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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Black Karma.... Hot and Sweaty !!!

July in Tennessee brings two awful things; heat and humidity.  But this year it also brought one of our favorite paintball formats with the Ultimate Woodsball League.  We enjoy UWL because you get the fast format of speedball, which is, after all, paintball’s original home, and you add it to the woods!

Since the Music City Open was held at our home field of Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN, we arrived the night before and decided to do a few of our favorite pre-game activities.  We relived old paintball stories, planned the upcoming schedule, and of course ate cobbler.  Pineapple was the flavor for this excursion.

This year, we accomplished one of our team goals by winning first place in the 10-man tactical division.  The many hours of practice (with many of our favorite teams) seemed to pay off.  We also fielded two teams in the 5-man tactical division; one of them came in 2nd place. 

Without some of our favorite gear, the wins wouldn’t have been possible. The list includes Planet Eclipse HDE Elbow Pads, HDE Headwraps, Custom HDE Jerseys, and the Black Karma GEO 3.5.  A few of us also had Etek 5s with OLED boards which make them easy to program.  A big thank you to Planet Eclipse for your continued support for our team.

We would also like to thank Empire Paintball for the Evil and Marballizer Paint that shot on-point all weekend.  We know we can always count on your paint to come though flawlessly.

Finally, we could not do any of this without the continued support of our families.  This includes not only our blood relates, but also our extended paintball family.  Without you behind us, this victory wouldn’t mean much.

We look to compete in the UWL Masters Event at Badlandz Paintball in Crete, Illinois on September 11th-13th.  After that, we will be at the main event of the Fall at Bearclaw Paintball for Millennium Paintball Production’s annual Game of Thrones event on November 7-8, 2015.  This game boasts not only a day beach landing to start the game, but also a night beach landing, complete with three huge funeral pyres.  There is free camping available on-site.  If you make it to the Fall game at Bearclaw, stop by our Kompound! Say hi, have a beverage, and definitely try some of our famous cobbler.  If you have any issues with your gear, we can also take a look, and try to get you back into the game as quickly as possible.  

Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on local practices, see events we’ll be participating in, or find out about exciting new gear from Planet Eclipse.      

Thanks to Karl Poynter for the pictures... 
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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Rebels on tour part 3 – From Sweden to London

The Rebels guys have an active season, so far they've been playing all Millenniums, all SMs (Swedish league) and all NPLs (Norwegian League) and first off this time is the 2nd leg of SM:

The Swedish Masters has a high level of competition and a lot of teams use this as a good test-run for the Millennium. 4 of the 9 teams in CPL are highly ranked in SPL1 and the rest beside Rebels has played some years in CPL already.  This is Rebels first CPL year, they were promoted from D1 last year.

The bracket schedule ( a Swedish version of seeding) sends them against Drammen Solid in the first game. The Norwegians play long and hard points against each other, but Rebels are sharper and take the win 4-0.

This win sends them to the winners bracket and gives them their next opponent: Stockholm Joy Division.. This is also a long tough game and Rebels are up 3-2 but the famous swedes strikes back and the score is 3-3 with 1.50 left on the clock. Last point is chaotic and the penalties rain down on both sides of the field ending with Joy hanging the flag with 9 seconds left on the clock.

The next game is MPA Blackout, this time MPA is stronger and Rebels loses this game 2-4. This sends them against Drammen Solid again who have adjusted their game after their 4-0 loss against Rebels earlier. Solid sits down and holds the fort, wins 2 of the points, and are locking the field down forcing Rebels to do something. The score ends 3-1 to Solid when the time runs out.

Even after the great games against Solid and Joy, Rebels are disappointed not to get further. They’ve learned a lot and feel well prepared for Millennium.

Millennium London:

Before the trip Rebels learns from the news that it’s a heatwave in England.  Some of the more experienced guys thought this might be a welcome change as the Campaign event has been rained out several times in the past. But when they land it hits them like a train – It's extremely warm, 30-35 degrees Celsius and 100% certainty for tanlines and sunburns :-)

For this event the guys were ranked as number 1 in their group and all the guys were looking forward to the event, even if it’s a bit too hot for our taste.

We Norwegians are not used to these weather conditions, this summer we have been blessed with some days of around 20+ degrees and a whole lot of rain and cold days.

First game on Friday is against United Strasbourg where the heat is making the guys a bit too static and defensive and they lose the game 4-2.

Next up is the Swedish team Lowlife, the guys have reinforced their roster this year and are really a team to be watched. Long points and hard gunfights resulting in overtime after the score was 3-3. Lowlife edges out Rebels and wins the point giving them a 4-3 win.

Rebels sits down to evaluate and motivate themselves before their last game, they know they need to win big to have a chance at the Sunday-club. Determined they enter the field and play their game with confidence winning 4-0 against Volks Paris giving them the wanted Sunday-club by the smallest of margins.

In Sunday club they meet our good friends and some of our sponsors from Anthrax , Five Star Lleida 2. Rebels lose 3 quick points, like punches in the face, but finds the spirit to fight back in the short time left and tie the match to 3-3 before the time runs out. Yet again the game needs overtime to be decided and in overtime Five Star is unfortunately stronger.

This ends the Millennium adventure for Rebels for this time, they are now in 8 place in total which is not too shabby for the first SPL2 season, and the guys have more to give.

Rebels want to thank our sponsors for having our backs and believing in us: Planet Eclipse and Virtue Paintball for awesome equipment, Anthrax for rocking cool jerseys and coffe in their booth. Cartel for making us look good. We would also like to thank: Fight Back Design, PBgear, RVS, JKS rør, Energima and Proteinfabrikken

Love from Kristine Myhre Andersen