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Saturday, 27 December 2014

ASG Annual Christmas Toy Drive Tournament

Action Star Games in Colton held its annual toy drive tournament earlier this month. With over 15 teams having pre registered, it turned out to be a fantastic event. It was "Open Class" bringing players of all calibers from beginner to pro players like Andy Horvath of Chicago Aftershock and Tyler Harmon of San Dan Diego Dynasty. 

Even though it was a tournament, people were more out to have fun and help those in need by bringing toys to donate than to win the event, but that doesn't stop things from getting competitive. Planet Eclipse team, MVP Sandbaggers, was out with Tyler Harmon and some of the crew from Mountain View Paintball in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, a warranty center for the Planet Eclipse family of markers. With a disappointing start, MVP Sandbaggers were able to rally to win every game going in to finals, where they were later knocked out.

It was not a total loss as the MVP Sandbaggers, along with the rest of the teams participating in the event, were able to bring toys that were later distributed by The City of Colton's Community Services and Crestmore Elementary School in Bloomington to those who may not of had Christmas gift other wise. It is alway great to see the paintball community come together for a cause and the Toy Drive Tournament at Action Star Games was no different, Wayne and Karen from ASG truly  care about the sport, and the community. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Get Back In The Fight, with an Eclipse Winter Tune-Up.

Winter is upon us and what better time to get your Planet Eclipse marker checked, serviced and tuned ready for next season.

The Planet Eclipse Pro-Tech-Tours offer you a “Get you back in the fight” service at events like, CPPS, Paintfest, Staargate, North vs South, etc. However, nothing compares to a full strip-down service at the factory that built your favourite marker (that's us by the way). With all working o-rings and detents replaced and everything lubed, tuned and tested to perfection, everything will be spot on for when you hit the field next season.

To make this as easy as possible you can take your marker into any of the following stores: Bluewater, BZ Paintball, Fat Bobs, Just Paintball or LiPS who'll ship your marker to Planet Eclipse for you. Once your marker has been serviced we will return it to the store for you to pick up. If you don’t want to use your local store feel free to send your marker directly to us and we will return it back to you once it’s been serviced (for an additional fee).

So, what do you get in your service??

Full strip down service including:
  • POPS/OOPS - lubricating the insert. O-rings replaced
  • Check and fix macroline fittings. Change the #010 and #006 rings inside the fittings.*
  • Replace macroline.*
  • Replacing AT Pipe O-Rings and check assembly*
  • In-line regulator: replace and lubricate the piston O-ring. Replace and lubricate the inline adjuster screw assembly orings. Replace inline adjuster seal.
  • Clean and test the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System).
  • Replace Ball Detents.
  • Check and service the solenoid assembly.
  • Replace and lubricate all bolt/drivetrain assembly O-rings.
  • Ego and Etek markers: check and lubricate the LPR assembly and replace the O-rings. Replace and lubricate the rammer O-rings.
  • Shipping to us and back to your local store.
* Only if you marker has these parts.

And it doesn't just stop there!

As well as this, we also want to offer you something extra. Whenever something goes wrong everyone blames their marker. Fact. Rants like “It’s just smashing paint” to “You fix it and it leaks 10 minutes later”. Over the years we have learned that players have little-to-no knowledge of their loader settings or the tank output pressure (no offence, of course). If you send in your (empty) air system and loader (with fresh batteries installed) we will check them both and give you some advice of what needs doing (if anything). We have seen a huge amount of air systems that have SUPER HIGH output pressures due to wear and tear or incorrect adjustments that are simply messing the markers up and making them leak, or loaders that are set so high they are smashing paint before our markers shoot a ball. We won’t fix your loader and tank but we will let you know what you need to do in order to get the best out of your Planet Eclipse marker set-up.

  Cost of this full tune up service is only  
£49 including shipping

(if you use one of the stores listed above - additional shipping costs will be added for using us direct)

You can drop your marker off at Planet Eclipse HQ and we will call you when it’s ready to be picked up or you can drop your marker in at one of the stores above and they will ship it for you to us.

Please note: This package is for UK only. Sorry.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Santa Cause

Had a chance to visit the small city of Townsend, GA to attend Low Country Paintballs’ Scenario Event “Santas Cause”..The Santa Cause Organazation is a non profit business started by  Paula, William and Billy Smith (owner of (LCP)  in Christmas of 2013..

LCP is well known for their scenario events held in Georgia. Over 700 players came from surrounding states like Florida, Kentucky, Alabama and the Carolinas.

The teams were split into 2 teams each consisting of 4 Generals.. On one side we had the Elfinators led by Generals from teams RogueRok, Shockers, ToT and Body Count. On the other side it was Sleighers led by SobePimps ,Jesters Court and Iyoyas. Games started about 8am and went on till about 6pm. Once the sun came down temperatures were in the 40°f  easily..Bonfires were burnt throughout the night giving much needed heat.

