the gold!  Congratulations to Team Monosalvaje, D3 Champions and Team Monosalvaje Kids, D5 Champions.  See you all June 6th through the 8th in Esmereldas, Ecuador!

 And a bit of tech support to keep all the Eclipse Family running at 100% is always nice :-)

Friday, 25 April 2014

California State Long Beach Paintball team...

The California State Long Beach Paintball team is proud to announce that they have renewed their sponsorship deal with Planet Eclipse and Extreme Pros Paintball for the 2014 season.  They have just received their new Planet Eclipse LV1s & Geo 3.1s markers and 2014 pants, gearing them up for Nationals. 

“The squad looks strong this year, we practiced hard and we want to redeem ourselves from last year. We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continued support of our program, in addition we would like to thank Extreme Pros Paintball - the best pro shop in Southern California for helping out with our sponsorship.” said Jordan Tsai the team captain and graduating Kinesiology senior.

“We are excited to extend our sponsorship contract with Cal State Long Beach throughout the 2014 season. The team had a tremendous year in 2013, just coming up short with the championship at Nationals. We appreciate the team’s and Extreme Paintballs continued support! We wish them the best of luck at Nationals and throughout the 2014 season” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse

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Check out the ETV from last years NCPA Here:

Young blood.

Round 1 of the Millennium Series has been and gone, with Puget-Sur-Argens proving to be a great event for all who entered. The event was especially great for our boys at Edmonton Impact who won the CPL, after a 2013 season of impressive performances.

But there was another story happening that also captured our attention. One that involved a 1 on 1 sideshow, a selection of ballers of all skill levels and a 14 year old called Ruben Van Maasacker. This event was ultimately won by Oliver Lang but the story here is how 14 year old Ruben played Ollie in the semi-final AND shot him in their best-of-3 match up. Thousands of webcast viewers and fellow ballers alike were rooting for Ruben as he shot his way to the semis, and at Planet Eclipse we like an underdog story.

So we caught up with Ruben and asked him a few questions.

So, Ruben, how are things? Which team do you play with and what leagues?
I'm great. I play for team Badboys Oss, we play in two competitions this summer season: SPL1 on the millennium and Pro division at the Nederlandse Paintball League (NPL).

What marker do you use?
Planet Eclipse GEO3.1 with Custom Badboys colours.

How did you get started playing paintball?
My dad built his own paintball company, from there on I was addicted to paintball.

How does a guy of your age get on a team that competes in the Millennium Series?
3 years ago me and my big brother were asked to play for team Badboys Oss. He is also still in the team at this moment as our team captain. From that moment on we stayed together with a few more players from young age. Each year we got a bit further until last year when we promoted from division one (SPL2 now) to SPL (SPL1 now). So actually we did it by ourselves and fought for our own spot.

We presume your other team buddies are a lot older than you. Do you have to work harder to get their respect?
Actually yes they are older then me but there are only 2 players in our team that played paintball longer then me. So I don’t really have to work hard for their respect because they already have the respect that I already play paintball for so long, and of course the results we have make us have respect for each other.

Let’s talk about Puget. You impressed a whole bunch of people with your performance in the 1 on 1 competition, especially making the semis and shooting Ollie Lang in the best of 3. How did it feel playing against arguably the World’s greatest paintballer. And shooting him!

It was a honour to play against arguably the best all time pro Oliver Lang. It was really exciting to play against him. What got me the most was all the people who (even when I didn’t know them) where cheering for me. I could hear almost the whole tribune shouting my name and clapping for me. That was probably the best feeling I ever had. At last I would like to say that Oliver is a really nice person, and that I am glad to meet / play against him!

Have you any advice for other guys out there of the same age who want to play big tournaments, but don’t quite know how to get noticed?
Like my dad always told me: Train hard and play hard! Go to your local fields to train hard. Once you start playing often it will automatically get you noticed.

And finally, you’re playing the 1 on 1 at Bitburg right?
Yes I definitely am!!

Anyone you’d like to thank or say hi to?
I would like to thank my father and my family for supporting and sponsoring me so I could join the 1 on 1 tournament. And I would like to thank my team for helping me during the 1 on 1 tournament. And at last I would like to thank Ollie and the Millennium series for making it possible for me to play this amazing tournament.

Thanks for your time Ruben, appreciate it. Good luck for the rest of the year and keep us up to date with your career, it would be awesome to see you make your way up the food chain and we'll be watching you at Bitburg that's for sure.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Once More Into The Breech


Our second foray into the realm of competitive woodsball within the Ultimate Woodsball League started off in the normal Tennessee early spring way – a clear practice day, a rainy and cold game day, followed by a warm game day.  We never can figure out what mother-nature has in store for us, so we prepare for the worst.

Practice day let us work off some of the winter atrophy and learn how to work with a few new players for our team.  Not only did we enjoy working a few points against each other in the “Western Town” at Bearclaw Paintball (Fayetteville, TN), but we also said hello and talked with what we hope to be a regular face at our home field – UWL’s very own Tom Cole.  Tom has one thing that we like a lot – a great following of like minded fellow paintballers that love to go 110% at game time, but also have the mind to play with sportsmanship on and off the field.  This event drew teams from as far away as Wisconsin, New York, and Florida.

This year we wanted to push ourselves in not only 10-man, but also 5-man.  This meant double duty for quite a few of us, but we were up for the challenge.  Tom pushed back the start of the event due to rain, but it eventually developed into a light drizzle that kept everyone on their toes in the woods.  We were picked for the first event of the day, so we were able to see the field in a pristine condition before the mud showed up.  During our second and third games of the day, the field was a little more slippery than from earlier, but we persevered.  Although we had some losses our first day, it was overall a good day of paintball.  Afterwards we dined and talked strategy for upcoming games at Ed’z Wings in Fayetteville.

Day two found us in the 10-man finals against Destiny’s Army.  After a hard fought battle, we took 2nd place in 10-man.  

 In between playing 10-man, a small cadre of us had to also play 5-man. After playing 6 preliminary games, we found our way to the finals, again against Destiny’s Army.  In a first in UWL history, both teams were tied after regulation.  The tie was to be decided in a 1-on-1, 2-minute battle for a single flag.  After a nail biting ending (with less that 5 seconds left), we took 2nd place in the 5-man.   A big thanks to the UWL for taking great pictures all weekend and we look forward to seeing the video they put together of the event.     

Our full complement of markers worked flawlessly all weekend regardless of the weather conditions -  Geo 3.1’s, LV1’s, Geo’s, Ego’s, Etek’s, and Etha’s.  Not only did our markers work wonderfully, but our HDE jerseys and pants helped us blend into our surroundings while also being extremely comfortable.  Thank you Planet Eclipse for another great year with you at our backs along the way.   

Our next event is coming up quickly at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN – MPP’s “A Bridge too Far” April 26th-26th.  We are definably up for another UWL event later on in the year.  If you have any questions about this format, please don’t hesitate to ask any one of us – we had an absolute blast and look forward to the future of this league.  As always, if you have any issues with your gear, stop by and let us take a look at it for you.  Who knows, it may be as easy as just changing a battery. 

Look us up on our Facebook page ( to see where we are going next and to see great new products from Planet Eclipse.