Gmek is coming!

It's all starting to get a bit real at Planet Eclipse HQ as the Gmek momentum is starting to pick up pace.

For those who don't know what we're taking about, here's a quick recap.

Jack and the crew have been working on a side project for a while, to design a mechanical frame to fit the Gtek, which has turned out to be pretty cool and has performed really well. So rather than just release it we decided to release info about it on our Facebook Live series called the Core, to ask the paintball community if this was something they actually wanted. Which thankfully they (you) did. So the project was green lit.

Two days ago – and minutes before we did our 50cal Core presentation – the latest version of the Gmek frame arrived, so we added it to the end of the Core. Unfortunately we had some technical issues and the Core content could only be viewed by those who watched live and it can't be viewed in full on catchup.

So we've taken a fistful of Gmek frame pics for you to check out and maybe get excited about, along with a few key features.

The frame will feature:

Aluminium Frame
Safety Catch
Removable Trigger Shoe
Adjustable Trigger Positioning
Simple Installation
Powdered Metal Nickel Plated trigger
Brass Bush Trigger Bearing Surfaces
External Trigger Stop Adjustment
External Spring Tension Adjustment
Tool-less 3-Way Valve Maintenance

The full list of functions and features will be released when we have a final production version of the frame kit and release dates.

But for now, enjoy the rawness.

This is your safety 
Removable trigger shoe and brass bushings 

Simple but effective kit

Safety catch assembly

Robust adjustable setup

Easy to access trigger adjustment

Fits effortlessly to your Gtek

Everything at your fingertips

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  1. We can't wait. Perfect set up for scenario players.

  2. I need this one! Release date? I hope soon!

  3. Just got my Gtek now waiting on you P.E. lol.

  4. Hi... Thanks for sharing this helpful post about paintball gun. I was looking this kind of information. Thanks!!



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