Sunday games ended and the Sleighers came out on top after many heated battles. A ton of prizes and gifts were givin out at the awards ceremony. It was a good feeling to know all the toys and money collected will go to help people in need.

On behalf of Planet Eclipse we would like to thank Jon Navarro(SobePB), Billy Smith and LCP for their continued support.

Planet Eclipse got your back!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

PB2Xtreme EMags - FREE

Click here to read !!!

The end is nigh.

The Roster Season 3 Finale is upon us and we'll be honest with you, we're feeling quite emotional about it.

After a season of very apparent high and low points, our journey with Chicago Aftershock has definitely been one of discovery. From the initial search for new talent and how that process works for a low income team (or kind of doesn't), to the difficulties in maintaining a roster of players who have to fight for everything they have, is something we feel we've been very close to.

We've been exposed to every knock, every welt, every disappointment and every success along the way and we've felt like part of the Aftershock family. We've worked our asses off to bring you a series that educates and thrills but also generates a level of empathy and respect, regardless of team results, that we believe genuinely touches paintballers across the globe.

And now, we bring you the season finale. An hour-long episode that draws a big fat line under Chicago Aftershock's season.

As always, this will be released on our Vimeo channel for our season pass owners to enjoy before anyone else. PLUS, you get the option to view the uncensored version, meaning you get to absorb every word and every emotion of those Mikey Bruno team talks.

Simply follow this link to view ALL episodes...if you have a season pass, that is:

The Roster Season 3 featuring Chicago Aftershock

We hope you've enjoyed this season as much as we've enjoyed making it and please keep on following our Blog right here as we'll be posting some great follow-up content about all things Roster and Chicago Aftershock.

Thanks to Renick Miller and the Chicago Aftershock team for being part of The Roster and allowing us to let people into their world.

Thanks to Dan Napoli and his crew at Disconnected Media for making The Roster happen and bringing each episode to life.

And thanks to everyone who has supported The Roster this season and purchased Season Passes. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to make a show like this.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CBP - Brasil !!

Had a chance to visit soccers mecca,Brasil,but this time it was for Paintball! 

The city of Sao Paolo was host to the last leg of the 2014 Circuito Brasileiro do Paintball(CBP)..
The organizer of the event is none other than Rodrigo Fukuoka,owner of MegaPlay Paintball and Danilo Scalize/Field Manager..Over 30 teams from all over the country came to take a crack at being champion.

Some of the teams supported by Planet Eclipse included PapalettoTeam,Papaletto Dark,Bushido,Mega Redskins,MegaPlay Bonzai,BOOM,and Arsenal just to name a few.

Games started early Saturday morning and the weather was incredible for paintball, a cool 60°f was the high for the weekend..The field was is a lil smaller than regulation so played very fast and saw aggressive games. Quick bumps from bunker to bunker was the rule of the day as teams ran each other down..

After the first day of games it was out for a lil night in the beautiful concrete jungle.

Sunday morning games cracked off about 8:00am and teams were on deck ready for battle.
The referees were great handling juducial duties on the battlefield. By sunset in the Open Division it was 1st:Jungle Boyz /2nd:Ninjinhas /3rd:PapalettoTeam..

Top honors in the Amateur Division 1st:Papaletto Dark /2nd:Chacais /3rd:Lethal

Additionally ,congratulations to Papaletto Dark,series champion of the CBP Amateur Division.
On behalf of Planet Eclipse we would like to say congratulations to our supported teams for their dedication and support. 

Be sure to prepare for CBP 2015,
Planet Eclipse gots your Back!!!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cementing Relationships

Team Xklibur and Tsunami, from Ecuador, decided that they wanted to play one last time before the year was over. They packed their gear and then they were off to Lima Peru to play in the last scenario game of the year. 

They joined forced with team LPC from Peru and they were on a mission to make sure their team was able to complete the missions together. The event was held in an old abandoned cement factory were the mission was to capture and hold on to the flags for a period of 30 minutes.

The mission started off the way we all expected it and our Eclipse team was able to capture and hold on to 4 out of the five flags. The second game was lost by the Eclipse team, with only holding on too two flags out of the 5. The third point was played with different rules were the purpose was to hold the position of the three center flags and not let the other team capture them. The Eclipse team once again executed this and did not allow any of the flags to be taken.

The next game was the Eclipse team trying to take over the three flags were they were able to capture 2 out of the three flags giving them the game and wining them the tournament.

 Excalibur and Tsunami would like to thank eclipse for the gear that held up even with the really demanding desert scenario. The guns shot great. PLANET ECLIPSE FOR LIFE....ONE WORLD ONE PLANET